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A defibrillator is a medical device used to stop the heart hoping that heart will start again with rhythmic contraptions. It includes a central unit along with a two of electrodes. The central unit provides a source of power and control. The two electrodes are placed directly on or perhaps in the body of patient. The electrodes give electric shocks to body.

This technique can be used to treat ventricular tachycardia. The electrical shock can be used to induce the heart to return rhythmic contractions using its own natural pacemaker cells. This instrument forms a part of Active Cardiac Life Support.

Heart Defibrillation was invented in 1899 by Prevost and Batelli. These were two Italian physiologists who pointed out the advantages of electric shocks in a state of cardiac shock. They'd experimentally proved that electric shocks could convert ventricular fibrillation to sinus rhythms in dogs. Beck and company first applied this method to humans and saved an existence in 1947.


Once Portable Defibrillation was utilized, in 1960, in ambulances, increasingly more human lives were saved. This development was pioneered by Prof. Frank Pantridge in Belfast.

Any sort of accident in Australia, brought defibrillators in large numbers within the ambulances. Media Mogul Kerry Pecker were built with a heart attack and was saved by an ambulance carrying a heart defibrillator. After this incident, he donated a huge sum on money to equip ambulances with this particular instrument. The unit is known as Packer Whacker around australia now and all ambulances in Nsw carry this instrument.

Heart Defibrillation are only able to be utilised by a trained person as it is dangerous for patient and the administrator. The defibrillator may cause skin burns or perhaps a shock may be felt by the administrator if he/she touches patient's body at wrong time.

For those who have patient at home you can purchase one's heart defibrillator and then get trained. This will be extremely helpful when any emergency situation arises. If you wish to buy a unit for use at home, there are lots of sites that sell these units online, as well. When you purchase the units consider the chronilogical age of patient as the pad size is determined by it. For a child you will have to use smaller pad while an adult use a large pad.

Even though some practical training is important, the device includes pre recorded instruction too. The step by step process will show you regarding any difficulties.

The machine can itself judge whether the patient needs it or otherwise. When a pad is positioned, it'll judge one's heart beat, and find out if shock is needed or otherwise. If it is not needed, no shock will be administered so there is nothing to become afraid of while using the it on the patient.

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