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  • We will try to keep this price guide as up-to-date as we can. If anything is outdated or missing please notify a Wiki Editor and we'll fix it as soon as possible.
  • Price listed as 'N/A' means either that there are not enough of the item in-game, or that the item is not traded commonly enough to have a consistent price.
  • K stands for thousand (1.000), M stands for million (1.000.000) and B stands for billion (
  • You can use Ctrl + F to search for a specific item.
  • Click the item for stats and information.
Combat Equipment
Item Name Price
zOxVcQ6.png Abyssal vine whip 40B - 45B
Rh1hJE5.png Lava whip 300M - 400M
6blug81.png Bandos whip 40M - 60M
IjntxFL.png Abyssal whip 10M - 15M
mOi3GvP.png Saradomin whip 10M - 15M
L6Cn7RW.png Ice whip 10M - 15M
Kz11bHb.png Gold whip 15M - 20M

Item Name Price
6TsXYW8.gif Chaotic rapier 800M - 1B
qCKwvo1.png Chaotic longsword 3B - 5B
OdJUsee.png Chaotic crossbow 1B - 1.3B
DM1FUR7.png Chaotic maul 400-500M
NkbLRlP.png Chaotic staff 300-500M
cg36cWo.png Chaotic kiteshield 50M - 100M

Item Name Price
6f3TrDP.png bZR0VrD.png qEOBmG4.png Torva set 15B - 18B
X2aaV8z.png BougY56.png x9D3us1.png Pernix set 15B - 18B
WFRdlfE.png Iu8DY5M.png IPjqlw4.png Virtus set 15B - 18B

Item Name Price
9WOLpOA.gif Vesta's chainbody 1B - 1.5B
lVUF3kX.gif Vesta's plateskirt 3B - 3.5B
OLX4DH3.gif Vesta's longsword 1-2B
5Unjd4k.png Vesta's spear 100M - 200M
Fwnbg3g.png Statius's full helm 800M - 1B
oWz1M5a.png Statius's platebody 800M - 1B
O7ZOGN1.gif Statius's platelegs 800M - 1B
rNsHp84.gif Statius's warhammer 500-600M
tt6ZP3l.gif Morrigan's coif 250 - 300M
IogqgOj.gif Morrigan's leather body 250 - 300M
M13OhNR.png Morrigan's leather chaps 250 - 300M
nd2e4RA.png Zuriel's robe top 200M - 300M
O1chwwh.png Zuriel's robe bottom 50M - 100M
KojpC8P.png Zuriel's staff 100M - 200M

Item Name Price
uJYgiWy.gif Armadyl godsword 4B - 5B
R68ZGDB.gif Saradomin godsword 100M - 150M
eyN8Eiy.gif Zamorak godsword 100M - 150M
r8Q0Svs.gif Bandos godsword 50M - 60M

Item Name Price
1FiE3fO.png Bandos chestplate 300M - 350M
BC3o9OM.png Bandos tassets 300M - 350M
7Wtp50C.gif Bandos boots 30M - 50M
79nq6UJ.png Armadyl helmet 40M - 60M
3bidQJg.png Armadyl chestplate 80M - 100M
ZM5EERQ.png Armadyl chainskirt 80M - 100M

Item Name Price
p6sH3nC.gif Dragon full helm 5M - 10M
KAxAotH.png Dragon med helm 1M - 3M
oXXCq1M.gif Dragon platebody 200M - 300M
Q8wmhyg.gif Dragon chainbody 5M - 10M
QVdjTMO.gif Dragon platelegs 5M - 10M
QKRSJPc.gif Dragon plateskirt 1M - 3M
9WT8RUP.png Dragon gloves 5M - 10M
lMEDYfr.gif Dragon boots 5M - 10M
V4Ur4P5.png Dragon sq shield 5M - 10M
9qajgYT.png Dragon claws 5B - 6B
xDuP3xf.gif Dragon 2h sword 20M - 50M

Item Name Price
YiSKtMi.png Dharok's helm 90M - 100M
k0kjTdf.png Dharok's platebody 90M - 100M
WGwY4S0.png Dharok's platelegs 90M - 100M
BY6bKW2.png Dharok's greataxe 90M - 100M
LIRDUOi.png Verac's helm 10M - 20M
PCuaLqL.png Verac's brassard 10M - 20M
h577Ccu.png Verac's plateskirt 10M - 20M
HWG9sKO.png Verac's flail 10M - 20M
74GbDBY.png Torag's helm 10M - 20M
z1h7mnt.png Torag's platebody 10M - 20M
Rzfqtq7.png Torag's platelegs 10M - 20M
4acsNDJ.png Torag's hammers 10M - 20M
iEPnR26.png Guthan's helm 10M - 20M
oAIAdYn.png Guthan's platebody 10M - 20M
5OzDHD4.png Guthan's chainskirt 10M - 20M
Il0eUUn.png Guthan's warspear 10M - 20M
Z0eKnZ7.png Karil's coif 10M - 20M
MAtAeoq.png Karil's leathertop 10M - 20M
Ma2ANM9.png Karil's leatherskirt 10M - 20M
XFrzWvq.png Karil's crossbow 10M - 20M
QvK4Oe3.png Ahrim's hood 20M - 40M
r6NYNnG.png Ahrim's robe top 20M - 40M
1jVUiL5.png Ahrim's robe 20M - 40M
EfwnXOz.png Ahrim's staff 20M - 40M
eAnimpA.png Barrows gloves 20M - 30M

Item Name Price
SzBPU3I.png Third-age full helm 20M - 30M
5BmphSt.png Third-age platebody 20M - 30M
ychOPg1.png Third-age platelegs 20M - 30M
wV0L0Wt.png Third-age kiteshield 20M - 30M
XBFAwtP.png Third-age mage hat 20M - 30M
QVTbYUF.png Third-age robe top 20M - 30M
vfwiwl2.png Third-age robe 20M - 30M
aBwVpAB.png Third-age amulet 20M - 30M
PybIxH3.png Third-age coif 20M - 30M
0n9bbwu.png Third-age leather top 20M - 30M
FuCub13.png Third-age leather chaps 20M - 30M
PJZ1OC8.png Third-age vambraces 20M - 30M

Item Name Price
uOWEprm.png Elysian spirit shield 3B
8dGMK0g.png Arcane spirit shield 1.5B - 2B
g1auC3U.png Divine spirit shield 1B - 1.2B
OP0qhvO.png Spectral spirit shield 600M - 700M
Pfafpzt.png Blessed spirit shield 100M - 200M

Item Name Price
DCKlaWA.png Novite set 10-15m a piece
zZbl6Am.png Bathus set 20-30m a piece
lliJikb.png Marmaros set 40-50m a piece
E3qXfUK.png Krakonite set TBA
1CKLxgp.png Fracite set TBA
Qegufxo.png Zephyrium set 200m a piece
SSNlVJY.png Agronite set 100-200m a piece
UFJHZDL.png Katagon set 200m a piece
ZGyBuLQ.png Gorgonite set 300-400m a piece
pW9lrLX.png Promethium set 700-800m a piece

Item Name Price
vu3lhxZ.png Promethium 2h sword 700M - 900M
L4lz5n8.png Promethium maul 700M - 900M
ngwIIXF.png Gorgonite 2h sword 400M - 500M
oOSgNWV.png Gorgonite maul 400M - 500M
wHSnFiQ.png Katagon longsword 50M - 75M
Jm6bpbN.png Katagon maul 50M - 100M
SpWJhen.png Empowered catalytic staff (b) 20M - 50M
uDyKhkS.png Catalytic staff (b) 20M - 50M

Item Name Price (unb) Price (b)
2PnwXlh.png Primal full helm 750M - 1B 700M
RmNlnCO.png Primal platebody 750M - 1B 700M
ejxBf9u.png Primal platelegs 750M - 1B 700M
iy53x0T.png Primal plateskirt 750M - 1B 700M
k648VZ0.png Primal gauntlets 300M - 400M 200M
6FZdBjO.png Primal boots 1.3B - 1.5B Not in-game
CqYzJq9.png Primal kiteshield 800M - 1B 4B - 6B
sCDdAQW.png Primal maul 1B - 2B Not in-game
WAKNT8q.png Primal 2h sword 1.5B - 2B Not in-game

Item Name Price
2cs38ZE.png Sagittarian coif 1.5B - 2B
SkM6O6z.png Sagittarian body 1.5B - 2B
jaECCkr.png Sagittarian chaps 1.5B - 2B
X9VQbdP.png Sagittarian vambraces 1.5B - 2B
B75iF0A.png Sagittarian boots 1.5B - 2B
vDEUWGM.png Sagittarian longbow 800M - 1B

Item Name Price (unb) Price (b)
7j8lWJR.png Celestial hood 300M - 400M 200M
zWiwRpE.png Celestial robe top 300M - 400M 200M
3Y8lqfI.png Celestial robe bottom 300M - 400M 200M
9DFE667.png Celestial gloves 300M - 400M 200M
QC5gt6l.png Celestial boots 300M - 400M 200M
96YoZ9v.png Celestial catalytic staff Not in-game 50M

Item Name Price
3Sp9RxM.png Void melee helm 20M - 30M
aMSnBds.png Void ranger helm 20M - 30M
8pgE078.png Void mage helm 20M - 30M
ufc33Q9.png Void knight top 20M - 30M
80kWUsT.png Void knight robe 20M - 30M
krnNi32.png Void knight gloves 20M - 30M

Item Name Price
yVwdfR8.gif Steadfast boots 8B - 10B
JdgOq2q.gif Glaiven boots 6B - 8B
IrMKPpg.gif Ragefire boots 6B - 8B

Item Name Price
XF8Ralg.png Blood necklace 10B - 12B
DtrUUdR.gif Amulet of fury 20M - 50M
XCpXST3.png Amulet of fury (or) 1B - 2B
dhNhjpI.png Arcane pulse necklace 50M - 100M
yBAFWoH.png Arcane blast necklace 150M - 200M
1Ebd8gJ.png Arcane stream necklace 250M - 300M
YB1M0IY.png Amulet of ranging 100M - 150M

Item Name Price
9RWWxG9.png Warrior ring 20M - 30M
huNArIc.png Berserker ring 40M - 50M
p565tie.png Seers' ring 40M - 50M
nNKCCoW.png Archers' ring 40M - 50M
5Aas5P4.png Warrior ring (i) 200M - 300M
N1omFWh.png Berserker ring (i) 400M - 500M
Nye2FOB.png Seers' ring (i) 400M - 500M
Nye2FOB.png Archers' ring (i) 400M - 500M
4PKQkVY.gif Onyx ring/Onyx ring (i) 2.5B - 3B
1BGgOUs.png Double exp ring 50M - 80M

Item Name Price
S6reGvg.gif Dark bow 15M - 20M
bUCPKzZ.gif Dark bow (colored) 400M - 500M
UQN8To9.gif Robin hood hat 15M - 20M
MvwL5Xe.gif Robin hood hat (colored) 100M - 200M
ZTkpKu9.gif Ranger boots 100M

Item Name Price
XzJjWBU.png r2c98pj.png lV09STf.png Infinity set 20M each piece
Vl3gqph.png cAGUfAx.png NuinQm5.png Infinity set (blue) 1b each piece
zs5DMK5.png OmwmMlJ.png 3helaeW.png Infinity set (white) 2B - 3B each piece
KoKhGpj.png 6S2UPxt.png PjKIcnO.png Infinity set (brown) 2.5B - 3B each piece
khtzoVX.png 89Rtzkl.png V0v9gcu.png Infinity set (red) 3B - 3.5B each piece

Item Name Price
S6FMwH0.gif Staff of light 250M - 300M
cdtVDEA.png Staff of light (white) 20 - 40B
zYkEk2r.png Staff of light (red) 20 - 40B
bQ8r1s1.png Staff of light (blue) 20 - 40B
swWRCMH.png Staff of light (green) 20 - 40B

Item Name Price
jMydMwK.gif Defensive shield 1B - 1.5B
g9wjbXF.png Falador shield 4 900M - 1.1B
RTN9IdH.png Eagle-eye kiteshield 500b+
SiuATwt.png Farseer kiteshield 50M - 100M

Item Name Price
Dp6Ej7j.png Hand cannon 40-60B
x9shiqx.png Hand cannon shot 4-6M
n5mg6cN.gif Ornate katana 6B - 8B
8rhKPUv.gif Balmung 7B - 9B
8fxOyMP.png Flameburst defender 7B - 9B
WuT9fWs.png Korasi's sword 1B - 1.5B
WlDkMkP.png Toktz-ket-xil 300M - 400M
qtGDDlq.png Toktz-mej-tal 300M - 400M
cYwer4P.gif Elite black full helm 250M
QEsJkqs.gif Elite black platebody 250M
qeweO1g.gif Elite black platelegs 250M
BLCOHMf.gif Rune ceremonial sword v 50M - 100M
qOWQKbT.gif Helm of neitiznot 5M - 10M
VVmwZ6L.png Fighter torso 20M - 25M
aW1ezJh.gif Dragonfire shield 15M - 25M
jg490BH.png Dragon defender 10M - 15M
vPJcPd1.gif Saradomin sword 5M - 10M
H3ybzI3.gif Ancient staff 20M - 40M
4o2vyPz.gif Master wand 5M - 15M
RIacx9T.png Mages' book 10M - 20M
bqun3zV.png Barrelchest anchor 10M - 20M
CFvJATa.gif Granite maul 5M - 10M
fO4iTsr.png Black d'hide body 1M - 3M
80pgcJb.png Black d'hide chaps 1M - 3M
HA7ZzYm.png Black d'hide vambraces 1M - 3M
y5XWFfi.png Rune crossbow 1M - 3M
7t6CNI9.gif Comp ogre bow 5m - 10M
5oTYXiK.png Dragon arrow 50K - 100K
yxBwipV.png Dragon bolt (e) 100K - 150K
ruJiHQH.png Onyx bolt (e) 100K - 150K
EPNsXxA.png Brawling gloves (melee) 10M - 20M
Item Name Price
daAZEtg.png Colored party hat 8-10B
ruSp5lK.png Black party hat 5B - 7B
wZPgxSq.png Rune party hat 8B - 10B
pvhOzd7.png Adamant party hat 5B - 6B
3gSETn6.png Gold party hat 4B - 6B
5dsarHq.png Iron party hat 4B - 5B
7mk0rtr.png Purple party hat 400M - 500M
0JbnFKu.png Yellow party hat 400M - 500M
iRk4FvI.png Red party hat 500M - 600M
0MAgu7G.png White party hat 400M - 500M
ZhiGNv9.png Blue party hat 400M - 500M
97pDO1W.png Green party hat 300M - 400M

Item Name Price
uv3rdOh.png Brown halloween mask 8B - 10B
7AMZaQ8.png White halloween mask 6B - 7B
vjIuAOL.png Black halloween mask 6B - 7B
qlGS4iD.png Purple halloween mask 6B - 7B
DnEFKTL.png Yellow halloween mask 6B - 7B
L48Xqm7.png Blue halloween mask 4B - 6B
11moPtu.png Red halloween mask 4B - 6B
5k590J0.png Green halloween mask 4B - 6B

Item Name Price
lGeqlbZ.png Third-age druidic wreath 8B - 12B
lqXHPAl.png Third-age druidic robe top 8B - 12B
TrqCnHM.png Third-age druidic robe 8B - 12B
UggCatk.png Third-age druidic cloak 8B - 12B
Raoe5ky.png Third-age druidic staff 8B - 12B

Item Name Price
BWfx3Kc.png Red elegant shirt 25B - 35B
Kasi1lb.png Red elegant legs 25B - 35B

Item Name Price
p4mxHE1.png Santa hat 2B - 3B
6rmB4Ng.gif Santa costume top 1.5B - 2B
t8OjIie.gif Santa costume legs 1.5B - 2B
BQvz7X8.gif Santa costume gloves 1.5B - 2B
dWqJKfS.png Santa costume boots 1.5B - 2B
j0byRWg.png Christmas ghost hood 2B - 3B
pGu662u.png Christmas ghost top 2B - 3B
kHZWsv4.png Christmas ghost bottoms 2B - 3B

Item Name Price
f9EdMTP.gif Christmas cracker 400M - 600M
HTcnHMG.png Disk of returning 1B - 2B
JJyhX9p.png Royal crown 1B - 1.5B
K9ZH1g5.png Bowsword 800M - 1B
yWQUt2x.png Banner 250M 400M
x16x8NX.png Rainbow afro 1B - 1.5B
HIsBXfO.gif Top hat 30M - 50M
blK3vhF.gif Easter ring 5M - 10M
TZjHLBd.gif Gnome goggles 10M - 15M
gbDWHGZ.png Gnome scarf 10M - 15M
YepH241.gif Flared Trousers 5M - 10M

Item Name Price
t3JAvzx.png Gadhammer 10M - 20M
ssH4elx.gif Meat tenderiser 10M - 20M
PGMMuPO.gif Cleaver 50M - 100M
9VEbCOr.gif Bone club 1M - 5M
NghPqYZ.png Bone spear 1M - 5M

Item Name Price
1DXLAC9.png Voting hat (red) 50M - 100M
mFsGN9X.png Red cape 20M - 50M
ksKDZbw.png Voting hat (blue) 50M - 100M
UOGLnAP.gif Blue cape 20M - 50M
PPrA7sw.png Cape of legends 10M - 20M

Item Name Price
VMVsTmj.png Shirt 100M - 200M
kwxgW2l.png Woven top 200M - 400M
iNBUSQb.png Shorts 200M - 400M
WUTJLDq.png Skirt 200M - 400M
Item Name Price
i6sPmiE.gif Reset lamp 6B - 8B
oQ7Z9s4.png Membership credit 4B - 5B

Item Name Price
BIP5jcj.png Dragon hatchet 40M - 80M
8C4XLZS.png Dragon pickaxe 40M - 80M

Item Name Price
AWhAiOx.gif Armadyl hilt 3.5B - 4B
RGVefWR.gif Saradomin hilt 100M - 150M
F5L3zAL.gif Zamorak hilt 100M - 150M
iWY6yTw.gif Bandos hilt 40M - 50M
BS50LKe.png Godsword blade 15M - 20M

Item Name Price
pCo5GDs.png Blue key 100M
qsALrAy.gif Yellow key 100M
2IopSOr.png Ancestral key 10M - 15M
3vCxuLr.gif Crystal key 20M - 50M
NmF0GZH.png Flame fragment 10M - 20M
hL9C9Ss.gif Ferocious ring 10M per charge

Item Name Price
6i7UTlw.png Elysian sigil 2.8B - 2.9B
8SYcoBg.gif Arcane sigil 1.3B - 1.9B
fqKrIgj.png Divine sigil 800M - 1.1B
cjhCPIk.png Spectral sigil 400M - 600M
9Y8rKay.png Holy elexir 100M - 200M

Item Name Price
wr66eOf.png Overload 1M per dose
coD2iuJ.gif Extreme potions 250k per dose
ktiCIW9.png Super restore 250k per dose

Item Name Price
48EzBDj.gif Zogre bones 100M - 110M
PJ8pMSI.gif Dragon bones 3M - 4M
SUHeFYY.png Grimy lantadyme 100k-150k
YwO3hFb.png Uncut onyx 3M - 5M
aJEcBbg.png Uncut dragonstone 100k-150k
i8yWK3s.gif Runite bar 200k
IyjRHyR.png Magic logs 100K - 150K
vEGsb73.png Cooking Gauntlets 40M - 60M
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