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The Untouchable is an incredibly dangerous boss that drops bound Primal armor and Korasi's Sword. The Untouchable is not the toughest boss in the game. It doesn't have lots of hitpoints or ultra-high defense. It doesn't even have a particularly high max hit. What it does have, though, is an incredible array of special attacks that can rapidly overpower even the best-equipped player. Aside from its normal magic attack, which has a max hit of 40 through prayer, the Untouchable has the following special attacks:

  • A burn attack, which does 10 damage per tick (0.6 seconds) for 7 ticks, adding up to 70 damage
  • A freeze attack, which prevents you from moving
  • A prayer-drain attack, which reduces your prayer points by up to 30
  • A Teleblock attack, which prevents you from teleporting away for 5 minutes

To make things even more dangerous, the Untouchable can combo these attacks to quickly dish out vast quantities of damage. The good news is, if you manage to survive all of these attacks, the Untouchable only has 400 hitpoints, so it will die quite easily.

By far the best setup for killing the Untouchable is magic - blood barrage can help you absorb all the damage it will do without having to constantly heal, and magic attacks are the most accurate against it.


Gear and inventory setup

All of the Untouchable's attacks are magic-based, and it has the ability to freeze you, so melee is a poor choice of combat styles for this boss. The Untouchable also has very high resistance to melee attacks, so even if health were not a factor, melee would not be a useful option. Of the other two styles, the Untouchable is weaker to magic than range, and the healing power of blood barrage will drastically cut down on the amount of food required, so magic is the best choice.

For most bosses, damage-per-second (dps) is more important than defense because it helps you to maximize kills per hour. Here, though, defense is much more important. As the following section describes, each time you access this boss, you are essentially spending 110m. Therefore, your goal should be to maximize the number of kills you can get per trip, rather than maximizing the speed of those kills.

Here is the best gear to use in each gear slot:

Head: Celestial Hood > Infinity Hat > Completionist Hood > Virtus Mask > Max Hood

Torso: Virtus Robe Top > Zuriel's Robe Top > Celestial Robe Top > Infinity Robe Top

Legs: Celestial Robe Bottom > Virtus Robe Legs > Zuriel's Robeskirt > Infinity Robeskirt

Gloves: Infinity Gloves > Celestial Gloves > Barrows Gloves

Boots: Celestial Shoes > Infinity Boots > Ragefire Boots

Amulet: Arcane Stream Necklace > Third-Age Amulet > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory

Ring: Onyx Ring (i) > Seers' Ring (i) > Seers' Ring

Cape: Completionist Cape > God Cape > Max Cape > Ardougne Cloak

Offhand: Elysian Spirit Shield > Primal Kiteshield (b) > Arcane Spirit Shield > Divine Spirit Shield > Farseer Kiteshield

Weapon: Staff of Light > Ancient Staff

Note: Unbound Celestial gear is superior to bound Celestial gear in all cases.

Inventory setup

Choosing what familiar to bring to the Untouchable is a bit tricky. On the one hand, you want to maximize your longevity since each trip costs 110m. However, bringing a Pack Yak rather than a Bunyip means that you will have to eat much more often, thereby running through your supplies more quickly. Additionally, any time you spend eating is time you are not attacking, which lets the Untouchable do more and more damage to you without you being able to heal via blood barrage. The end result is that a Pack Yak barely lasts longer than a Bunyip.

The ideal setup combines the advantages of both familiars. If you have (or can make) an alternate account with 96 Summoning, then have that account bring a full inventory of supplies and a full Pack Yak. Meanwhile, your main account can bring an inventory of supplies plus a Bunyip. Although this setup will require you to use two blue keys and two ferocious ring charges for every trip, it dramatically increases the number of kills per trip, far beyond even what you could get in two trips on your own. With the setup shown below, it is possible to get upwards of 120 kills per trip! With any decent gear setup, you can get two kills for each overload dose you bring.

Your inventory


"Mule" account's inventory

Getting there

Items Required:

Step 1: Use the Ferocious Ring to teleport to "Black Knight Titan"



Step 2: Run north and cross the monkey bars (this will consume a blue key)



Step 3: Run west and then north until you come to a bottomless pit with a ledge over it. The Untouchable is on the other side of this ledge.


Step 4: Enter the boss room and start killing


Note: It is HIGHLY recommended that you keep at least one blue key in your bank. The Untouchable has a nasty habit of killing even the best-prepared players, so you will need a way to get back if you happen to die. If your mule account has good defense and armor, you can also use it as an emergency looter if you can't get back in time.

Tips and tricks

Restoring prayer/hitpoints between kills

There is no reason to stay in the Untouchable's room between kills. Instead, you can cross back over the ledge and restore your hitpoints and prayer to full before the next kill. There is a chaos altar for restoring prayer, and you can use blood barrage + soul split on the skeletons in the area to restore your hitpoints. Doing this between kills will dramatically reduce the supplies you use, and it's the only way to get 100+ kills per trip.

Timing spawns

Like many other Grinderscape bosses, the Untouchable is on a 123-second respawn timer, which means that it will respawn exactly 3 seconds after the drop from the previous kill disappears. You can exploit this to save prayer by turning on your prayers exactly as the previous drop despawns (if nothing else, there should be bones on the ground). If you're worried about lag or not paying close attention, though, you can also hide in the safespot shown below and only come out when it spawns. Note: this is legal because you aren't actually killing the boss from the safespot, just using it to hide between kills.


Managing risk of death

Because you can completely restore your hitpoints between kills, you might as well let your hitpoints get as low as possible while killing the Untouchable. The maximum damage that the Untouchable can do in a single attack is 40, so as long as your hitpoints stay above that point, you will be safe. The thing is, though, your hitpoints don't need to continually be above 40 - they just need to be above 40 when the Untouchable attacks you. You can risk even more if you intelligently predict the healing from your blood barrages.

To pull this off, make sure your experience counter VDVT3LA.jpg is open and look at the experience drops that you get. They appear at the beginning of your attack animation, so you can predict what you're going to hit before the actual hitsplat appears. The healing for a blood barrage is actually delayed even further - it won't appear for 3 seconds after the experience drop. Therefore, if you get an experience drop of 36,000 (54,000 on the weekends), which corresponds to a magic hit of 45, then you know that your character will heal by around 10 hitpoints in 3 seconds. If you hit knocked down to, say, 35 hitpoints during that time, you don't need to eat because you know that your character will heal to a safe level before the next attack comes.

Similarly, if your prayer is drained to 0, it will not actually turn off until the next time it would consume a prayer point. Therefore, if you're quick, you can drink a dose of Super Restore Potion and restore your prayer without it ever deactivating. Again, this can save a bit of supplies by allowing you to avoid drinking potions unless you absolutely have to.

Obviously, these are advanced and risky tactics, so you shouldn't attempt them if you are unsure of your reflexes or suffering from lag.


The Untouchable has a number of unique and valuable drops. Most of your money will come from Primal Kiteshield (b) drops, but the Korasi's Sword and other bound Primal pieces are also worthwhile. The following table displays all of the unique drops, along with their estimated values and drop rates:

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