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A famous country because of its metropolitan in addition to tropical details, Singapore is just about the leading tourist destinations for vacation lovers in addition to newlyweds seeking for an ideal honeymoon. There are many reasons the reasons newly weds choose to visit Singapore for a romantic getaway. These include the weather, the culture and also the number of activities they can do while at the country, which is among the busiest and prospering countries in the world.

Every newlywed's dream is to possess the best honeymoon; a honeymoon in a wonderful hotel to have breakfast and dine or perhaps a honeymoon from the local country. An out of town or country adventure is a perfect method to experience different cultures while celebrating the start of a relationship as marriage couples.

In Singapore, depending on the places you want to see, affordable Honeymoon packages can be found in prices as little as US $ 600.00 per person. These packages are timely with the Singapore Holidays and are offered for five days and 4 nights remain in Singapore. Usually contained in such package are tours to famous destinations in Singapore such as the Sentosa Island, Jurong Park, and Night Safari, using the Singapore Skyline as the main highlight.

where to go in singapore

For couples who want to experience luxury in Singapore, a honey package which includes Sentosa Island is better. Visited by approximately five million people each year, Sentosa Island is an island resort in Singapore renowned for its two km long beach. Additionally, it features two golf courses and 2 high end 5 star hotels. But the good thing about maui is it features the Universal Studios Singapore theme park.

Also equally alluring is the Jurong Park, also part of the honeymoon packages that travel companies offer. Dubbed as Asia's largest bird park, Jurong Bird Park showcases a 20.2-hectare hillside where 380 species of birds composing to some total of 5000 birds are found. Couples may even interact with some of the birds and take pictures as their souvenir.

After spending days at Sentosa Island and visiting the birds at Jurong Park, you can head to the Night Safari, that is Singapore's one of a kind nightspot. Night Safari may be the haven for a number of animals, some of which are endemic in Singapore.

Very best way to culminate your travel to Singapore is as simple as shopping. Legendary for the variety of top end shopping malls, Singapore presents different fashion finds which range from affordable to top end brands. You and your spouse can shop and dine at shopping malls like the Changi Airport and Resorts World while awaiting their return planes to reach.

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