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Starter pack

When you make your very first Grinderscape account, you will be given a Starter Pack. It contains some useful items to help start your journey. The starter pack consists of.

Item Name Amount Easy Ways To Obtain More
qTrVRnh.png Coin(s) 1500k Thieving, Completing Slayer Tasks
h5rYtrB.png Amulet of Strength 1 Adventurer (Edgeville)
hXgVubp.png Fire Rune 100 Magic Instructor (Edgeville)
se99fo9.png Water Rune 100 Magic Instructor (Edgeville)
WcmsGlZ.png Blood Rune 100 Magic Instructor (Edgeville)
uBkTnUz.png Death Rune 100 Magic Instructor (Edgeville)
c24NieG.png Mind Rune 100 Magic Instructor (Edgeville)
myk3P7G.png Air Rune 100 Magic Instructor (Edgeville)
gNVZrql.png Chocolate Cake 500 Beginner Thief (Edgeville)
b6lY6n4.png Cake 500 Beginner Thief (Edgeville)
nbmuLEs.png Lobster 50 Apothecary, Karamja
GgILkmN.png Monk Robe Top 1 Vermundi (Edgeville)
aKu22Nz.png Monk Robe Bottom 1 Vermundi (Edgeville)
kvej2aE.png Short Bow 1 Lowe (Edgeville)
omzKgAs.png Bronze Arrows 150 Lowe (Edgeville)
YGebQVo.png Iron Scimitar 1 Horvik (Edgeville)
iNX17Av.png Mystery Box 1 Only Obtainable Via Starter Pack Or Donating

Where To Train

Starting off, there are multiple places to start training, which could all be found in the Combat Training section of the 'World Teleport' located in your spellbook. For beginners, it's best to start at the Rock Crabs or Experiments, all Combat Starting areas are marked with green names. Once you've gained a few levels you could consider doing slayer so you can level that up at the same time.

Rock Crabs Sand Crabs Experiments Yaks
25ZXd10.png brk2gUX.png 7JdrVmk.png 92m3gsi.png

Gathering Equipment

All of the shopkeepers that you need are located at Home (Edgeville). They will sell you starter gear and basic accessories. The ones you want to go to are Lowe, Horvik, and the Apothecary. You can purchase your weapons, armor, supplies such as food and potions.

Range Gear Store


Melee Store


Consumables Store


Starter Money

To start off, If you're not already there, teleport to Home (Edgeville) and steal from the stalls. This isn't the most efficient way of making money, but it will suffice until you have the skills to improve your money making methods. Another good tip is to talk to the Skilling Master and receive a Skilling Task to increase your profit margins.

Skilling Trainer