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Money making is the most relevant way to getting anywhere in-game. Such as getting gear, food, potions, skilling materials, basically anything that will advance you to the next stage of the game. There are many ways to make cash reliably and dangerously but both do come out with there own type of rewards. This guide will show you exactly how to do that.


Donating is one of the easiest ways of becoming a wealthy Grindescape player. You may donate for Premium Points and buy items from the Premium Point store in-game. For more information about Premium Points go here. To donate to grinderscape you will need a paypal account that is linked to a credit or debit card. Once that is done, head over to this page, from which you can choose how many Premium Points or which status you wish to donate for and simply follow the directions given on the page.



By voting daily (every 12 hours), you don't only help the server, but also yourself. Every time you vote for our server, you are rewarded with:

  • 4-5 Voting Points, used to buy valuable items with
  • 4 Participation Points
  • 400 Blood Money
  • Using the voting points, you can exchange 1 point for 1M gold coins from the Vote Manager or exchange 3 points and purchase 5000 Blood Coins. Then can later be sold on to other players for around 10M.


While voting, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • You may only vote every 12 hours.
  • Use of third party software such as a proxy or VPN to vote is strictly prohibited
  • Do not close the voting page until you have completely finished voting.

For more info on voting, click here.

Dicing (Coming soon)

Dicing here at Grinderscape is a form of gambling. It can earn you huge sums of money in an instance, but it is also just as easy to loose all of your money in an instance. So as you can see, dicing is a very risky way of making money.

  • If you'd like to learn more about dicing, click here.
  • If you would like to be a dice host yourself, click here.


Staking, like dicing, is a form of gambling, in which you stake an opponent an amount of in-game items or money in a duel. Because the outcome of the stake is never 100% certain, this is also a risky method of earning money. Not only risky, this method is also dangerous. Your opponent could betray you and cheating in the duel by, for example, pulling out and using a weapon made illegal to use during the stake beforehand, or by exploiting some kind of bug, that gives him/her an advantage over you. If this does happen, and you have proof of it happening, report it on the Grinderscape forum.


  • Forum Player Report Section here.
  • More info on making a report here.


Merchanting, or merching, is when you buy items for a price, and then sell it for a higher one than what you bought it for. Merching items can be very lucrative, but is also pretty risky. For example, people might not want to buy the item for how much you want for it, or the item you have might have dropped in price, leaving you at a loss. To merch you will also need some kind of a bank with which to buy the items you flip; so if you don't have enough money to start out with, look at some of the other methods above.


Item Price Buying Price Selling Price Profit
oK0XM25.png 1B 750M 900M 150M
RpUppkb.png 25M 20M 30M 10M
iRk4FvI.png 100M 120M 150M 20M


Pking, or Player Killing, is when you, as the name entails, is when you kill other Grinderscape players in the wilderness for their armor, weapons, and anything else they were carrying. This, once more, is very dangerous, so make sure you are ready to possibly loose your itemsif you do happen to be defeated in a fight. Pking can make you very wealthy, so if you are willing to risk the items, go for it.


For info on locations to PK at, click here.


Skilling is one of the best ways to start off your adventure to riches on Grinderscape. While training a skill you will be rewarded with coins. The amount of coins that you receive vary depending on the level required for what you are doing. For example to steal from a Bakers stall it requires level 1 in Thieving. Thieving as other skills is a very good way to make a quick few million coins to buy your supplies so that you can use the other money making methods above. You can also train other skills such as woodcutting and mining, and sell the logs and ores you receive from it. You can click here to see guide on the skills trainable on Grinderscape.

  • You also get a coin reward at each level milestone and xp for all skills (combat included), for example at 50M xp you will receive a 10M cash reward.



High Level Alching

High level alching is another great method to get rid of junk whilst making a few coins. To find the alch value of an item, right click it and "examine" Giving you something like this t3E7Phb.png


Item High Alch Value
IyjRHyR.png 40K
5TqKf29.png 30k
PJ8pMSI.gif 220k


PVM, in other words mean 'Player VS Monsters.' People in-game usually kill NPC's for items. For example, you kill Dragons just for their bones. There's a lot of monsters you can kill to gain money. Doing Slayer, is one of the best money making process in PVMing. You get money after you finish your slayer task, it involves killing an assigned NPC. A lot of bosses also drop great valuable loot. Notable bosses include the corporeal beast, cerberus, mutant tarn, black knight titan and many more. Boss guides can be found by clicking here


  • You also can receive Blood money and coins whilst killing bosses
  • Wilderness bosses also drop 60-200 Blood money, as shown below
  • Chaos elemental
  • Vet'ion
  • Crazy Archeologist
  • Scorpia
  • Callisto
  • Venenatis
  • Chaos Fanatic


Boss Contracts

Boss contracts is another great monkeymaker, this involves killing certain bosses within a specific time period. It is also recommended to have decent gear before deciding to do boss contracts, and some starter cash as you will be required to purchase a boss contract for 1.5M. A boss contract can be purchased from Ashild who is located east of home by the furnace. Once you have purchased a boss contract, you will get something like this: Rfl0l0A.png

  • While on a boss contract, drop rates are increased by 20%
  • You will also receive points (Shop coming soon)



A good way to start out leveling your stats would be to choose slayer! With a large amount of things to slay on GS, it will also drop many items which you could sell to start out with some fast/easy cash! You can get a slaying guide click here.

  • Rewards depend on slayer streak, and the length of the task. Becoming a decent money maker as you keep the loot. In terms of the cash reward, it is decent.