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Premium Points are mainly rewarded to those who contribute to the server by donating, these are the most valuable points in the game. You can buy many valuable items with the Points.

How to Get Premium Points

Currently Premium Points are only obtainable through donating. However, more methods may become available in the near future.


To get to the donating page all you need to do is go on the home page and find the "Donate" Button. Then click on the "Premium Points" Button.

Then from the drop down menu simply choose the amount you would like and type in the correct username. Always remember to double check that you have entered the correct username. Remember it is illegal to Donate for Other Players.


Once you have completed your donation, you must click redeem donation in the help desk in-game or use the ::redeem command


What to Spend Them on

The Premium Points store is just located outside the bank at home/Edgeville. NPC named Party Pete.