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Combat Equipment


Item Name
Rh1hJE5.png Lava whip
6blug81.png Bandos whip
IjntxFL.png Abyssal whip
mOi3GvP.png Saradomin whip
L6Cn7RW.png Ice whip
Kz11bHb.png Gold whip


Item Name
cYwer4P.gif Elite black full helm
QEsJkqs.gif Elite black platebody
qeweO1g.gif Elite black platelegs


Item Name
1FiE3fO.png Bandos chestplate (BCP)
BC3o9OM.png Bandos tassets
7Wtp50C.gif Bandos boots


Item Name
p6sH3nC.gif Dragon full helm
KAxAotH.png Dragon med helm
oXXCq1M.gif Dragon platebody
Q8wmhyg.gif Dragon chainbody
QVdjTMO.gif Dragon platelegs
QKRSJPc.gif Dragon plateskirt
9WT8RUP.png Dragon gloves
lMEDYfr.gif Dragon boots
V4Ur4P5.png Dragon sq shield
9qajgYT.png Dragon claws
xDuP3xf.gif Dragon 2h sword
kHoolFK.png Dragon spear
jg490BH.png Dragon defender
aW1ezJh.gif Dragonfire shield (DFS)
McFS9P0.png Draconic Visage
8fxOyMP.png Flameburst defender (FBD)


Item Name
YiSKtMi.png Dharok's helm
k0kjTdf.png Dharok's platebody
WGwY4S0.png Dharok's platelegs
BY6bKW2.png Dharok's greataxe
LIRDUOi.png Verac's helm
PCuaLqL.png Verac's brassard
h577Ccu.png Verac's plateskirt
HWG9sKO.png Verac's flail
74GbDBY.png Torag's helm
z1h7mnt.png Torag's platebody
Rzfqtq7.png Torag's platelegs
4acsNDJ.png Torag's hammers
iEPnR26.png Guthan's helm
oAIAdYn.png Guthan's platebody
5OzDHD4.png Guthan's chainskirt
Il0eUUn.png Guthan's warspear
Z0eKnZ7.png Karil's coif
MAtAeoq.png Karil's leathertop
Ma2ANM9.png Karil's leatherskirt
XFrzWvq.png Karil's crossbow
QvK4Oe3.png Ahrim's hood
r6NYNnG.png Ahrim's robe top
1jVUiL5.png Ahrim's robe
EfwnXOz.png Ahrim's staff
eAnimpA.png Barrows gloves
KqpTvs7.png Bolt Rack


Item Name
uJYgiWy.gif Armadyl godsword (AGS)
R68ZGDB.gif Saradomin godsword (SGS)
eyN8Eiy.gif Zamorak godsword (ZGS)
r8Q0Svs.gif Bandos godsword (BGS)
AWhAiOx.gif Armadyl hilt
RGVefWR.gif Saradomin hilt
F5L3zAL.gif Zamorak hilt
iWY6yTw.gif Bandos hilt
BS50LKe.png Godsword blade
GBNk5VD.png Zamorakian Spear
TkqgxzZ.png W6yPFJ0.png MhCTRa2.png Godsword Shards


Item Name
jMydMwK.gif Defensive shield
g9wjbXF.png Falador shield 4

Spirit Shields

Item Name
uOWEprm.png Elysian spirit shield
8dGMK0g.png Arcane spirit shield
OP0qhvO.png Spectral spirit shield
Pfafpzt.png Blessed spirit shield
6i7UTlw.png Elysian sigil
8SYcoBg.gif Arcane sigil
cjhCPIk.png Spectral sigil
9Y8rKay.png Holy elixir


Item Name
XF8Ralg.png Blood necklace
DtrUUdR.gif Amulet of fury
dhNhjpI.png Arcane pulse necklace (APN)
yBAFWoH.png Arcane blast necklace (ABN)
1Ebd8gJ.png Arcane stream necklace (ASN)
YB1M0IY.png Amulet of ranging


Item Name
9RWWxG9.png Warrior ring
huNArIc.png Berserker ring
p565tie.png Seers' ring
nNKCCoW.png Archers' ring
5Aas5P4.png Warrior ring (i)
N1omFWh.png Berserker ring (i) (B Ring)
Nye2FOB.png Seers' ring (i)
Jwom6O4.png Archers' ring (i)
4PKQkVY.gif Onyx ring/Onyx ring (i) (O Ring)
1BGgOUs.png Double exp ring
nQ5udOc.png Ring of vigour
ROOM6ok.png Ring of Slaying
BSz2CTn.png Ring of Wealth (ROW)
D5jCGld.png Eye of the Warrior
Gco0awp.png Eye of the Ranger
oUtu0Tk.png Eye of the Mage


Item Name
XzJjWBU.png r2c98pj.png lV09STf.png Infinity set
S6FMwH0.gif Staff of light (SOL)
H3ybzI3.gif Ancient staff
4o2vyPz.gif Master wand
RIacx9T.png Mages' book
dKQeE8m.png Wizard Boots
HqURmiG.png 4 yYgOwhj.png 4 4yeyg5E.png 1 Blood Barrage Cast
yYgOwhj.png 4 HqURmiG.png 2 EWg14xn.png 6 Ice Barrage Cast
yYgOwhj.png 2 4X8HsMP.png 4 j2d9wLJ.png 10 Vengeance Cast


Item Name
5K4jUk8.png Zuriel's hood
nd2e4RA.png Zuriel's robe top
O1chwwh.png Zuriel's robe bottom
KojpC8P.png Zuriel's staff


Item Name Price
Dp6Ej7j.png Hand cannon (HC) TBA
x9shiqx.png Hand cannon shot TBA
S6reGvg.gif Dark bow TBA
bUCPKzZ.gif Dark bow (colored) TBA
5CoqWkB.png Robin hood hat TBA
ZTkpKu9.gif Ranger boots TBA
MvwL5Xe.gif Robin hood hat (colored) TBA
6o2sTK4.gif Ranger boots (colored) TBA
fO4iTsr.png Black d'hide body TBA
80pgcJb.png Black d'hide chaps TBA
HA7ZzYm.png Black d'hide vambraces TBA
y5XWFfi.png Rune crossbow (RCB) TBA
7t6CNI9.gif Comp ogre bow TBA
5oTYXiK.png Dragon arrow TBA
yxBwipV.png Dragon bolt (e) TBA
ruJiHQH.png Onyx bolt (e) TBA
5BmU8PD.png Ava's accumulator TBA


Item Name Price Corrupt
tt6ZP3l.gif Morrigan's coif TBA TBA
IogqgOj.gif Morrigan's leather body TBA TBA
M13OhNR.png Morrigan's leather chaps TBA TBA


Item Name Price
79nq6UJ.png Armadyl helmet TBA
3bidQJg.png Armadyl chestplate TBA
ZM5EERQ.png Armadyl chainskirt TBA

God Hides

Item Name Price
4RHdkGP.png Saradomin Coif TBA
82xf7lL.png Saradomin Body TBA
njrf8tM.png Saradomin Chaps TBA
dLXtWh7.png Saradomin Vambraces TBA
1fM7Gsr.png Zamorak Coif TBA
O4OJEW5.png Zamorak Body TBA
iwxUgsl.png Zamorak Chaps TBA
mCbfBEJ.png Zamorak Vambraces TBA
YAGBh9N.png Guthix Coif TBA
niF7hvM.png Guthix Body TBA
BZ8aQN5.png Guthix Chaps TBA
J5Kkb22.png Guthix Vambraces TBA
EscXNgg.png Armadyl Coif TBA
fYJKkWl.png Armadyl Body TBA
Mr6ARvh.png Armadyl Chaps TBA
9eN6OrO.png Armadyl Vambraces TBA
CW90TLq.png Ancient Coif TBA
4VOeCTy.png Ancient Body TBA
ve3Q1DB.png Ancient Chaps TBA
9OJeELX.png Ancient Vambraces TBA
hzHwk5C.png Bandos Coif TBA
z9CQdYi.png Bandos Body TBA
I2rD0Xm.png Bandos Chaps TBA
iULHxfi.png Bandos Vambraces TBA


Item Name Price
3Sp9RxM.png Void melee helm TBA
aMSnBds.png Void ranger helm TBA
8pgE078.png Void mage helm TBA
ufc33Q9.png Void knight top TBA
80kWUsT.png Void knight robe TBA
krnNi32.png Void knight gloves TBA

PVP Gear

Item Name Price
MqvhNm3.png Fighter Hat TBA
GbIpmTx.png Ranger hat TBA
VVmwZ6L.png Fighter Torso Untradable
qOWQKbT.gif Helm Of Neitiznot TBA
vPJcPd1.gif Saradomin Sword TBA
bqun3zV.png Barrelchest Anchor TBA
CFvJATa.gif Granite Maul (G maul) TBA
WuT9fWs.png Korasi's sword TBA


Item Name Price
wr66eOf.png Overload (OVL) TBA
coD2iuJ.gif Extreme potions TBA
ktiCIW9.png Super restore TBA
r8YGuGm.png Super Antifire TBA
C6INs7p.png Super Prayer TBA

God Books

Item Name Price
vPQupxb.png Unholy Book TBA
VLe7Wzc.png Book Of Balance No Set Price
olGm8oX.png Holy Book No Set Price
q9kV97k.png Book Of Law No Set Price
Zcx6NL0.png Book Of War No Set Price
DCSPWRf.png Book Of Darkness No Set Price
xSVmLWk.gif God Pages TBA


Voting Lottery

Item Name Price
vmEJADM.png Red boxing gloves TBA
qo5Waoo.png Blue boxing gloves TBA
gNaPtHf.png Antlers TBA
0mKp4Mk.png Colored afro TBA
bOUrcUe.png Flowers TBA
UstX3rK.png Mithril Seeds TBA
qIHlMo2.gif Bob Shirt TBA

Seasonal Voting Store

Item Name Price
mQ8fmb1.png Red Ancient Staff TBA
4PtE6Y4.png Blue Ancient Staff TBA
QfEm7Kg.png Green Ancient Staff TBA
zu2BmN3.png Yellow Ancient Staff TBA
3YvHcCv.png White Top Hat TBA
KaYSLD1.png Green Top Hat TBA
eZtedrV.png Red Top Hat TBA
Sfwi5R4.png Blue Top Hat TBA
3Wzt2Tw.png Bobble Hat Untradable
FVpi3k9.png Bobble Scarf Untradable
jb4NerM.png Woolly Scarf Untradable
AFmhoBH.png Tri-Jester Scarf Untradable
0fR7g7S.png Citharede Robe Top TBA
QcWw08b.png Citharede Robe Bottom TBA
IGsBko2.png Avalani's Robe Top TBA
nFBASh7.png Avalani's Robe Bottoms TBA
k7KnVt9.png Dervish Head Wrap TBA
iiP5WgX.png Dervish Robe TBA
S1zcy0r.png Dervish Trousers TBA
ruBKmxL.png Dervish Shoes TBA
nUpkQNL.png Dervish Head Wrap TBA
a0VgKV9.png Dervish Robe TBA
5U8CNjQ.png Dervish Trousers TBA
kTuQSb6.png Dervish Shoes TBA
FVFcJRj.png Dervish Head Wrap TBA
AYyFCXk.png Dervish Robe TBA
S2d4Drf.png Dervish Trousers TBA
VgTzEZo.png Dervih Shoes TBA
QXUQFEE.png Dervish Head Wrap TBA
OEjRtxf.png Dervish Robe TBA
Zh6oWFZ.png Dervish Trousers TBA
f2iUmny.png Dervish Shoes TBA
KryHVay.png Eastern Robe TBA
swD9N0f.png Eastern Trousers TBA
O4WP5Bk.png Eastern Robe TBA
Wz2MIlL.png Eastern Trousers TBA
94nGaSQ.png Eastern Robe TBA
mSsgXSk.png Eastern Trousers TBA
1fAZ4bV.png Eastern Robe TBA
n52kqqo.png Eastern Trousers TBA

Vote Store

Item Name Price
n5mg6cN.gif Ornate katana TBA
t3JAvzx.png Gadderhammer TBA
RaDrYiC.png Mega Phonus TBA
K9ZH1g5.png Bowsword TBA
yWQUt2x.png Banner TBA
x16x8NX.png Rainbow Afro TBA
blK3vhF.gif Easter ring TBA
DE9MsDj.png Basket of eggs TBA
UuEI1HS.png Grain TBA
gbDWHGZ.png Gnome scarf TBA
Eaa6nXD.gif Gnome scarf (colored) TBA
5vpQiSP.png Cavalier Mask TBA
UFU8aag.png Sled TBA
VFCVIC4.png Bunny Ears TBA
JJyhX9p.png Royal crown TBA
hUyU0RT.png Royal Shirt TBA
3tenZxn.png Royal Leggings TBA
TxCpjRW.png Royal Sceptre TBA
vutU8D2.png Royal Amulet TBA
AW3SUhq.png Rubber Chicken TBA
FDqfKPE.png Investigators Hat TBA
iYinbcJ.png Investigators Coat TBA
jdiz8LB.png Investigators Trousers TBA
LN6rN6y.png Spirit Cape TBA
sFUwNsW.png Lord Marshal Cap TBA
rdoXerw.png Lord Marshal Top TBA
tZQrhER.png Lord Marshal Skirt TBA
fbZzrdO.png Lord Marshal Boots TBA
jXR8Uan.png Lord Marshal Gloves TBA
BLCOHMf.gif Rune ceremonial sword v TBA
mFsGN9X.png Red cape TBA
UOGLnAP.gif Blue cape TBA

Premium Store

Item Name Price
jsSTOSJ.png Bonesack TBA
f9EdMTP.gif Christmas Cracker TBA
MXqhA1Q.png Easter Egg TBA

Participation Store

Item Name Price
i6sPmiE.gif Reset lamp TBA
K1EQZPn.png Bonecrusher TBA

SKilling store (Max)

Item Name Price
K0ejOzK.png lrYCwq4.png N7SXt8Q.png Runecrafter Hat TBA
vU2TUTC.png ZAJh6Eb.png WTk6sJ7.png Runecrafter Robe TBA
s3wS7Fo.png KrXanNK.png EphGqIS.png Runecrafter Skirt TBA
CfYp0oW.png RlfvXhS.png S8KQNxb.png Runecrafter Gloves TBA
ItOldPv.png Runecrafter Hat TBA
0sYOiRh.png Runecrafter Robetop TBA
yM3s8oO.png Runecrafter Skirt TBA
TRYlDjJ.png Runecrafter boots TBA
XwOy4XE.png Agile Top TBA
UZj9mzP.png Agile Legs TBA
J7FkgYR.png Golden Mining Helmet TBA
lOmJqge.png Golden Mining Top TBA
sDcXkoS.png Golden Mining Trousers TBA
DEaP0vB.png Golden Mining Gloves TBA
UdpxrqB.png Golden mining boots TBA
PhZuiQF.png Witchdoctor Mask TBA
2aZyhhR.png Witchdoctor Robes TBA
0BJfGUy.png Witchdoctor Legs TBA
8nRBIEd.png Rogue mask TBA
i6CP0MW.png Rogue top TBA
TM8RVQe.png Rogue trousers TBA
iY8RjUl.png Rogue gloves TBA
BQqGIG8.png Rogue boots TBA

Star Sprite

Item Name Price
637FI9i.png Factory Mask TBA
0BcRxCx.png Factory Top TBA
SrloDHE.png Factory Trousers TBA
AFyJBRd.png Factory Gloves TBA
ljTh3td.png Factory Boots TBA
T34Pq99.png Cosmic Helmet TBA
zYWyCRj.png Cosmic Body TBA
9iUrvmQ.png Cosmic Gloves TBA
aSM2Az4.png Cosmic Boots TBA
51hXem2.png Cosmic Talisman Staff TBA
GA3GNGG.png Omni Talisman Staff TBA
keJPS3T.png Seer's Headband 4 TBA
sCrjomt.png Varrock Armour 4 TBA
r1gswmi.png Morytania Legs 4 TBA
kagSkfH.png Karmaja Gloves 4 TBA
hvIsNap.png Fremennik Sea Boots 4 TBA
6bvHkt9.png Gas Mask TBA
1o1JF39.png Plague Jacket TBA
JdBQImT.png Plague Trousers TBA
ittwuLo.png Golden Hammer TBA
6P1OCuA.png Gilded Rune Pickaxe TBA
Oi1WKew.png Gilded Adamant Pickaxe TBA
fzGw35a.png Gilded Mithril Pickaxe TBA
6MihV0r.png Gilded Steel Pickaxe TBA
89XgvEU.png Gilded Iron Pickaxe TBA
FAbcMpy.png Gilded Bronze Pickaxe TBA
x1ejI96.gif Ring Of Stone TBA

Ornament Kit

Item Name Price
vCWUrB2.png Dragon full helm ornament kit (or) TBA
W1SVq0p.png Dragon platebody ornament kit (or) TBA
p2RkYb2.png Dragon platelegs/plateskirt ornament kit (or) TBA
k1oEjmH.png Dragon sq. shield ornament kit (or) TBA

Spiked Kit

Item Name Price
9i0YH2a.png Dragon full helm ornament kit (sp) TBA
GQCMBcB.png Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp) TBA
sNnTi12.png Dragon platelegs/plateskirt ornament kit (sp) TBA
ABC7gZj.png Dragon sq. shield ornament kit (sp) TBA


Item Name Price
lGeqlbZ.png Third-age druidic wreath TBA
lqXHPAl.png Third-age druidic robe top TBA
TrqCnHM.png Third-age druidic robe TBA
UggCatk.png Third-age druidic cloak TBA
Raoe5ky.png Third-age druidic staff TBA
SzBPU3I.png Third-age full helm TBA
5BmphSt.png Third-age platebody TBA
ychOPg1.png Third-age platelegs TBA
wV0L0Wt.png Third-age kiteshield TBA
XBFAwtP.png Third-age mage hat TBA
QVTbYUF.png Third-age robe top TBA
vfwiwl2.png Third-age robe TBA
aBwVpAB.png Third-age amulet TBA
PybIxH3.png Third-age coif TBA
0n9bbwu.png Third-age leather top TBA
FuCub13.png Third-age leather chaps TBA
PJZ1OC8.png Third-age vambraces TBA


Keep in mind Players will overpay alot for certian Trimmed Sets/Pieces

Item Name Price
YUmU7eb.png Rune set (t) TBA
22PuNFN.png Rune set (g) TBA
MoTbEYi.png Adamant set (t) TBA
9n7lZdI.png Adamant set (g) TBA
WhLpx77.png Black set (t) TBA
H4zs1T5.png Black set (g) TBA
bXqeRlg.png Guthix set TBA
4pzbVae.png Zamorak set TBA
AUHk1AG.png Saradomin Set TBA
2921a29.png Armadyl set TBA
tXhEBFn.png Ancient set TBA
d6hYXRM.png Bandos Set TBA
ePBIR3H.png Gilded Set TBA
dRgrIiS.png Initiate Set TBA
HRLC13G.png Blue Wizard Set (t) TBA
2p6AM7G.png Blue Wizard Set (g) TBA
tHHPRnm.png Green D'hide Set (t) TBA
4w4ByjC.png Green D'hide Set (g) TBA
pdeVJBy.png Blue D'hide Set (t) TBA
w3OQYEk.png Blue D'hide Set (g) TBA


Item Name Price
ri5V1fQ.png Enchanted hat TBA
gBg2yEM.png Enchanted Robe Top TBA
SljPzbP.png Enchanted robe bottom TBA


Item Name Price
O4dh3jE.png Dagon'hai Hat TBA
Qwe3r86.png Dagon'hai Robe top TBA
EpwVuVr.png Dagon'hai Robe bottom TBA

Colored Staff Of Light

Item Name Price
cdtVDEA.png White Staff of light (White Sol) TBA
zYkEk2r.png Red Staff of light (Red Sol) TBA
bQ8r1s1.png Blue Staff of light (Blue Sol) TBA
swWRCMH.png Green Staff of light (Green Sol) TBA

Party Hat

Item Name Price
daAZEtg.png Colored party hat TBA
ruSp5lK.png Black party hat TBA
wZPgxSq.png Rune party hat TBA
pvhOzd7.png Adamant party hat TBA
3gSETn6.png Gold party hat TBA
5dsarHq.png Iron party hat TBA
7mk0rtr.png Purple party hat TBA
0JbnFKu.png Yellow party hat TBA
iRk4FvI.png Red party hat TBA
0MAgu7G.png White party hat TBA
ZhiGNv9.png Blue party hat TBA
97pDO1W.png Green party hat TBA

Halloween Mask (Hween)

Item Name Price
0Yh38u3.png Colored halloween mask TBA
uv3rdOh.png Brown halloween mask TBA
7AMZaQ8.png White halloween mask TBA
vjIuAOL.png Black halloween mask TBA
qlGS4iD.png Purple halloween mask TBA
DnEFKTL.png Yellow halloween mask TBA
L48Xqm7.png Blue halloween mask TBA
11moPtu.png Red halloween mask TBA
5k590J0.png Green halloween mask TBA


Item Name Price
LHgpaRZ.png Green elegant shirt TBA
uIoTu6l.png Green elegant legs TBA
BWfx3Kc.png Red elegant shirt TBA
Kasi1lb.png Red elegant legs TBA
BZw9xhS.png Black elegant shirt TBA
yE07hEK.png Black elegant legs TBA
GSXDnR8.png Blue elegant shirt TBA
bgtAKMG.png Blue elegant legs TBA
xJ3A9wa.png Purple elegant shirt TBA
KKb0utX.png Purple elegant legs TBA
wDGLoH9.png Green elegant blouse TBA
43mWrNH.png Green elegant skirt TBA
cfNXiaD.png Red elegant blouse TBA
ZPl0nyw.png Red elegant skirt TBA
MvNJAzz.png White elegant blouse TBA
brVdhg4.png White elegant skirt TBA
OHeSptV.png Blue elegant blouse TBA
aRsKssK.png Blue elegant skirt TBA
Y44whYk.png Purple elegant blouse TBA
0F2RTT4.png Purple elegant skirt TBA


Item Name Price
9m2eKpg.png Colored Santa Hat TBA
p4mxHE1.png Santa hat TBA
6rmB4Ng.gif Santa costume top TBA
t8OjIie.gif Santa costume legs TBA
BQvz7X8.gif Santa costume gloves TBA
dWqJKfS.png Santa costume boots TBA
j0byRWg.png Christmas ghost hood TBA
pGu662u.png Christmas ghost top TBA
kHZWsv4.png Christmas ghost bottoms TBA
42XKRMs.png Witches Top TBA
Zr5q9GR.png Witches Bottoms TBA
Lb2IL6M.png Witches Cloak TBA
rlMUSuc.png Skeleton Helm TBA
CmZwSJm.png Skeleton Top TBA
qZGID4a.png Skeleton Bottoms TBA
Ut68fs9.png Skeleton Gloves TBA
pqoAk3T.png Skeleton Boots TBA
8CbFpNW.png Web Cloak TBA
yRvkQV4.png Scythe TBA
WkWwgKL.png Grim Reaper Hood TBA
1qI3DTN.png Jack-O-Lantern Mask TBA
G9qrO6G.png Warlock Top TBA
7bWHpYU.png Warlock Bottoms TBA
MDjE41J.png Warlock Cloak TBA
KMDd1Dp.png Zombie Mask TBA
4k9FU8X.png Zombie Shirt TBA
TdckhlV.png Zombie Trousers TBA
ZJCi5S4.png Zombie Gloves TBA
tSx2oiq.png Zombie Boots TBA
Q5kjvJH.png Broomstick TBA
GoddF8U.png Buskin Mask TBA
BtLFRB4.png Deathcon T-Shirt TBA
4kNb8mN.png Ghost Buster 500 TBA
mkUkc03.png Destabiliser TBA
lhxAUYM.png Death Talisman Staff TBA

Cosmetic weapons

Item Name Price
8rhKPUv.gif Balmung TBA
ssH4elx.gif Meat tenderiser TBA
PGMMuPO.gif Cleaver TBA
9VEbCOr.gif Bone club TBA
NghPqYZ.png Bone spear TBA
6FmarMr.png Glowing Dagger TBA
ZJiyhg0.png Walking Stick TBA

God Bows and Arrows

Item Name Price
jLkPI0U.png Guthix Bow TBA
xMQ0SsW.png Guthix Arrows TBA
fqUBxCQ.png Zamorak Bow TBA
Hi88k71.png Zamorak Arrows TBA
El4w0MB.png Saradomin Bow TBA
4MQGpyx.png Saradomin Arrows TBA

God Vestments

Item Name Price
iF1cjyN.png Ancient Crozier TBA
CwIhLCI.png Ancient Stole TBA
FzlVYls.png Ancient Mitre TBA
imUiJH8.png Ancient Robe Top TBA
K0I2lGQ.png Ancient Robe Legs TBA
5xSFLnn.png Ancient Cloak TBA
bhwXbMf.png Armadyl Crozier TBA
s1SiU3F.png Armadyl Mitre TBA
M8cP1am.png Armadyl Stole TBA
cWIgALg.png Armadyl Robe Top TBA
AqRCMej.png Armadyl Robe Legs TBA
5gDVClj.png Armadyl Cloak TBA
elBa5Ow.png Bandos Crozier TBA
t2oSEB8.png Bandos Mitre TBA
LcOHei6.png Bandos Stole TBA
R6hG4Wl.png Bandos Robe Top TBA
iAuCUH0.png Bandos Robe Legs TBA
hlPKqJQ.png Bandos Cloak TBA
F9MFa2K.png Guthix Crozier TBA
YKCgOd7.png Guthix Mitre TBA
G9Fgtfn.png Guthix Stole TBA
KwisbOA.png Guthix Robe Top TBA
dI7xVwv.png Guthix Robe Legs TBA
yak6Js4.png Guthix Cloak TBA
FtZ586y.png Saradomin Crozier TBA
09jMIlC.png Saradomin Mitre TBA
RLbFut1.png Saradomin Stole TBA
urBREVA.png Saradomin Robe Top TBA
lu8GWf5.png Saradomin Robe Legs TBA
wNMcF3T.png Saradomin Cloak TBA
scVuRVk.png Zamorak Crozier TBA
p18yeoJ.png Zamorak Mitre TBA
2LVkRaJ.png Zamorak Stole TBA
4abrNp1.png Zamorak Robe Top TBA
oZK2aMo.png Zamorak Robe Legs TBA
W8Kjjpe.png Zamorak Cloak TBA

Animal Masks and Staves

Item Name Price
8b4tiDx.png Bat Mask TBA
7cTFVdW.png Cat Mask TBA
y4OQAGq.png Sheep Mask TBA
4V4bVa5.png Penguin Mask TBA
R7XtnWo.png Wolf Mask TBA
S1aEFq7.png Fox Mask TBA
0INVXGS.png White Unicorn Mask TBA
bCfUxUh.png Black Unicorn Mask TBA
BBrJs9N.png Green Dragon Mask TBA
CA8Dv2u.png Blue Dragon Mask TBA
JrFJCB0.png Red Dragon Mask TBA
ejhzkJM.png Bronze Dragon Mask TBA
1DedK1Y.png Iron Dragon Mask TBA
bq1sDGu.png Steel Dragon Mask TBA
YWOduP4.png Mithril Dragon Mask TBA
08jWHDT.png Bat Staff TBA
dr0HSWl.png Cat Staff TBA
dFHY3gR.png Dragon Staff TBA
vScUdZX.png Penguin Staff TBA
LIbnF0d.png Wolf Staff TBA

Clue Scrolls

Item Name Price
2mDEZn6.png Purple Sweets TBA
YhgfGHB.png Magic Amulet (t) TBA
y1FA449.png Strength Amulet (t) TBA
d2kv5Sd.png Glory Amulet (t) TBA
zfVGVS6.png Highwayman Mask TBA
YepH241.gif Flared Trousers TBA
HIsBXfO.gif Top hat TBA
ZpPJoOv.gif Cavaliers TBA
k8BJp4Q.gif Berets TBA
aO8yRcp.png Rune Cane TBA
nH0op1z.png Adamant Cane TBA
WLTb6Rl.png Black Cane TBA
Y3HVo9J.png Pith Helmet TBA
WEAo2nu.png Pirate Hat TBA
uXtMKF0.png Boaters (Not Red) TBA
uXtMKF0.png Red Boater TBA
7W2zEz9.png Tome Of Frost TBA
jluavUs.png Dragon Ceremonial Hat TBA
jX3sFLy.png Dragon Ceremonial Breastplate TBA
4Ah7pmk.png Dragon Ceremonial Greaves TBA
9psjmEH.png Dragon Ceremonial Boots TBA


Item Name Price
1DXLAC9.png Voting hat (Red & Blue) TBA
PPrA7sw.png Cape of legends TBA
TZjHLBd.gif Gnome goggles TBA
iwwwMt7.png Mysterious Box TBA
lQ8fwuw.png Black Mask TBA
Iiy57Ud.png Bearhead TBA

Slash Bash Drop

Item Name Price
VMVsTmj.png Shirt TBA
kwxgW2l.png Woven top TBA
iNBUSQb.png Shorts TBA
WUTJLDq.png Skirt TBA


Item Name Price
G1zXMd0.png Skeletal Top TBA
YcPz8qW.png Skeletal Bottom TBA


Item Name Price
AY83K3Y.png Spined Helm TBA
oUBs4br.png Spined Body TBA
2ZiXJS5.png Spined Legs TBA


Item Name Price
11dNAqS.png Obsidian Cape TBA
WlDkMkP.png Toktz-ket-xil TBA
qtGDDlq.png Toktz-mej-tal TBA
JH7kk6X.png Tzhaar-ket-om TBA
IeyK5PW.png Toktz-Xil-Ak TBA
0ic3pQ9.png Toktz-Xil-Ek TBA


Item Name Price
BIP5jcj.png Dragon hatchet TBA
v6OLrjM.png Dragon pickaxe (D Pick) TBA
Ve1Og2t.png Inferno Adze TBA
FouiACO.png Gilded dragon pickaxe TBA
48EzBDj.gif Zogre bones (Z Bones) TBA
3YiX5u6.png Wyvern bones TBA
PJ8pMSI.gif Dragon bones (D Bones) TBA
zhkT8sx.png Frost Dragon Bones 50-80k
fQTS4LF.gif Dagannoth Bones TBA
SUHeFYY.png Grimy Lantadyme TBA
5TqKf29.png Karambwan TBA
DxSQSvW.png Raw Karambwan TBA
UL5hRuO.png Rocktail TBA
5mzYNI4.png Raw Rocktail TBA
YwO3hFb.png Uncut onyx TBA
aJEcBbg.png Uncut dragonstone TBA
i8yWK3s.gif Runite Bar TBA
JkFyLZb.png Runite Ore TBA
IyjRHyR.png Magic Logs TBA
vEGsb73.png Cooking Gauntlets TBA
gBsnmdO.png Scroll of Legends TBA
jXiKC5J.png Steel Titan Pouch TBA
qQbRSaY.gif Talon Beast Pouch TBA


Item Name Price
pCo5GDs.png Blue key TBA
qsALrAy.gif Yellow key TBA
2IopSOr.png Ancestral key TBA
3vCxuLr.gif Crystal key (C Key) TBA
NmF0GZH.png Flame fragment TBA
hL9C9Ss.gif Ferocious ring (Fero Ring) TBA

Runescape GP

The trading of RSGP to GrinderScape is currently NOT allowed. A forum post will be made once RSGP swapping is alloed.

Item Name Price
m9mLM3r.png 1 Million RuneScape 3 / Evoloution of Combat Gold (RS3) TBA
m9mLM3r.png 1 Million Oldschool RuneScape Gold (07) TBA