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Combat Equipment


Item Name Price
H3rXva6.png Kraken Tentacle 40-50M
RpUppkb.png Abyssal Whip 20 - 30M


Item Name Price
C5lTSZ8.png Ancestral Hat 1.5B
za3dGu4.png Ancestral Robe top 1.5B
IggxK2e.png Ancestral Robe Bottom 1.5B
OKS1A5J.png Kodai Wand 300 - 325M


Item Name Price
T32KPvE.png Bandos Chestplate (BCP) 75M
XNfgvHa.png Bandos Tassets (Tassy) 120M
E5r92Fh.gif Bandos Boots 15M


Item Name Price
p6sH3nC.gif Dragon Full Helm 10 - 15M
KAxAotH.png Dragon Med Helm 100K
Q8wmhyg.gif Dragon Chainbody 15M
QVdjTMO.gif Dragon Platelegs 3 - 5M
QKRSJPc.gif Dragon Plateskirt 3 - 5M
9WT8RUP.png Dragon Gloves 100 - 150K
AuLU0Jb.png Dragon Boots 3 - 5M
V4Ur4P5.png Dragon Sq Shield 5 - 10M
9qajgYT.png Dragon Claws 500M
EQHrjlj.png Dragon Scimitar 250K
xDuP3xf.gif Dragon 2H Sword 7 - 10M
2spuXSc.png Dragon Sword 5M
kHoolFK.png Dragon Spear 400 - 500K
7NINbG4.png Dragon Defender 10 - 15M
aW1ezJh.gif Dragonfire Shield (DFS) 20 - 30M
McFS9P0.png Draconic Visage 20 - 30M
kDOH6W5.png Dragon Hunter Crossbow 150 - 200M
azHZRcu.png Dragon Warhammer 60 - 75M


Item Name Price
YiSKtMi.png Dharok's Helm 10M
k0kjTdf.png Dharok's Platebody 10M
WGwY4S0.png Dharok's Platelegs 10M
BY6bKW2.png Dharok's Greataxe 10M
LIRDUOi.png Verac's Helm 5M
PCuaLqL.png Verac's Brassard 2M
h577Ccu.png Verac's Plateskirt 5M
HWG9sKO.png Verac's Flail 2 - 3M
74GbDBY.png Torag's Helm 4 - 5M
z1h7mnt.png Torag's Platebody 4 - 5M
Rzfqtq7.png Torag's Platelegs 4 - 5M
4acsNDJ.png Torag's Hammers 1 - 2M
iEPnR26.png Guthan's Helm 5M
oAIAdYn.png Guthan's Platebody 5M
5OzDHD4.png Guthan's Chainskirt 5M
Il0eUUn.png Guthan's Warspear 5M
Z0eKnZ7.png Karil's Coif 3 - 4M
MAtAeoq.png Karil's Leathertop 5M
Ma2ANM9.png Karil's Leatherskirt 5M
XFrzWvq.png Karil's Crossbow 5M
QvK4Oe3.png Ahrim's Hood 5M
r6NYNnG.png Ahrim's Robe Top 5M
1jVUiL5.png Ahrim's Robe 5M
EfwnXOz.png Ahrim's Staff 2 - 3M
eAnimpA.png Barrows Gloves 3 - 5M
KqpTvs7.png Bolt Rack 1K Each


Item Name Price
uJYgiWy.gif Armadyl Godsword (AGS) 150M
R68ZGDB.gif Saradomin Godsword (SGS) 80M
eyN8Eiy.gif Zamorak Godsword (ZGS) 55M
r8Q0Svs.gif Bandos Godsword (BGS) 50 - 60M
AWhAiOx.gif Armadyl Hilt 148M
RGVefWR.gif Saradomin Hilt 78M
F5L3zAL.gif Zamorak Hilt 53M
iWY6yTw.gif Bandos Hilt 48 - 50M
BS50LKe.png Godsword Blade 2 - 3M
GBNk5VD.png Zamorakian Spear 30 - 35M
TkqgxzZ.png W6yPFJ0.png MhCTRa2.png Godsword Shards 500K Each


Item Name Price
5oRWyza.gif Twisted Buckler 50 - 65M
SSmUrgw.png Dinh's Bulwark 175M
rLh5rjD.png Odium Ward 25 - 30M
RTJoG5t.png Malediction Ward 25 - 30M
lO3Li4F.png Toktz-Ket-Xil 4 - 5M
i1YwQnN.png New Crystal Shield 7 - 8M

Mutagen Helms

Item Name Price
nCXnKCy.png Serpentine Helm 100M
L5C1Hbs.png Magma Helm 100M
H9lBRoB.png Tanzanite Helm 100M

Spirit Shields

Item Name Price
uOWEprm.png Elysian Spirit shield 750M
8dGMK0g.png Arcane Spirit shield 600 - 650M
OP0qhvO.png Spectral Spirit shield 200M
Pfafpzt.png Blessed Spirit shield 7 - 10M
SEpJb0X.png Spirit shield 3 - 5M
6i7UTlw.png Elysian Sigil 750M
8SYcoBg.gif Arcane Sigil 600 - 650M
cjhCPIk.png Spectral Sigil 200M
9Y8rKay.png Holy Elixir 3 - 5M

Items related to Cerberus

Item Name Price
5q6zIfu.png Pegasian Boots 300M
eNUabBK.png Primordial Boots 300M
xSK47uk.png Eternal Boots 300M
qpic3in.png Pegasian Crystal 290M
KdXuN7U.png Primordial Crystal 290M
zpPIJNU.png Eternal Crystal 290M
CfE5cBw.png Smouldering Stone 10M
sPRNpXK.png Corrupted Helm 150M
evU192F.png Corrupted Platebody 150M
0FRh7Ow.png Corrupted Platelegs 150M
783zvB2.png Corrupted Plateskirt 100M
FryFS3Z.png Corrupted Kiteshield 150M


Item Name Price
59raWGw.png Amulet Of Torture 80M
fDG4Gfs.png Necklace Of Anguish 100M
p4KJ3Tc.png Amulet of the Damned 40 - 50M
1nXgxck.png Amulet of Eternal Glory 500M
oNCZqLk.png Occult Necklace 55 - 60M
liFC9DT.png Berserker Necklace 1M
s0Hujzh.png Amulet Of Fury 20M


Item Name Price
9RWWxG9.png Warrior Ring TBA
huNArIc.png Berserker Ring TBA
p565tie.png Seers' Ring TBA
nNKCCoW.png Archers' Ring TBA
5Aas5P4.png Warrior Ring (i) Untradeable
N1omFWh.png Berserker Ring (i) (B Ring) Untradeable
Nye2FOB.png Seers' Ring (i) Untradeable
Jwom6O4.png Archers' Ring (i) Untradeable
ROOM6ok.png Ring of Slaying TBA
BSz2CTn.png Ring of Wealth (ROW)
bTLPnKS.png Ring Of Suffering 15 - 20M
L7Dja5l.png Ring Of The Gods 30 - 40M
S16lK4K.png Tyrannical Ring 15 - 20M
s2LEwbj.png Treasonous Ring 70M
ReXAbFI.png Zenyte Ring TBA


Item Name Price
XzJjWBU.png r2c98pj.png lV09STf.png Infinity Set 20M a Piece (Boots/gloves 10M)
S6FMwH0.gif Staff Of Light (SOL) Coming Soon
mkPHyts.png Ancient Staff 2 - 4M
WcoAyMY.png Master Wand 15 - 20M
RIacx9T.png Mages' Book 5 - 10M
W9x3MzI.png Tome of Fire 5 - 7M
dKQeE8m.png Wizard Boots 3 - 5M
n6kwyZS.png 4 yYgOwhj.png 4 DJvJeGp.png 1 Blood Barrage Cast 10K
E0pv2pQ.png 4 n6kwyZS.png 2 T6wMjTU.png 6 Ice Barrage Cast 10K
E0pv2pQ.png 2 xhvDC3I.png 4 u1GV9ko.png 10 Vengeance Cast 20K
AtLFa9D.png Toxic Staff Of The Dead 75 - 100M
kHm6XJl.png Staff Of The Dead 50M
z4wVdkO.png Trident Of The Seas 30M
BflV8nf.png Trident Of The Swamp 75M

Light Infinity

Item Name Price
JFb3WuN.png Light Infinity Hat 30M
rn0248l.png Light Infinity Top 30M
i7oXJpV.png Light Infinity Bottoms 30M


Item Name Price
hutzckg.png Hood of Darkness 100M
Ea5wvBq.png Robe Top of Darkness 100M
GwpWpRH.png Robe Bottom of Darkness 100M
Eg7s1KV.png Gloves of Darkness 100M
EhUzEDO.png Boots of Darkness 100M


Item Name Price
BpuD7mo.png Elder Chaos Hood 25 - 30M
Zw4ym4d.png Elder Chaos Top 25 - 30M
MQEjjBQ.png Elder Chaos Robe 25 - 30M


Item Name Price
oK0XM25.png Twisted Bow 1B
aAQqDx9.png Blowpipe 60 - 70M
pgyir05.png Light Ballista 165 - 175M
S6reGvg.gif Dark Bow 15M
bUCPKzZ.gif Dark Bow (colored) 20 - 25M
ImE9ipP.png New Crystal Bow 7 - 8M
5CoqWkB.png Robin Hood Hat 15M
ZTkpKu9.gif Ranger Boots 20 - 25M
hMjENIU.png Rangers' Tunic 40 - 50M
bIFFKtf.png Rangers Gloves 10 - 15M
fO4iTsr.png Black D'hide Body 500K
80pgcJb.png Black D'hide Chaps In Shop
HA7ZzYm.png Black D'hide Vambraces In Shop
y5XWFfi.png Rune Crossbow (RCB) 300 - 400K
5oTYXiK.png Dragon Arrow 25K Each
yxBwipV.png Dragon Bolt (e) 20K Each
ruJiHQH.png Onyx Bolt (e) 25K Each
0PrDUut.png Dragon Dart 2K Each
DfsSMwz.png Zulrah's Scales 200 Coins Each


Item Name Price
79nq6UJ.png Armadyl Helmet 50M
3bidQJg.png Armadyl Chestplate 65 - 70M
ZM5EERQ.png Armadyl Chainskirt 80M
m7YrVlp.png Armadyl Crossbow 100 - 120M

God Hides

Item Name Price
4RHdkGP.png Saradomin Coif 250K
82xf7lL.png Saradomin Body 250K
njrf8tM.png Saradomin Chaps 250K
dLXtWh7.png Saradomin Vambraces 250K
1fM7Gsr.png Zamorak Coif 250K
O4OJEW5.png Zamorak Body 250K
iwxUgsl.png Zamorak Chaps 250K
mCbfBEJ.png Zamorak Vambraces 250K
YAGBh9N.png Guthix Coif 250K
niF7hvM.png Guthix Body 250K
BZ8aQN5.png Guthix Chaps 250K
J5Kkb22.png Guthix Vambraces 250K

PVP Gear

Item Name Price
VVmwZ6L.png Fighter Torso 15M
BU5QWim.png Fire Cape 2 - 3M
qOWQKbT.gif Helm Of Neitiznot 2 - 3M
vPJcPd1.gif Saradomin Sword 15 - 18M
PeT02O1.png Blessed Saradomin Sword 25 - 30M
bqun3zV.png Barrelchest Anchor 500K
CFvJATa.gif Granite Maul (G maul) 2 - 3M
GHjrnD2.png Granite Maul (or) 10M
2UrsVM9.png Abyssal Dagger (p++) 125 - 130M
s90Wqa3.png Abyssal Bludgeon 500M
zxvl6M6.png Tormented Bracelet 35 - 40M
Me4nj8R.png Elder Maul 400M


Item Name Price
wr66eOf.png Overload (OVL) Untradeable
jzLNs24.png Super Combat Potion 50K
ktiCIW9.png Super restore Potion 20K
r8YGuGm.png Super Antifire Potion 20K
IEFr6eZ.png Prayer Potion 15K

God Books

Item Name Price
vPQupxb.png Unholy Book TBA
VLe7Wzc.png Book Of Balance TBA
olGm8oX.png Holy Book TBA
Zcx6NL0.png Book Of War TBA
xSVmLWk.gif God Pages 200K a Page

Ornament Kit

Item Name Price
vCWUrB2.png Dragon Full Helm Ornament Kit (or) 80M
vCWUrB2.png Dragon Chain Ornament Kit (or) 100 - 120M
p2RkYb2.png Dragon Platelegs/Plateskirt Ornament Kit (or) 50 - 60M
k1oEjmH.png Dragon SQ. Shield Ornament Kit (or) 80M
rZXDWa2.png Dragon Scimitar Ornament Kit (or) 35 - 40M


Item Name Price
lGeqlbZ.png Third-Age Druidic Wreath 1M
SzBPU3I.png Third-Age Full Helm 100 - 150M
5BmphSt.png Third-Age Platebody 100M - 150M
ychOPg1.png Third-Age Platelegs 100M - 150M
wV0L0Wt.png Third-Age Kiteshield 300M
qzlFKeX.png Third-age Longsword 150 - 200M
XBFAwtP.png Third-Age Mage Hat 100M
QVTbYUF.png Third-Age Robe Top 100M
vfwiwl2.png Third-Age Robe 100M
VrU77Wv.png Third-Age Wand 175M
aBwVpAB.png Third-Age Amulet 50M
PybIxH3.png Third-age coif 100M
0n9bbwu.png Third-age leather Top 100M
FuCub13.png Third-Age Leather Chaps 100M
PJZ1OC8.png Third-Age Vambraces 100M
iZXv5NL.png Third-Age Bow 300M
oGLlPyY.png Third-Age Pickaxe 150M
6HDbjuJ.png Third-Age Axe 150M
lC8UoPF.png Third-Age Cloak 50M


Item Name Price
1wbUcFr.png Bronze Set (t) 100K a Piece
Y7Fblvk.png Bronze Set (g) 100K a Piece
n17gbuB.png Iron Set (t) 200K a Piece
x1aVDyN.png Iron Set (g) 200K a Piece
nzb3d8l.png Steel Set (t) 300K a Piece
QZpT1SD.png Steel Set (g) 300K a Piece
WhLpx77.png Black Set (t) 400K a Piece
H4zs1T5.png Black Set (g) 400K a Piece
DMocM2l.png Mithril Set (t) 500K a Piece
hLtTJZz.png Mithril Set (g) 500K a Piece
MoTbEYi.png Adamant Set (t) 600K a Piece
9n7lZdI.png Adamant Set (g) 600K a Piece
YUmU7eb.png Rune Set (t) 700K a Piece
22PuNFN.png Rune Set (g) 700K a Piece
bXqeRlg.png Guthix Set 1M a Piece
4pzbVae.png Zamorak Set 1M a Piece
AUHk1AG.png Saradomin Set 1M a Piece
ePBIR3H.png Gilded Set 100M a Piece
dRgrIiS.png Initiate Set In Shop
tHHPRnm.png Green D'hide Set (t) 1M
4w4ByjC.png Green D'hide Set (g) 1M
pdeVJBy.png Blue D'hide Set (t) 1M
w3OQYEk.png Blue D'hide Set (g) 1M


Item Name Price
ri5V1fQ.png Enchanted Hat 30M
gBg2yEM.png Enchanted Robe Top 30M
SljPzbP.png Enchanted Robe bottom 30M

Party Hat

Item Name Price
U9xU5Ov.png Rainbow Party Hat 1B+
7mk0rtr.png Purple Party Hat 100 - 125M
0JbnFKu.png Yellow Party Hat 100 - 125M
iRk4FvI.png Red Party Hat 100 - 150M
0MAgu7G.png White Party Hat 100 - 150M
ZhiGNv9.png Blue Party Hat 100 - 150M
97pDO1W.png Green Party Hat 100 - 150M
ouaaWEQ.png Party Hat & Specs 1B+

Santa Hats

Item Name Price
EQ582fY.png Santa Hat 300M
QNzEsbX.png Black Santa Hat 500M

Halloween Mask (Hween)

Item Name Price
vjIuAOL.png Black Halloween Mask 1B+
L48Xqm7.png Blue Halloween Mask 60 - 70M
11moPtu.png Red Halloween Mask 60 - 70M
5k590J0.png Green Halloween Mask 60 - 70M


Item Name Price
LHgpaRZ.png Green Elegant Shirt 15M
uIoTu6l.png Green Elegant Legs 15M
BWfx3Kc.png Red Elegant Shirt 5M
Kasi1lb.png Red Elegant Legs 5M
GSXDnR8.png Blue Elegant Shirt 2M
bgtAKMG.png Blue Elegant Legs 2M
wDGLoH9.png Green Elegant Blouse 14M
43mWrNH.png Green Elegant Skirt 14M
cfNXiaD.png Red Elegant Blouse 4M
ZPl0nyw.png Red Elegant Skirt 4M
MvNJAzz.png White Elegant Blouse 8 - 10M
brVdhg4.png White Elegant Skirt 8 - 10M
OHeSptV.png Blue Elegant Blouse 1M
aRsKssK.png Blue Elegant Skirt 1M

God Vestments

Item Name Price
iF1cjyN.png Ancient Crozier 5 - 10M
CwIhLCI.png Ancient Stole 5 - 10M
FzlVYls.png Ancient Mitre 5 - 10M
imUiJH8.png Ancient Robe Top 5 - 10M
K0I2lGQ.png Ancient Robe Legs 5 - 10M
5xSFLnn.png Ancient Cloak 1M
bhwXbMf.png Armadyl Crozier 5 - 10M
s1SiU3F.png Armadyl Mitre 5 - 10M
M8cP1am.png Armadyl Stole 5 - 10M
cWIgALg.png Armadyl Robe Top 5 - 10M
AqRCMej.png Armadyl Robe Legs 5 - 10M
5gDVClj.png Armadyl Cloak 1M
elBa5Ow.png Bandos Crozier 5 - 10M
t2oSEB8.png Bandos Mitre 5 - 10M
LcOHei6.png Bandos Stole 5 - 10M
R6hG4Wl.png Bandos Robe Top 5 - 10M
iAuCUH0.png Bandos Robe Legs 5 - 10M
hlPKqJQ.png Bandos Cloak 1M
F9MFa2K.png Guthix Crozier 5 - 10M
YKCgOd7.png Guthix Mitre 5 - 10M
G9Fgtfn.png Guthix Stole 5 - 10M
KwisbOA.png Guthix Robe Top 5 - 10M
dI7xVwv.png Guthix Robe Legs 5 - 10M
yak6Js4.png Guthix Cloak 1M
FtZ586y.png Saradomin Crozier 5 - 10M
09jMIlC.png Saradomin Mitre 5 - 10M
RLbFut1.png Saradomin Stole 5 - 10M
urBREVA.png Saradomin Robe Top 5 - 10M
lu8GWf5.png Saradomin Robe Legs 5 - 10M
wNMcF3T.png Saradomin Cloak 1M
scVuRVk.png Zamorak Crozier 5 - 10M
p18yeoJ.png Zamorak Mitre 5 - 10M
2LVkRaJ.png Zamorak Stole 5 - 10M
4abrNp1.png Zamorak Robe Top 5 - 10M
oZK2aMo.png Zamorak Robe Legs 5 - 10M
W8Kjjpe.png Zamorak Cloak 1M

Animal Masks and Staves

Item Name Price
7cTFVdW.png Cat Mask TBA
4V4bVa5.png Penguin Mask Worthless
0INVXGS.png White Unicorn Mask TBA
cWT2YQ6.png Jungle Demon Mask 15 - 20M
bCfUxUh.png Black Unicorn Mask TBA


Item Name Price
PPrA7sw.png Cape Of Legends 1M
ysZgGYG.png Mysterious Box (Prem store) 20M Each
lQ8fwuw.png Black Mask 10 - 15M
NloAW0a.png Blood Money 800 BM per 1M
ih7esBJ.png Combat Lamp 20M
enRqaCb.png Reset Lamp 20M
irARNnx.png Double XP Ring 2 - 3M
tC0cjmy.png Hunter's Honour Untradable
tquDuvC.png Membership Bond TBA


Item Name Price
11dNAqS.png Obsidian Cape 5M
WlDkMkP.png Toktz-Ket-Xil 5M
qtGDDlq.png Toktz-Mej-Tal 5M
JH7kk6X.png Tzhaar-Ket-Om 5M
IeyK5PW.png Toktz-Xil-Ak 5M
0ic3pQ9.png Toktz-Xil-Ek 5M
YoYhjef.png Obsidian Helmet 10M
x8tCR76.png Obsidian Platebody 20M
XAiKTI3.png Obsidian Platelegs 20M


Item Name Price
BIP5jcj.png Dragon Hatchet 1M
lsQtWca.png Dragon Harpoon TBA
78LRwPu.png Dragon Pickaxe 5M
48EzBDj.gif Zogre Bones 1.5M
3YiX5u6.png Wyvern Bones 300 - 350K
PJ8pMSI.gif Dragon Bones (D Bones) 200 - 250K
fQTS4LF.gif Dagannoth Bones 400 - 500K
SUHeFYY.png Grimy Lantadyme 8K
5TqKf29.png Karambwan 30k
DxSQSvW.png Raw Karambwan 40k
XwsBvsS.png Cooked Anglerfish 200K
5laVc0k.png Anglerfish 250K
de1Yfy9.png Sandworms 20 - 30K
YwO3hFb.png Uncut Onyx 10 - 15M
aJEcBbg.png Uncut Dragonstone 5K
i8yWK3s.gif Runite Bar 30K
JkFyLZb.png Runite Ore 25K
IyjRHyR.png Magic Logs 50K


Item Name Price
KiFsxVV.png TIUyXhj.png MfY6zdE.png pGIlm5F.png MWCneCT.png Light Tuxedo Outfit 150M
oxtwEDH.png WmdrJMN.png JXLS14X.png peGB5Xl.png CcFlVWh.png Ankou Outfit 100M
LnMJBNu.png AHopBcQ.png kr9LuLm.png 3fP795Z.png SNpUK7m.png Mummy's Outfit 30 - 40M
5DVM5bi.png 77i7TyI.png m666Gdv.png R1ob2pm.png RuTeggf.png Samurai Set 70 - 80M

Voting Store (1 Vote Point = 1M)

Item Name Price
AjFaz8E.png Gnome Goggles 35M
VIha0Qe.png Gnome Scarf 35M
PeEH6Vs.png Afro 10M
PBMzgAb.png Katana 40M
kXcoJyD.png Sled 50M
v7c9vd8.png Grain 150M
P500Bju.png Bunny Ears 75M
ocNdFOc.png Bunny Top 35M
AA8z7HU.png Bunny Legs 35M
lTSInSK.png Bunny Paws 5M
rHM75BY.png Easter Basket 75M
o59of2H.png Easter Egg 5M
EppY5RB.png Easter Ring 25M
Ho7N15C.png Rubber Chicken 45M
LbeeScB.png Gold Helmet 10M
1WirFeD.png C1BQt6Y.png lNRXe8N.png Royal Outfit 75M, (25M Each)
UBh8wEQ.png Weapon Mixes 5M
ZqZ8aqa.png Weapon Ornament Kits 5M
aMAJSVR.png Santa Mask 15M
E2ST06k.png Santa Jacket 15M
cLXzDwx.png Santa pantaloons 15M
FpwqvFK.png Santa Gloves 5M
KVcEdlT.png Santa Boots 5M
xUEKFqp.png Antisanta Mask 20M
yImYtSA.png Antisanta Jacket 20M
dSOwSCA.png Antisanta pantaloons 20M
gxxHjgO.png Antisanta Gloves 5M
36z7Nhr.png Antisanta Boots 5M
0z3xly8.png Varrock Armour 1 25M
qxaYcO0.png Cabbage Cape 15M
KMfY0FB.png Top Hat 15M
uf4LCfn.png Bonesack 50M
QkEqRLE.png Bow-sword 50M
zag76MA.png Disk of Returning 35M
sHX2B2V.png Black Cane 10M
jHw9j40.png Adamant Cane 15M
TKhn7OI.png Rune Cane 25M
OkA9YSv.png Gadderhammer 24M
vS12ENx.png Banner 50M
BbVsdOo.png Obsidian Cape (r) 35M
ksM8CzO.png Double Eye Patch 25M
PdQwl0g.png Black Tricorn Hat 5M
mFTsh0L.png Black Naval Shirt 5M
enUfDt2.png Black Navy Slacks 5M
eiNzOOZ.png Black Cavalier 10M
QCs352M.png Cavalier Mask 15M
yQWYrJN.png Explorer Backpack 10M
tRixytC.png Pith Helmet 10M
M3OuQpZ.png Hard Hat 10M
aJhC0dK.png Jack Lantern Mask 5M
n69eZCc.png Fancy Boots 15M
3SM3tiL.png Fighting Boots 15M
MJGGzc3.png Flared Trousers 25M
zHkH3Ok.png A Powdered Wig 15M
NVbIzxf.png Pantaloons 15M
96w8Ohm.png Sleeping Cap 15M
01ywY00.png Wooden Sword 5M
H8zQpmA.png Wooden Shield 5M
CMrk2Vy.png Mudskipper Hat 5M
fjziuT2.png Flippers 5M
HepONEW.png Wizard's Mind Bomb 2M


Item Name Price
pCo5GDs.png Blue Key TBA
qsALrAy.gif Yellow Key TBA
2IopSOr.png Ancestral Key 400K
3vCxuLr.gif Crystal Key (C Key) 600 - 700K
1AsIHbe.png Loop Half of Key 300K

Runescape GP

The trading of RSGP to GrinderScape is currently NOT allowed. A forum post will be made once RSGP swapping is allowed.

Item Name Price
m9mLM3r.png 1 Million RuneScape 3 / Evoloution of Combat Gold (RS3) TBA
m9mLM3r.png 1 Million Oldschool RuneScape Gold (07) TBA