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Skilling points are points that you receive for doing various Skilling activities in-game. There are two different types of Skilling Points. The normal ones from doing any skilling, and specific skilled related ones; like Woodcutting and Thieving for example.

Normal Skilling Points

When you are skilling, you will get 4 Skilling Points as a reward. Alice is the owner of the Skilling Points Store. She is located just South of the General Store at Home. Below you can see Alice and her store:

NPC: awVR9Zm.png Store: c3dz5hB.png

The prices in her store varies from 15 to 500 Skilling Points.

Specific Skilling Points

Specific Skilling Points are what you gain from getting a Skilling Task from different skilling masters over the game.


You can get a Fishing Skilling Task by talking to Master Fisher at Catherby via the Skilling Teleport. The amount of skilling points you receive depends on your level (for what fish you can catch) and the amount of fish needed to be caught. Below you can see Master Fisher and his Fishing Points Store:

NPC: jHqZhQ5.png Store: 1uWRC5H.png


You can get a Thieving Skilling Task by talking to Chief Thief Trainer at home, that wanders around the Thieving Stalls. The amount of skilling points you receive depends on your level (for what Stall you can steal from) and the amount of actions required to steal from that certain stall. Below you can see Chief Thief Trainer and his Thieving Points Store:

NPC: yMIygXF.png Store: lXqmDJL.png


You can get a Woodcutting Skilling Task by talking to Woodsman Tutor at Camelot via the Skilling Teleport, or Donator Zone. The amount of skilling points you receive depends on your level (for what trees you can cut) and the amount of trees required to cut. Below you can see Woodsman Tutor, and his store:

NPC: 7ai2ZGX.png Store: JwvFC20.png