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Voting Points, were released on launch of OSGS, they are used as a reward for players who vote for the server. They can be traded in for a variety of both useful and cosmetic items.

To gain Vote Points you need to go to the voting page which is found here and vote for the server on a few RSPS list sites. Once finished voting go to the redeem page, type in your username and hit redeem. Lastly go in-game and type ::redeem if done correctly you will be rewarded with Vote Points.

Vote Points

Spending Your Points

The Voting Store is a store run by the Vote Manager which trades a variety of both useful and cosmetic items in exchange of Vote Points.


He is located in Edgeville inside the bank, as shown in the picture below.


Vote Point Exchange Shop

The Vote Point Shop uses Vote Points as currency. There are a lot of items on offer at this shop. However, most are purely cosmetic.