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Due to lack of interest in this minigame it is currently disabled.


Bounty Hunter is a Mini-Game that doesn't get much activity. It is a dangerous Mini-Game that requires other players to participate, it is much like PKing in a way, and your items will be lost on death.

How To Get There

Method 1: The first method to get there, is by using the Minigame Teleport, that is located in the Spellbook:

RnEPzVS.png RqskVrm.png 7dRbuCY.png

Then select "Bounty Hunter":


Method 2: The second method is by teleporting to Bounty Hunter through the Quest Tab:


Then click the Minigame Icon:


Finally select "Bounty Hunter":


Entering the Minigame

When you first arive, you will appear here:


Then run south-west to get to the Volcano Entrance:


Upon entering, you will notice a little skull above your head. The yellow dots next to it indicate your risk:

GWroV5m.png yn3mFze.png

Once you enter the volcano, you will be given a target. (If there is someone else in this Mini-Game):


Your target will then have a yellow arrow above their character:


After Being Killed

After you have been killed, there is a 120 second wait until you are able to enter the Mini-game again.

There are no rewards for this Mini-game, it's mainly used in able to obtain two tasks for Compeletion Cape or Task Master.