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Duel Arena is a safe fun Mini-Game in which you can gamble your items, in which the winner of the duel takes all, or you could have a safe, fun fight with a friend. Your items you are wearing will be safe, but if you make a bet and lose, you will lose those items. Be careful not to lose your bank.

How To Get There

Method 1:

Go to the quest tab and select the red star


Simply, select "Duel Arena"


Method 2:

Type the command ::duel

Challenging a Player

To challenge a player, simply right-click them when you are at Duel Arena and select the "Challenge" option:


This is the menu that comes up:


  • You can now set presets for the duels, it's a popular option for people to set a DDSing preset and a Maxing preset.

After you have confirmed the first menu, there is a second confirmation menu where you can check to see if everything is correct:


Once you have confirmed both of the menus you'll be taken into the Duel Arena, the player you are challenging will have a yellow arrow above their character like so:


This is the screen that shows after the duel, if you have won, with the spoils if you dueled for items:


If you have a full inventory when you are staking the items will be placed into your bank. So don't worry about losing items if you win a stake.

Bank at Duel Arena

There are two bank chests at the Duel Arena that you can use, that are located to the East of where you teleport in:


Watching a Duel

If you want to watch people dueling, you can go up the ramp to the south-west, of where you teleport into:


This is what the view looks like from the top of the Viewing gallery: