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Defence Skill Guide



Defense is one of the primary combat skills that grants players protection in all forms of combat. Increased Defense level means your opponent is less likely to land successful attacks. Defense level also determines what equipment you may wear as most armour or equipment have a defense level requirement

Training Defence

The best method of training Defence is to use block or deflect combat styles. Using block or deflect are the fastest ways to gain xp, while you could also use lash with a whip equiped the xp is shared between 3 stats. Furthermore, using block or deflect will allow you receive a marginal Defence bonus which will increase the odds of your opponent or NPC of hitting a 0.

JFXdWDb.png ZvDVD6N.png

Training Locations

As with other combat skills, Defence can be trained at the 'Combat Training' locations accessible through the teleportation menu. The difficulty of each monster is outlined by colour; starting with green as the easiest and red as the most challenging.


Defence Boosts

Items that you may use to increase the Defence skill:

Picture Item Benefits
JvbcNm2.gif Defence potion Boosts Defense by 10% + 3 levels
xneqtYN.gif Super Defence Boosts Defense by 15% + 5 levels
hMDA9yL.gif Saradomin brew Restores lifepoints by 15% and boosts defense by 18% + 2, but lowers attack, strength, ranged, and magic by 10% + 1.
3AibY4b.png Super Combat Potion Combines the effects of Super attack, Super strength and Super defence potions into one and stays boosted for 5 minutes.

Defence Gear

Items that will come in useful when training Defence can be obtained from the Melee, Pure and skilling store at ::shops.

eyRpqnr.png 585Ee9A.png 289NH8D.png




The following items can be used with the relevant Defence levels:

Item Name Defence Level Requirement
BLqT9s4.png Bronze Armour 1
jS2w4Lx.png Iron Armour 1
jMm6IDz.png Steel Armour 5
UQ0cOvk.png Black Armour 10
5EJdy82.png Mithril Armour 20
QMVehRJ.png Initiate Armour 20
GioYhwB.png Adamant Armour 30
9kFJCjC.png Rune Armour 40
mVrDbbb.png Void Armour 42 (With 42 all Combat Stats)
oG0jufl.png Granite Armour 50 (With 50 Strength)
0TeOLlA.png Helm of Neitznot 55
n9Dz5rH.png Dragon Armour 60
PKGXMjK.png Obsidian Armour 60
HsxHvhB.png Bandos Armour 65
jhIyS1z.png 3rd age 65
CLv5diM.png Ancestral Robes 65 (With 75 Magic)
9zvQ15B.png Avernic Defender 70
78mpWAV.png Barrows Armour 70
7xm7sZA.png Armadyl Armour 70 (With 70 Range)
wvoRxT6.png Dragonfire Shield 75
mODMXHo.png Justicar Armour 75
axaMnk9.png Serpentine Helm 75
e1fZO8i.png Guardian Boots 75
1dCZhHL.png Primordial Boots 75 (With 75 Strength)
uTnVJtP.png Eternal Boots 75 (With 75 Magic)
zo3jBgv.png Pegasian Boots 75 (With 75 Ranged)
prDfzzg.png Vesta Armour 78
z2p8SIU.png Statius Armour 78
IhafsJy.png Zuriels Armour 78
HhK8Lw3.png Morrigans Armour 78
4M26VJP.png Ferocious Gloves 80 (With 80 Attack)

Defence Skill Cape

Attaining 99 Defence will allow you to purchase the Defence Cape and Hood from the Skill Cape store at ::shops.



You can then use the 'skill cape' emote to show off your skills!