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Combat level 281
Always drops Bones
Combat info
Hitpoints 190
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hits
Melee 32

Greater Skeleton Hellhound

Greater Skeleton Hellhounds are level 281 undead beasts. They are really weak to crush weapons and magic attacks. The hounds will all automatically attack you once you teleport into the instance, so it's recommended to pray melee right away.

One fun fact about the skeletal hellhounds is that they do count towards a hellhounds slayer task.


iwzZY5m.png oYZnY43.png


To have a reasonable chance of getting more than 1 kill per trip without ::hp or ::bank, you'll want to have maxed or near-maxed gear. The first two options would be your best bets. The weapons between the first two setups can be swapped with either setup.

Getting There

Under Construction (Boss Teleport > Greater Skeleton Hellhound)


Under Construction