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Combat level 555
Always drops Ice gloves
Combat info
Hitpoints 320
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hits
Magic 48

Ice Queen

The Ice Queen is a moderately dangerous boss with a variety of special attacks. Luckily, she only uses magic based attacks, so the obvious choice for prayer is Protection from Magic. However, her attacks will still do partial damage through the prayers, so armour with strong magic defence and high healing food is important to bring. The most common attack style used against the Ice Queen is magic, as the Ice Queen has a relatively low magic defense and the healing ability of blood barrage will save the eating a lot of food. An alternative choice is to use melee; although you'll use more food than if you were using magic, the kills you get will be much faster. For either style, using a divine spirit shield will be highly beneficial due to its damage absorption effect.

The Ice Queen has the 3 types of attacks, these are:

  • An ice barrage attack that can freeze the player, and hit up to 55
  • An earth surge that can hit up to 55 and is multitarget
  • A special attack that drains your prayer by up to 40 points

Of the three, the prayer-draining attack is the most dangerous, because if your prayer runs out you will be taking a lot more damage very quickly.







Step 1: 914bd2T.png

Step 2: use the icy portal to go to the Ice Queen. Before you can enter the portal, you need a killcount of 10 and a killcount of 5 for regular donators or higher. Kill the hellhounds, troll spectators or hobgoblins that are walking around to get it.


Step 3: after you entered the icy portal, run to the east and climb down the middle ladder.


Step 4: when you climbed down, follow the whole path until you see the next ladder.


Step 5: climb up ladder and take the other ladder you see.



Step 6: finally you have to run to the north and you will see the Ice Queen.

Tip: when you use a skull sceptre, you can start at step 5. You can buy a skull sceptre in Zod's shop in donator zone for 30m.

Drop Table

Item Image Ammount Drop Rate
Coins M45Xx77.png 31580 1 : 5
Air runes 29QLZnZ.png 128 1 : 5
Water runes 9wmPb5q.png 117 1 : 5
Nature runes Ux7TM4r.png 33 1 : 5
Rune essence OcRITek.png 76 1 : 5
Water tailsman il01CEw.png 1 1 : 5
Zul-andra teleport AS3PaSP.png 4 1 : 5
Coal oTanqqZ.png 33 1 : 5
Teacher wand SRIivVl.png 1 1 : 10
Mystic water staff aEbMYCv.png 1 1 : 10
Tuna potato PVekTeS.png 3 1 : 10
Varrock teleport XIIHngc.png 33 1 : 10
Mystic hat (light) dEuNCGi.png 1 1 : 10
Mystic robe top (light) rlmXi7R.png 1 1 : 10
Mystic robe bottom (light) 7GOiZ7p.png 1 1 : 10
Mystic boots (light) rgYKQXi.png 1 1 : 10
Mystic gloves (light) 1ChRizO.png 1 1 : 10
Staff of the dead ZTIagZT.png 1 1 : 68
Magic fang lvET6j0.png 1 1 : 68
Tome of fire pGkg2C9.png 1 1 : 68
Infinity gloves KPL8H8e.png 4 1 : 68
Infinity boots XIbBh1i.png 1 1 : 68
Light infinity hat HvK8xPS.png 1 1 : 128
Light infinity top BlAHTze.png 1 1 : 128
Light infinty bottom oQctxiD.png 1 1 : 128
Third age wand YSjOSkC.png 1 1 : 128
Indigo whip wUn1TIl.png 1 1 : 128