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Combat level 195
Always drops Ashes
Combat info
Hitpoints 355
Aggressive Yes
Max hits
Melee 35
Magic 38

Jungle Demon

The Jungle Demon is commonly killed to obtain the Kodai Wand, which is currently the best wand in-game for magic. Killing the Jungle Demon may not be difficult to kill, however it could be hard-hitting, causing you to continuously eat, no matter what you are praying.

The protection prayer you should use while killing the Jungle Demon is protect from magic, as most combat gear has low defensive stats against magic attacks. Due to this boss having a relatively low defense, maximising your defencive stats is more important than offensive bonuses, if you want to get more than a few kills each trip, in order to spend as little time banking as possible.

Getting There

  • Step One: Teleport to the Jungle Demon using the direct teleport, all you do is click on the "Boss" tele on the spells tab. As shown below:


This is a direct teleport


You will end up here:


  • Step Two: Pray against magic and head south-west to face the Jungle Demon

Gear Setup

Range is most effective against the Jungle Demon as you are able to avoid melee attacks by ranging from a distance. Only taking magic and range damage. (Void in general is great for bossing)

Here is the best gear to use in each gear slot:

Inventory Setup

The inventory you take doesn't matter too much when you're killing the Jungle Demon, as it is very possible to bank and return before the Demon respawns.

A suggested inventory set-up:


  • 3 Prayer Potions
  • 1 Ranging Potions
  • 23x Sharks/Anglerfish
  • Spec Weapon

Tips and Tricks

  • After a kill, you should teleport home and use the box of health
  • You are also able to tele out during combat
  • If using range, you should unlock and use Rigour to deal extra damange

Drop Table

Item Image Ammount Drop Rate
Ashes YtWyoPE.png 1 Always
Coins ycAgHki.png 54710 1:10
Death Rune LGTnzfJ.png 100 1:5
Nature Rune 8J1NBFC.png 80 1:5
Cosmic Rune jGAyOnl.png 100 1:5
Rune Arrow jH319c9.png 94 1:5
Adamant Javelin dhxXOGy.png 15 1:5
Mind Talisman 1Wcyxpj.png 1 1:10
Ruby UWG5I3f.png 1 1:10
Wine of Zamorak (noted) UenA9Ne.png 1 1:10
Snapdragon Seed 8lljGoc.png 12 1:10
Grimy Snapdragon (noted) H2wMuts.png 6 1:10
Ensouled Demon Head WGrBGag.png 1 1:10
Rune sword Ei4dKdf.png 1 1:10
Mystic Gloves (dark) uPhzVpG.png 1 1:32
Mystic Boots (dark) Mq2a6JV.png 1 1:32
Mystic Gloves (light) nh9iWKU.png 1 1:32
Mystic Boots (light) bWobUSP.png 1 1:32
Master Wand hurKctn.png 1 1:64
Mystic Hat (dark) FSTA7Kt.png 1 1:64
Mystic Robe Top (dark) a00xjxf.png 1 1:64
Mystic Robe Bottom (dark) YdA6mTg.png 1 1:64
Jungle Demon Mask 49RMQPM.png 1 1:68
Mystic Hat (light) G3lmdAa.png 1 1:128
Mystic Robe Top (light) ktsw4Vk.png 1 1:128
Mystic Robe Bottom (light) YU2nDYS.png 1 1:128
Kodai insignia boxl6Jn.png 1 1:128
Clue scroll (Elite) by3TjS8.png 1 1:128
Forest whip CdeIiA7.png 1 1:128

Video of killing Jungle Demon

Coming soon