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Combat level 677
Always drops Zogre Bones
Combat info
Hitpoints 620
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous Yes
Max hits
Melee 37
Magic 79

Mutant Tarn

The Mutant Tarn is a powerful and deadly boss that drops Dragon Claws and Twisted Bows. It can use a wide variety of damaging attacks, and it has a large store of hitpoints and excellent defense. Solo kiling Mutant may be difficult so it is advised to Duo. However, you may be able to solo it depending on gear used. The Mutant Tarn has the following attacks:

  • A single-target melee attack that does up to 40 damage
  • A multi-target range attack that does up to 79 damage (3x 20+ hits)
  • An area-of-effect burn attack that covers the floor with pockets of smoke. Anyone standing in a square where smoke spawns will take massive tick damage
  • You are able to get stacked with a melee and range hit for a total of 54+ hp down. It is recommended to stay above this health for a successful kill.

Overall, you should protect from range.

Players who are soloing Tarn will most likely need a significant amount of food in order to get the kill. If you're able to bring cannon

The only main attack style that should be used is melee. Having maxed or near-maxed gear is highly recommended. Only that setup will do sufficient damage to give you a good chance of getting the kill.


To have a reasonable chance of getting more than 1 kill per trip without ::hp or ::bank, you'll want to have maxed or near-maxed gear. The first two options would be your best bets. The weapons between the first two setups can be swapped with either setup.

Inventory Setup

Inventory setup isn't particularly important at Tarn, because it is easily possible to bank after every kill. Any inventory setup that includes the following 5 items will be sufficient:

  • Super Combat Potion
  • Super Restores
  • Anglerfish, Sharks or similar food
  • Special Attack weapon
  • Antifire Potion

Here is a sample of ideal max inventory setup:


Note: The Rune Pouch has vengence runs for when he uses melee attack.

Note: Cannon works pretty well here and can add that extra dps you might need if you're soloing Tarn.

Here is a sample of an inventory you could use if you bank after every kill:


Getting There

Step 1: Teleport to "Mutant Tarn" under the "Bosses" teleport option


Step 2: Kill Hobgoblins, Hellhounds or Troll spectator until you reach the required kill count to enter.

  • Non-Donor: 20 Kill count required
  • Donor: 5 Kill count required


Step 3: Enter the western (Purple) portal to access Tarn.

You should turn on your protection prayers before entering this portal, in case Tarn has already spawned.

Step 4: If Tarn has not spawned, stand in the indicated spot to attack him the instant that he does spawn.


Banking between kills

Step 1: When Tarn dies, pick up the drop and teleport to Edgeville (Home). Here you can restock again.


Step 2: Restock your inventory in the bank

Step 3: Click the box of health to restore prayer and HP.

Step 3: Teleport back to Tarn, get KC, re-enter the portal, and get ready to kill him again

Note: If you're maxed, you have a direct teleport to Tarn.

Tips and tricks

Tarn is not as hard as he might seem to be. You're going to want to pray range. The main thing you want to remember when doing this boss is to be constantly moving. Once you've attacked, you'll want to move to a different spot. This prevents his cloud attacks from doing too much damage and you getting combo'd. He sends 3 boulders at you as his primary range attack, and each boulder can do upwards to 25 damage. Tarn also has a melee ability that he will do at random times. Bringing venge for this can help add a little bit more damage to him. The main attack that you're going to want to watch for is the clouds. He has 2 primary cloud attacks.

Tarn uses range as his primary attack. But he is able to melee (max hit of up to 40) and sends clouds under you which do fast tick damage that hit constant 6-10 damage.

His first cloud attack looks almost like a cone ability. He sends out a bunch of clouds to random spots, with one of them landing directly under you. You will need to move out of this ability or it will do massive damage over time.


His second cloud attack is a single cloud that follows you 3 times for 6 seconds. Standing in this does massive damage over time. You'll want to move right away once you see this under you and continue moving to keep the other clouds from getting under you.

Note: Since Tarn is not an instanced boss, you are able to do kill him with friends. Duoing this boss is definitely significantly faster than trying to solo and can result in more kills per hour.


Tarn has a very wide range of valuable drops, which make him a good boss to farm.

The most important drop from the Mutant Tarn are the Zogre Bones that it drops every kill as these offer a decent amount of prayer experience when offered on an altar, because of this they are very valuable to players. Luckily, the bones are not the only great reward from the Mutant Tarn, as there are plenty of unique drops that will boost the amount of money you make killing this boss even more. These includes the Twisted Bow and Dragon Claws.

Item Image Ammount Drop Rate
Zogre Bones xT6JU1W.png x1 Always
Earth Rune 0PsI6nJ.png x69 1:5
Death Rune LGTnzfJ.png x56 1:5
Rune Kiteshield d58axwz.png x1 1:5
Rune Med Helm ebe5xd2.png x1 1:5
Rune Platelegs Ol1MFck.png x1 1:5
Rune Sq Shield akK2TuH.png x1 1:5
Coins ycAgHki.png x55,922 1:5
Black Boots q4Fk5sH.png x1 1:10
Shark CBVfJZp.png x28 (Noted) 1:10
Dwarf Weed Seed 4mc1s7l.png x7 1:10
Lantadyme Seed 4mc1s7l.png x7 1:10
Cadantine Seed 4mc1s7l.png x7 1:10
Snapdragon Seed 4mc1s7l.png x7 1:10
Kwuarm Seed 4mc1s7l.png x7 1:10
Yew seed npDBQr5.png x3 1:10
Magic Seed pkNgQ4y.png x3 1:10
Willow Seed bvBbPQO.png x5 1:10
Dragon Med Helm raeWNuD.png x1 1:10
Lava blade NKPeHw6.png x1 1:68
Heavy frame fsWOZIr.png x1 1:124
3rd Age Full Helm JSgp6VT.png x1 1:128
3rd Age Platebody Ql0Me4H.png x1 1:128
3rd Age Platelegs Qq5oGvk.png x1 1:128
3rd Age Amulet rvhdPFP.png x1 1:128
3rd Age Kiteshield mDp5Kjv.png x1 1:128
Elder Maul GxgouY3.png x1 1:128
Dragon Claws eEfJu6w.png x1 1:128
Twisted Bow rO1jTLv.png x1 1:128
Tyrannical Ring o7NtqQW.png x1 1:128
Clue scroll (Elite) ugxTtTj.png x1 1:128
Amulet of madness Vr5zNkU.png x1 1:128
Primordial crystal V7WJU5r.png x1 1:128
Amulet of eternal glory wRLUAHB.png x1 1:128