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Combat level 274
Always drops N/A
Combat info
Hitpoints 265
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hits
Magic 52


The Untouchable is an incredibly dangerous boss that drops Rose Whip and Ring of Suffering. The Untouchable doesn't have lots of hitpoints or an ultra-high defense. But what it does have is an incredible array of special attacks that can rapidly overpower even the best-equipped player. Aside from its magic attack, which has a max hit of 40 through prayer, the Untouchable has the following special attacks:

  • A burn attack, which does 10 damage per tick (0.6 seconds) for 7 ticks, adding up to 70 damage
  • A freeze attack, which prevents you from moving
  • A prayer-drain attack, which reduces your prayer points by up to 30
  • A Teleblock attack, which prevents you from teleporting away for 5 minutes

To make things even more dangerous, the Untouchable can combo these attacks to quickly dish out vast quantities of damage. The good news is, if you manage to survive all of these attacks, the Untouchable only has 265 hitpoints, so it will die quite easily if you use the right gear.

Gear and inventory setup

All of the Untouchable's attacks are magic-based, and it has the ability to freeze you, so melee is a poor choice of combat styles for this boss. The Untouchable also has very high resistance to melee attacks, so even if health were not a factor, melee would not be a useful option. Of the other two styles, the Untouchable is weaker to magic than range, and the healing power of blood barrage will drastically cut down on the amount of food required, so magic is the best choice.

For most bosses, damage-per-second (DPS) is more important than defense because it helps you to maximize kills per hour. Here, though, defense is much more important. Therefore, your goal should be to maximize the number of kills you can get per trip, rather than maximizing the speed of those kills.

|*Note: The max mage setup is very expensive per cast, but overall will upwards to 70s with Augour prayer. It is still recommended to use range with armadyl crossbow on this boss over mage.

Here is the best gear to use in each gear slot:

  • Sanguinesti Staff charges with blood runes.

Getting there

Acquiring the Keys

You can simply get one yourself by following these steps. It is also recommended to bring plenty of prayer potions and food as the NPC's you will be fighting have very accurate attacks:

Step 1 to Obtain the Orange Key: Teleport to Yanille and run to the West Direction towards the gates.


When you have Acquired the orange key teleport back to Yanille and climb down the stairs north of the bank.


Step 2: Kill the Fire Giants until you receive a yellow "Key" which are east of where you entered the dungeon too.


Step 3: Once you have a "Key" run east and go down the staircase (This will use your key)


Step 4: Kill the "San Tojalon" NPC's for "Blue Keys"


Getting to The Untouchable

Step 1: Climb Down the rumble and walk back towards the entrance.

Step 2: Run north and cross the monkey bars (this will consume a blue key)


Step 3: Run north to the monkey bars which lead to the Untouchable


Step 4: Enter the boss room and start killing

Note: It is HIGHLY recommended that you keep at least one blue key in your bank. The Untouchable has a nasty habit of killing even the best-prepared players, so you will need a way to get back if you happen to die. If your mule account has good defense and armor, you can also use it as an emergency looter if you can't get back in time.

Tips and tricks

Restoring prayer/hitpoints between kills

There is no reason to stay in the Untouchable's room between kills. Instead, you can cross back over the ledge and restore your hitpoints and prayer to full before the next kill. There is a chaos altar for restoring prayer. Doing this between kills will dramatically reduce the supplies you use, and it's the only way to get 10+ kills per trip.

Timing spawns

Like many other Grinderscape bosses, the Untouchable is on a 210-second respawn timer, which means that it will respawn exactly 3 seconds after the drop from the previous kill disappears.

Managing risk of death

Because you can completely restore your hitpoints between kills, you might as well let your hitpoints get as low as possible while killing the Untouchable. The maximum damage that the Untouchable can do in a single attack is 40, so as long as your hitpoints stay above that point, you will be safe. Similarly, if your prayer is drained to 0, it will not actually turn off until the next time it would consume a prayer point. Therefore, if you're quick, you can drink a dose of Super Restore Potion and restore your prayer without ever deactivating. This can save a bit of supplies by allowing you to avoid drinking potions unless you absolutely have to. Obviously, these are advanced and risky tactics, so you shouldn't attempt them if you are unsure of your reflexes or suffering from lag.

Skull sceptre

Get a skull sceptre from Zod's shop in donator zone for 30m. It will teleport you to the Untouchable directly.

Drop Table

Item Image Ammount Drop Rate
Fire rune zyFJoHk.png 1000 1 : 5
Water rune qtoOpfE.png 1000 1 : 5
Air rune lj4HRLL.png 1000 1 : 5
Earth rune waIqniI.png 1000 1 : 5
Mind rune s2s0OGV.png 1000 1 : 5
Body rune S2GCsWi.png 1000 1 : 5
Death rune v9E5IJo.png 1000 1 : 5
Earth rune waIqniI.png 3 1 : 5
Air rune lj4HRLL.png 12 1 : 5
Air rune lj4HRLL.png 15 1 : 5
Coins Y1YogtR.png 83995 1 : 10
Mystic fire staff ECwBHES.png 1 1 : 10
Grimy harralander KAWka4H.png 1 1 : 10
Grimy ranarr weed cfQuIN5.png 1 1 : 10
Grimy irit leaf P8vMVjQ.png 1 1 : 10
Chaos rune 9HHA3WN.png 3 1 : 10
Iron dagger eBJEPmt.png 1 1 : 10
Grain hHzNj7U.png 1 1 : 10
Fire talisman zgkMPKm.png 1 1 : 10
Grimy ranarr weed cfQuIN5.png 1 1 : 10
Grimy irit leaf P8vMVjQ.png 1 1 : 10
Grimy avantoe Gech7y5.png 1 1 : 10
Grimy kwuarm gFWiyCy.png 1 1 : 10
Chaos rune 9HHA3WN.png 5 1 : 10
Iron med helm F5zlHV0.png 1 1 : 10
Iron axe tgkkQ7c.png 1 1 : 10
Bronze bar DhwcdUG.png 1 1 : 10
Slayer's enchantment 85zwvI6.png 1 1 : 10
Mystic hat (dark) EQkw1hX.png 1 1 : 25
Mystic robe top (dark) nvPseNQ.png 1 1 : 25
Mystic robe bottom (dark) HhyfBAL.png 1 1 : 25
Mystic gloves (dark) IETU9xc.png 1 1 : 25
Mystic boots (dark) vJXtZkr.png 1 1 : 25
Wizard boots 9LiqUJl.png 1 1 : 25
Ancient staff BWUfU5d.png 1 1 : 25
Enchanted hat XGTt4qs.png 1 1 : 64
Enchanted top 5PPrcwf.png 1 1 : 64
Enchanted robe U5U6UYH.png 1 1 : 64
Thamarron's sceptre L25R1Nc.png 1 1 : 64
Ring of suffering zk7jIKo.png 1 1 : 64
Magic fang F1mx7bi.png 1 1 : 128
Clue scroll (Elite) Qwk5yaA.png 1 1 : 128
Rose whip AmZXWsF.png 1 1 : 128
Ring of the gods u2lAXLn.png 1 1 : 128

Video on killing The Untouchable