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The begin

After accepting the server's rules and selecting your account type you will spawn at Edgeville. This is GrinderScape's home location.

At Edgeville you will be able to access the following stores to buy beginner gear with your starter cash.


Setting a bank pin

As a security precaution you must set a bank pin in order to be able to trade other players in Grinderscape. This can be done by talking to the Security Guard at ::Home.



Make-over Mage

The Make-over Mage is located inside Edgeville bank. Here you can change your character for 10M coins.



Talk to the Ancient Wizard to teleport to any place. You can find the wizard at north west of Edgeville. You can teleport for free.




In Grinderscape we have a lot of prices. All items have their own prices, based on a few things. For current prices you can use the command ::prices.


Skilling masters

If you are skilling in GrinderScape you may accept challenges from Skilling Masters. These can be found in the surrounding area of skilling locations.

Here are a few examples:

ycm3cJh.png ADZj6TT.png YEB18ey.png

Completing tasks acquired from these masters will reward you points with which to buy skilling-related items, gold coins, and/or Blood Money.

Skilling points

Skilling will also give you skilling points that you can spend at the skilling point store and the OSRS items store. See Skilling Points for more information.

RyK0a4e.png fqB0VoV.png

Participation points

Trade Borat inside Edgeville bank to gain access to the participation point store. You accumulate participation points while playing the game, completing tasks and levelling up.

For 3,000 participation points you can buy a donator bond. If used, this will give you the "Regular Donator" rank which comes with significant benefits that you can see here.

ERoI8BJ.png VwHuOTl.png

See this guide to get more information about participation points.

Premium points

If you do not wish to save participation points for a donator bond and wish to help the server you may also donate money here. In exchange for doing so, you will receive Premium Points which can be exchanged for items in the Premium Points Store. The Premium Points Store is located nearby the eastern entrance to Edgeville bank.

Z0UBlEf.png A2Dh8Wf.png

See the Premium points guide to get more information about premium points.


Every twelve hours you may vote for Grinderscape on RSPS top lists by using the ::vote command ingame. This takes minimal time and requires only brief verification. See the Voting guide to get more information about voting.



Money making

As a beginner to GrinderScape one of the most lucrative means of starting out is to thieve from the stalls in the home area. See the Thieving guide for more information.


Blood money store

Leagues Tutor

Trade the Leagues Tutor just outside and north of Edgeville bank to gain access to the Blood Money store. Blood Money is a tradeable ingame currency awarded from drops, as well as for completing Slayer tasks and levelling up, used to purchase lucrative items.



Mini blood trader

In addition, there is a mini blood trader north of the Leagues Tutor or use ::shops to trade him.




Skilling guides

See the Skilling Guide Index to get all information about skilling.

Bossing guides

See the Bossing Guide Index to get all information about bossing.

General guides

See the Main Page to get all information about general things.