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What is the Platinum Members Island ?

The Platinum Members Island is a donator zone where you will find many skilling benefits.

How can I get access to the Platinum Members Island?

You must have the platinum members rank NEaNuT4.png, which means you must have a donation amount of at least $500. To check your amount, go to the members tab as you see below. See the page Donator Features how to donate.

How do I enter the Platinum Members Island?

Either go to your quest tab, click on the member tab and finally on the Ruby Members Zone, or simply use the command ::dz. You can enter this zone as many times as you want.


What can I expect in the Platinum Members Island?

In the Platinum Members Island you will find:

- Gilded alter - Yew trees - Teak trees - Mining area with bank chest close by - Gem stalls with no guards and a bank close by - Blood and Soul alter for best xp in runecrafting -