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What is the Ruby Members Zone?

The Ruby Members Zone is a donator zone where you will find many skilling benefits.

How can I get access to the Ruby Members Zone?

You must have the ruby members rank NxEBNOa.png, which means you must have a donation amount of at least $100. To check your amount, go to the members tab as you see below. See the page Donator Features how to donate.

How do I enter the Ruby Members Zone?

Either go to your quest tab, click on the member tab and finally on the Ruby Members Zone, or simply use the command ::dz. You can enter this zone as many times as you want.


What do I find in the Ruby Members Zone?

In the Ruby Members Zone you will find:

  • Zod's Shop
  • Gilded altar
  • Ores up to Runite
  • Yew & Magic trees
  • Farming patch
  • Furnace & Anvil
  • A lot of Fishing spots
  • Skilling masters available
  • Box of health for refreshments
  • Crystal chest
  • Thieving stalls


What are the benefits of the Ruby Members Zone?

Everything you can find above, is a benefit. Below you will find some highlighted benefits.

  • Gilded altar. You can find this altar only in the Ruby Members Zone. It gives more experience than the usual altar at home and other cities. See the Prayer guide for the exact experience.
  • Runite ore. They are only obtainable in the Bronze Members Zone and here in the Ruby Members Zone. Runite ores give the best mining experience.
  • Farming patch. Farming is a pretty hard skill and there are only 5 patches available outside the Ruby Members Zone. So the extra patch here is very useful.
  • Furnace & anvil. There are only a few places with a furnace close to a bank. With the ores, furnace and anvil at the same place, it's much easier to train mining and smithing.