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This is the Regular Skilling Guide, the guide for Ironman/ Hardcore Ironman players is found Here.


Skilling guides

Here you can find anything about skilling; guides about leveling, skilling area's and a lot more!

Skill guides

Combat skills 0.pngAttack - 1.png Defence - 3.png Hitpoints - 6.png Magic - 5.png Prayer - 4.png Ranged -
2.png Strength
Gathering skills 19.png Farming - 10.png Fishing - 14.png Mining - 8.png Woodcutting
Artisan skills 7.png Cooking - 12.png Crafting - 11.png Firemaking - 9.png Fletching - 15.png Herblore -
20.png Runecrafting - 13.png Smithing - voKwYrT.png Construction
Support skills 16.png Agility - 18.png Slayer - 17.png Thieving

Notable skilling locations

Resource Area

XP is doubled when training anywhere in the wilderness, so the resource area may be a great place to train some skills. Remember, you can gain double xp anywhere in the wilderness whether it's outside the resource area or inside.


Skilling pets

Image Pet Source Drop rate
NC9QCvz.png Heron Obtained while fishing TBC
JJl3JBm.png Beaver obtained while woodcutting TBC
nVH8KLR.png Rift guardian Obtained while runecrafting TBC
J9QCQPz.png Rocky Obtained while thieving TBC
NgjW16U.png Rock golem Obtained while mining TBC

Note: More skilling pets will be added within the next few updates, these are the current skilling pets available for you to obtain in Grinderscape.

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