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Crafting Skill Guide



Crafting is a skill that allows players to create items such as jewellery, pottery, and armour for use or for trade.

Training Crafting

The best way to train Crafting is by cutting gems, currently you can cut gems and make leather gear/d'hide gear with the fastest way being gem cutting. The easiest way to start gem cutting would be by using the crafting shop located at ::shops<i> to find all your gems and needed tools. Gem cutting requires a chisel and the gem you plan to cut, which you then use the chisel on that gem.

Yj0ATKc.png bmIE9K2.png

Fastest Way to 99

Gem Name Levels Xp Gained
OumVYBU.png Cutting Opal 1-16 696
UrBruiN.png Cutting Red Topaz 16-20 1,160
mAcuICw.png Cutting Sapphire 20-27 2,378
vp91vSF.png Cutting Emerald 27-34 3,248
YT5k6ar.png Cutting Ruby 34-43 4,060
f4LgKqk.png Cutting Diamonds 43-55 5,162
lVv8V9A.png Cutting Dragonstones 55-99 6,612

Other Items you can craft

Here are a few other things you can craft and the XP gained from them.

Item Name XP Gained
BxJ4Rf0.png Saphire Ring 2,320
Hiig2Yi.png Saphire Necklace 3,190
1SDYiG2.png Emerald Ring 3,190
bjnpY06.png Emerald Necklace 3,480
g7eLVlO.png Ruby Ring 4,060
k1syPji.png Ruby Necklace 4,350
Jtp5c4y.png Diamond ring 4,930
Rj8OzWH.png Diamond Necklace 5,220
XVypS3Y.png Dragonstone Ring 5,800
v9OE1Eh.png Dragonstone Necklace 5,220
YUh60To.png Leather Body 636
VovQk3P.png Leather Gloves 348
N1Fc0bo.png Leather Boots 406
hFByMz9.png Leather Vambraces 580
HWhgPQw.png Leather Chaps 896
r8AhdaY.png Leather Coif 926
GlDkzdn.png Leather Cowl 464
IJlwDRq.png HardLeather Body 1,682
EDPKSBq.png Green d'hide Body 8,990
0S7UGp6.png Green d'hide Vambs 2,958
vA7PS0W.png Green d'hide Chaps 5,974
thaDI4a.png Blue d'hide Body 10,150
tFB2FdM.png Blue d'hide Vambs 3,364
Z4FeKVZ.png Blue d'hide Chaps 6,728
O3AYOOX.png Red d'hide Body 11,310
itjY6V4.png Red d'hide Vambs 3,370
L2L7pz3.png Red d'hide Chaps 7,540
KK17A7n.png Black d'hide Body 12,470
iWKAtzN.png Black d'hide Vambs 4,118
0PMVdZK.png black d'hide Chaps 8,294

Crafting Skill Cape

Attaining 99 Crafting will allow you to purchase the Crafting Cape and Hood from the Skill Cape store at <i>::shops.


You can then use the 'skill cape' emote to show off your skills!