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Voting Information

Why do I vote?

Voting rewards you in-game with voting points that can be spent at Home as well as the chance to receive a random item as you claim your voting points. Voting also benefits the server. The most votes that Grinderscape has, the higher on the server list it goes. The higher on the server list it goes, the more people see it. The more people see it, the higher the chance of new members joining.

Where can I vote?

You can vote on the forums and in-game.

  • On the forums it will show up in the bar at the top of the page.
  • And in-game you will have to go to your quest tab, then clicking on Vote.



  • You may vote every 12 hours.
  • Do not close the page until you have completely finished voting.
  • Do not click all the voting links at once, open them as you vote.
  • It is illegal to use a VPN to vote.

It should be known that you will not be rewarded for voting if you do not actually vote.

How many points can I get

Different sites give different amounts of points.

Site Points
RuneLocus 1 Point
Top 100 Arena 1 Point
RSPS 100 1 Point
RSPS List 1 Point

How To Vote

Step 1: Opening The Vote Page

  • Method 1:

Typing ::vote


  • Method 2

Quest tab > Vote


  • Method 3

The Grinderscape forum/homepage which can be accessed here or here.

Step 2: Voting

  • Visit the voting page, which can be accessed here
  • Open each vote link in a new tab and complete each CAPTCHA
  • Do this for all 4 voting websites to get maximum voting points.

  • Next you will come back to the Grinderscape website, enter your in-game username into the box then click redeem reward.


Step 3: Redeeming Your Vote

  • Method 1:

Type ::redeemvote


  • Method 2:

Quest Tab > Redeem Vote


  • Once you redeem your vote, this should pop up in your chat-box.


What You Get For Voting

  • 4-5 Voting Points, used to buy valuable items with
  • 4 Participation Points
  • 400 Blood Money

Where can I spend my voting points?

You can spend these points by speaking to the Vote Manager

  • He's an NPC that sells a lot of items in exchange for your voting points.
  • He is located inside Edge bank along the wall.

"Tip - Using the voting points, you can exchange 1 point for 1M gold coins from the Vote Manager or exchange 3 points and purchase 5000 Blood Coins. Then can later be sold on to other players for around 10M."


Where can I check how many voting points I have?

Go to your quest tab and click "Server Information"


Video About Voting