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General Info

There are six Barrows brothers in total: Ahrim, Karil, Torag, Verac, Dharok, and Guthan. Once you've killed every brother, you'll get to open a chest and take a chance at receiving the wide variety of barrows equipment.

How to get to Barrows

Getting to the Barrows Brothers is very simple. All need to do is click on the Spellbook Tab, go to any teleport spell, and select the Mini-games section and locate Barrows.


Teleporting to this minigame will land you on top of the middle tomb, Otherwise known as Ahrim's Tomb

How to Complete a Barrows Run

Step 1: Dig at the top any one of the six hills.

Step 2: Select the appropriate protection prayer for the brother you will be facing and then click on the sarcophagus located in the middle of the dungeon.


Step 3: Either a Barrows Brother or a message will pop up.

  • If you get the message simply remember which hill you dug on to get to that dungeon and move on.


  • If it was a Barrows Brother, kill him.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-3 until you have visited each hill.

Step 5: Head back to the hill that you received the message about the hidden tunnel.

Step 6: Click on the sarcophagus once more and you will enter the hidden tunnel, in here you need to make your way to the center of the dungeon. This room contains the chest that holds your reward.

Step 7: Choose the appropriate protection prayer for the final Barrows Brother and then click on the chest. Kill the final Barrows Brother and once again click on the chest (you will need 6 empty inventory slots in order to get your reward).


Step 9: Teleport out and start again.

General Info

Brother Image Combat Level Life Points Attack Style Ability
Karil 6KtBeIW.gif?1.png 121 100 Ranged N/A
Verac CkTYFhd.gif?1.png 146 100 Melee Has a chance to hit through protection prayers.
Guthan oOC5q1v.gif?1.png 147 100 Melee Heals from damage dealt.
Dharok 6n9KLgt.gif?1.png 196 100 Melee Max hit is increased as his health is lowered.
Torag AFwyuF0.gif?1.png 146 100 Melee N/A
Ahrim UNubBT3.png?1.png 130 100 Mage N/A

Location Overview

All brothers have their own separate tombs that have to be gone through one by one. Below is an overview map of the Brother's tombs and their respective combat disciplines.


Possible Drops

Brother Possible Drops
Karil Coif AP3E5I6.png Top 2zVTQmr.png Skirt VUAtNQ5.png Crossbow Y8K6V9D.png Bolt Rack YJAnMEe.png
Verac Helm XDhLLX5.png Brassard HzOvu80.png Plateskirt zQfbzGJ.png Flail 1ePN6DC.png
Guthan Helm hYzthh9.png Platebody uVSMAlC.png Chainskirt Vru10RW.png Spear S645jij.png
Dharok Helm Pc7Q2ts.png Platebody o2LV6Tt.png Platelegs CfrnuvR.png Axe OURhRzE.png
Torag Helm ZTvzUPh.png Platebody 5gd3Ur0.png Platelegs bALO05F.png Hammers z356J4J.png
Ahrim Hood 2nS8pws.png Robe Top yD7xfAh.png Robe Skirt ZRrrjDe.png Staff W2nYH3H.png
Other Various Catalytic Runes c24NieG.png uBkTnUz.png mKQVHhI.png WcmsGlZ.png Medium Casket Reward kyPhTi0.png



  • Spade (To get into the tombs)
  • 1 Super Combat Potion
  • 5 Prayer Potions or Super Restores
  • 15 Food (Anglerfish/Sharks/Sea Turtles/Monkfish)
  • Optional spec weapon

As mentioned before, the 6 empty inventory slots are required in order to receive your loot.