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Combat level 624
Always drops Bones
Combat info
Hitpoints 255
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hits
Melee 64
Ranged 60

General Graardor & Minions

General Graardor is one of the bosses found in the God Wars Dungeon. He is the General of the Bandos army. To gain access to his chamber, you must kill 20 of the NPC's located outside the entrance.

  • If you are a Donator only 5 kills are required to enter.
  • An Ecumenical will allow you to enter a boss room without a killcount

The General is one of the most commonly killed bosses as it has plenty of great drops to offer and is quite easy to kill. However, this makes it difficult to find a time where the room is empty, meaning you will most likely have to crash other players in order to get kills here. General Graardor uses an incredibly powerful melee attack which can deal up to 64 damage and an intimidating ranged attack which can reach a maximum damage of 60 but will hit everyone in the room. It is recommended to use melee to fight this boss and his minions. All though other combat styles would work well, melee is much better if you are competing for the kill.


There are three minions who accompany General Graardor and they must be killed in order for Graardor to respawn.

  • Sergeant Steelwill - Steelwill uses Magic Attacks and is best to be killed first.
  • Sergeant Grimspike - Grimspike uses Range attacks and is best to be killed second
  • Sergeant Strongstack - Strongstack uses Melee attacks. As you pray melee he will be killed last.


As Graardor is relatively easy it's recommended to take your best Melee set-up possible. This does not mean however that it can't be done with lower gear. Here is a few set-ups which can be used.




gEYLRAH.png 4BQKdbJ.png


Inventory setup isn't particularly important for General Graardor because you can bank after every kill and get back before he respawns. Here is a recommended Inventory set-up.

  • x1 Dragon Dagger(p++)
  • x2 Super Restore
  • x1 Super Combat Potion



As stated above Melee is the prayer required for killing Graador. I also use Piety (Level 70 prayer required) It's not essential but recommended for easier kills.


Drop Table

Drop Table based on Graardor only. Minions drop Tassets and Chestplate aswell

Item Image Ammount 1 : 5
Rune 2h Sword lOVRxrP.png 1 1 : 5
Rune Pickaxe WbYgdyI.png 1 1 : 5
Rune Longsword noJhFpf.png 1 1 : 5
Rune Platebody 7BRsON6.png 1 1 : 5
Adamantite Ore SaKBv32.png 20 1 : 5
Coal UHrE49I.png 120 1 : 5
Coins zlIEj3Z.png 21000 1 : 5
Nature Rune LwPOo2s.png 70 1 : 10
Snapdragon Seed CwvpQK1.png 1 1 : 10
Magic Logs Qsr2AkA.png 20 1 : 10
Super Restore lDRSYrA.png 3 1 : 10
Grimy Snapdragon Bb0SjES.png 3 1 : 10
Clue Scroll (Elite) RPwhpUs.png 1 1 : 128
Bandos Chestplate 2eaOXLX.png 1 1 : 128
Bandos Tassets kaYuDIY.png 1 1 : 128
Bandos Boots zhhV8To.png 1 1 : 128
Long Bone tzAPeWJ.png 1 1 : 128
Rune Sword DlNJq74.png 1 1 : 128
Bandos Hilt nI0R5zO.png 1 1 : 128
Godsword Shard 1 My0mdLq.png 1 1 : 128
Godsword Shard 2 HEog1Cr.png 1 1 : 128
Godsword Shard 3 vGUSI33.png 1 1 : 128
Curved Bone zkZxD7k.png 1 1 : 128
Pet General Graardor lmLZqys.png 1 1 : 128