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Ingame Staff Assignments

Rank Forum Crowns Forums Title In-Game Crown User
Owner E6DMhrD.png VkVkHAW.png 3nJgOGy.png Lou Grinder
Co-Owner KzuH0PE.png E8ckT1S.png Rf3BMvx.png Zod
Administrator BCpR6Wb.png wAetPEw.png dUSxDPU.png Hellmage
Administrator BCpR6Wb.png wAetPEw.png dUSxDPU.png Soccerlove
Global Moderator 9Egc27E.png 6Zayyx3.png 28iExfA.png Btartaros
Moderator oYkmelJ.png fW9J5pd.png vADTmDn.png Barry
Moderator oYkmelJ.png fW9J5pd.png vADTmDn.png Dkick
Moderator oYkmelJ.png fW9J5pd.png vADTmDn.png Huntmeister
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png 3qBCzIP.png Sv4WEwK.png Alcotty
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png 3qBCzIP.png Sv4WEwK.png Shark Black
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png 3qBCzIP.png Sv4WEwK.png Wrath
Staff Rank Assignment
Co-Owner Choose and manage the staff ingame, along with moderating staff decisions.
In-Game Administrator Moderate the actions of players and manage the staff team.
Elite Moderator Advanced moderator role that has more leverage in staffing ordeals.
In-Game Moderator Moderate all players in-game and take care of any rule breakers.
Server Support Help moderate players along with Administrators and Moderators.