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How do I become a middleman?

If you think you're ready to become an Official Middleman, you can make an application via forums.

  • Read before you apply here
  • Here is a detailed guide about Official Middlemen, it can be found here.
  • Once you send in your application, it will be reviewed by the Leaders and Recruiters of the MM group.
  • You can apply for the middleman rank here.

Official middlemen are NOT staff member and have no powers on any format.

Official Middleman List

Middleman Leaders

Position Icon User Timezone
Co-owner Rf3BMvx.png Zod GMT+0
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png Huntmeister GMT-6

Staff Members

Position Icon User Timezone
Administrator dUSxDPU.png Hellmage GMT-5
Global Moderator 28iExfA.png Btartaros GMT+1
Moderator vADTmDn.png Dkick GMT+1
Moderator vADTmDn.png Legends GMT+2
Moderator vADTmDn.png Number1 GMT+1
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png Barry GMT+0
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png Spasma GMT+0
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png Hayden GMT+10

Non-Staff Members

Position Icon User Timezone
Middleman grVR0fc.png Boysandgirls GMT+4
Middleman grVR0fc.png Shark Black GMT+1
Middleman grVR0fc.png Mikeh GMT-3