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Difficulty: Medium

Max Hits
Always Drops


The Demonic Gorilla is a level 275 NPC, who uses all three combat styles. They're quite hard to deal with for people who don't know their mechanics and result in a quick death if not careful.

Getting There

To get to the Demonic Gorillas, locate the Purple Wizard, go under "Bosses" followed by "Demonic Gorillas".


After that, run to the north via the nearby staircase and then to the left and you should be in a dark room with the Gorillas (If you see a mountain goat, you're in the right spot).

Inventory & Prayer

It is adviced to run in with protect from magic, and then use the appropriate battle prayer on the gorilla. After that, switch between each prayer according to their attacks (They tend to stick with magic attacks a lot of the time), and keep your HP up.

A Saradomin Godsword makes food nearly un-needed unless in a close-call situation.

A void switch is greatly recommended as it makes it much easier to keep an eye on everything happening while it's happening, as well as it being a short switch like shown in the picture above (a 4.5 switch with the melee shield/defender)


The Demonic Gorillas utilizes all 3 combat styles and 1 Typeless attack style.:

  • A Melee attack, where he simply pounches on you (standing at a distance can help see it coming as it will start moving towards you)
  • A Ranged attack, where it hurls a semi-oval shaped rock at you.
  • A Magic attack, where it charges up for a second before shooting a green laser-like blob at you.
  • A Typeless attack where it bashes it's chest for a short while, followed by a giant boulder falling from the ceiling, dealing 33 damage. Avoid this by moving away from the square you stood on when the attack happened.

The Demonic gorillas also require 2 attack styles to be killed, as they use overhead prayers and switch to the attack style you're using after taking 50 damage from said attack style. (I.e. the Gorilla will use "Protect from Missiles" after taking 50 damage from a ranged weapon)


Video coming soon!

Gear Setup

As the Demonic gorillas require 2 attack styles to be killed, it's REQUIRED to use pieces from multiple setup tables down below!

Drop Table

Drop Table

Item Image Amount Drop Rate
Ash.png Ashes 1 Always
Runeplatelegs.png Rune Platelegs 1 1/5
Rune plateskirt.png Rune Plateskirt 1 1/5
Runechainbody.png Rune Chainbody 1 1/5
Law rune.png Law Rune 75 1/5
Death rune.png Death Rune 75 1/5
Prayerpotion3.png Prayer Potion 2 1/5
Saradominbrew3.png Saradomin Brew 1 1/5
Shark.png Shark 3 1/5
GrimyKwuarm.png Grimy Kwuarm 13 1/5
GrimyCadantine.png Grimy Cadantine 13 1/5
GrimyLantadyme.png Grimy Lantadyme 13 1/5
Coins.png Coins 9,991 1/5
Javelin shaft.png Javelin Shaft 1,238 1/5
Runitebolts.png Runite Bolts 150 1/15
Dragon scimitar.png Dragon Scimitar 1 1/15
Seed(s).png Grimy Dwarf Weed 13 1/15
Watermelonseed.png Watermelon Seed 30 1/15
Seed(s).png Ranarr Seed 2 1/15
Seed(s).png Snapdragon Seed 2 1/15
Seed(s).png Torstol Seed 2 1/15
Cut Diamond.png Diamond 6 1/15
Adamantitebar.png Adamant Bar 6 1/15
Runitebar.png Rune Bar 3 1/15
Rune javelin heads.png Rune Javelin Heads 55 1/30
Dragonjavelinheads.png Dragon Javelin Heads 43 1/15
Papaya tree seed.png Papaya Tree Seed 2 1/30
Willow seed.png Willow Seed 2 1/30
Maple seed.png Maple Seed 2 1/30
Yew seed.png Yew Seed 2 1/30
Magicseed.png Magic Seed 2 1/30
Spirit seed.png Spirit Seed 2 1/50
Clue scroll (hard).png Clue Scroll (Hard) 1 1/76
Zenyte shard.png Zenyte Shard 1 1/230
Palmtreeseed.png Palm Tree Seed 2 1/306
Ballista limbs.png Ballista Limbs 1 1/383
Ballista spring.png Ballista Spring 1 1/383
ClueScrollElite.png Clue Scroll (Elite) 1 1/383
Light frame.png Light Frame 1 1/195
Heavy frame.png Heavy Frame 1 1/195
Monkey tail.png Monkey Tail 1 1/195