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General facts

  • You can find the minigames shop and waiting room at ::tourny ( in front of home bank ).
  • Each game has a 10 minute break, but can be reduced by staff members.
  • Game chat will automatically shout when there will be 5, 3 and 1 minute left, until minigame starts (you will also see a broadcast).
  • Minigame demands at least 2 players before it starts.
  • Players can check minigame status and rewards on Quest tab / Activities tab.
  • Both games are based as PVP minigames, so maxed combat stats would be very useful.
  • You must bank all your items to enter the waiting room.


Weapons minigame

The goal at the Weapons minigame is to get a 10 killcount ( first to get 10 kc, will win ). After every kill you made, you will be rewarded with items in your inventory (armour / weapons / food / potions). You can search the boxes for runes and arrows. You also might get knifes or any other ranged weapons, which is very useful to make first kills. The player who causes the most damage, will get the kill.

Search boxes at start to get knifes or any range weapons to make a fast kill, so you will upgrade faster and will be able to make more kills.

Tip: use "Retribution" prayer to inflict more damage to players.


In the weapons minigame there is only one winner. 1st place gets 80-120k blood money , random number of participation and minigames points.


Battle royale minigame

The minigame will be won by the one who will be the last standing person. When the game will start, there will be items spawned on the ground for a certain amount of time, such as armour, weapons and food.

Tip: make sure to grab armour / weapon / and full invenory of food as fast as you can. You won't get more after they will dissapear from ground.


1st place will get 80-120k blood money, random number of participation and minigames points. The rest of the players will get 15-25 minigame points.