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This page is still under construction!

General Information
  • Pest Control is a combat-based minigame. Players must defend the Void Knight from an onslaught of monsters, while at the same time destroying the portals from which the monsters spawn.

Players board Lander, which transport them to islands under invasion. The activity is divided into three Landers which is determined by the players combat level.

  • This is a 'safe' minigame. Players who die keep their items, respawn on the lander, and can rejoin combat immediately. In addition, Hitpoints, Prayer points, special attack, and run energy are fully restored at the end of each game.
  • In order to receive commendation points, a player must consistently maintain their activity bar throughout the duration of a game. Should the activity bar drop below the required amount, it will turn red and no points will be awarded for that game.



Minimum Requirments
Difficulty Combat Requirments PC points
Novice 40+ 3
Intermediate 70+ 4
Veteran 99+ 5
Minigame Objective
  • Keep the Void Knight alive for 20 minutes.
  • Destroy all 4 portals before the Void Knight is killed. This is much more commonly done however, the Void Knight can easily be killed. A small number of players should defend him. It can be worth checking the Void Knight's status after each portal kill and switch to defence for a while if the knight is being swarmed or has less than half health. Each portal that is killed will give the void knight 50 hitpoints.

Possible strategies
  • The best strategy is to make sure the gates stay closed as the players run through or past them. This helps keep the Void Knight safe. It is ok for 2-3 players to be at the Void Knight to help keep pests from attacking him, but the majority of the players should be following the portals as they open to destroy them as quickly as possible. Rangers, halberdiers, and magers can easily lure Spinners away from the portals while the meleers are attacking and killing the portals.
  • A great place for Dharokers to stand is at the back of the portal in the middle. When the portal dies, if any Spinners are still alive, they will poison all those nearby, unless they are standing at the back of the portal nowhere near the Spinner(s).

NPC Information
NPC Name Attack style Combat levels Information
200px-Brawler_%28level_51%29.png?d0fae.png Brawler Melee 51, 76, 101, 111 or 129 Blocks the way due to its massive size, making it impossible to walk through. It is impossible for players or pests to shoot over it with ranged or magic attacks.
200px-Ravager.png?36775.png Ravager Melee 36, 53, 71, 89, or 106 Destroys Gates and Barricades. Non-aggressive, but can hit hard with melee.
200px-Shifter.png?25401.png Shifter Melee 36, 57, 76, 90, or 104 Can teleport (also over the walls). Immune to poison.
200px-Defiler.png?b8937.png Defiler Ranged 33, 50, 66, 80, or 97 Can range over the walls.
200px-Spinner.png?a3017.png Spinner Melee 37, 55, 74, 88, or 92 Can heal the portals. Will not retaliate when attacked.
200px-Splatter_%28level_44%29.png?67c0a.png Splatter Melee 22, 33, 44, 54, or 65 Explodes when killed, damaging nearby players and pests. Will explode instantly upon moving adjacent to gates and barricades.
200px-Torcher.png?9b427.png Torcher Magic 33, 49, 67, 79, 91 or 92 Can cast spells over the walls.
250px-Pink_Portal.png?84440.png?b3bf4.png?84440.png Purple portal N/A 0 This portal can be found in the West most corner of the map. Its weakness is range.
250px-Blue_Portal.png?b3bf4.png Blue portal N/A 0 This portal can be found in the East most corner of the map. Its weakness is Magic.
250px-Yellow_Portal.png?b3bf4.png Yellow portal N/A 0 This portal can be found in the South-East most corner of the map. Its weaknessa is Melee.
250px-Red_Portal.png?b3bf4.png Red portal N/A 0 This portal can be found in the South-West most corner of the map. Its weakness is Melee.

Pest Control Shop
Void knight mace
PC Points
Void melee helm
PC Points
Void range helm
PC Points
Void mage helm
PC Points
Void seal
PC Points
Void knight top
PC Points
Void knight robe
PC Points
Void knight gloves
PC Points
Herb pack
PC Points
Mineral pack
PC Points
Seed pack
PC Points