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Minigame Rules

Note: Players are not allowed to Multi-log inside the minigame. This means 2 or more accounts with the same IP address entering and participating in the minigame.

Note: If a player dies and respawns back inside the minigame with all of their items then that player must die without attacking a player back or ask a Staff Member to teleport you home.

Do not bug abuse!

General Information

Battle Royale is a custom Grinderscape minigame that allows players to fight to the death without losing personal items and hinder their K/D ratio! The objective of this minigame is to survive as long as possible. Armour, weapons, food, and potions are all obtainabl items for a limited of time, all a player has to do is race to get the best set up as possible! Overhead prayers are disabled but every other prayer including Piety are available if you have the prayer levle.

A Bronze sword and a Bronze shield are automatically spawned in your inventory when the minigame begins.


Periodically a message signifying the start time of the minigame will appear in-game. 5 minutes, 3 minutes, and 1 minute warning will be announced to let everyone know the match is about to begin! You can also view the start time and what minigame is about to begin here!


  • Players must have at least level 70 combat to enter.
  • Players must bank all of their gear and inventory items before entering.
  • Players are highly encouraged to achieve max combat before participating in the minigame but is not required.

Possible Stratagies

One of the best strategies to utilize is;

  • Find a Barrow set crate.
  • Collect food (preferably combo foods).
  • While gathering food, look for a weapon that has a high attack and strength bonus.
  • Find a special attack weapon (preferably a dragon whip).
  • Pray flick Piety (if unlocked) to increase you DPS.
  • Possibly team up with another player for better odds.


1st place winner!

First place winner will recieve a random number of Participation points, Minigame points, and Blood money. The number of each reward is based on the amount of players that participate in the minigame.

Everyone else!

Every player who joins the Battle Royale minigame will recieve a participation reward in the form of Participation points, Minigame points, and Blood money (This will be a fraction of what the winner of the minigame will recieve.


Minigame Shop

The Minigame store can be easily found by teleporting to ::tourny or by running North-East from home bank and trading the Temple Guardian. To view your minigame points all you have to do is open up the shop and it will be posted on the top left corner of the interface.


Image Item name Minigame Points
HdC48nW.png Dragonstone full helm 3500
gKyMURd.png Dragonstone platebody 3750
aIHm5Ga.png Dragonstone platelegs 3750
Ise9FFc.png Dragonstone boots 2500
J8cVaPw.png Dragonstone gauntlets 2500
PCbxA6e.png Spookier hood 500
7SDqcgj.png Spookier robe 500
tvy9fGQ.png Spookier skirt 500
CKMrD8K.png Spookier gloves 250
kYYTl5Z.png Ardougne knight helm 750
tvV2Ld0.png Ardougne knight platebody 950
I32nJKX.png Ardougne knight platelegs 850
vWKHfOa.png Crystal crown 350
N/A Crystal crown 350
N/A Crystal crown 350
N/A Crystal crown 350
N/A Crystal crown 350
N/A Crystal crown 350
N/A Crystal crown 350
N/A Crystal crown 350
iXqzhcS.png Blade of saeldor 5000
pGMCeRt.png Elven top 700
QVyi6uc.png Elven skirt 700
RlL6vEy.png Elven hood 500
l0AbOhE.png Elven boots 250
P76Aqf9.png Elven gloves 250
EA4Hym2.png Elven top 700
aAltrys.png Elven skirt 700
5gFO6vb.png Elven hood 500
L5c2E1g.png Twisted banner 2500
tfUK3Uu.png Green gingerbread shield 1000
GS2Oku1.png Red gingerbread shield 1000
pafoRpv.png Blue gingerbread shield 1000
Kahl6Fh.png Combat path starter kit 250
OESbhVy.png Ring of wealth scroll 350
s1734W0.png Superior dragon bone (50) 1500
7BjIITG.png Herb box 50
DqxWdvX.png PVP mystery box 3000
laulhof.png Hunter tome (10) 5000
oDA7xdV.png Prifddinas teleport 20
Reward Boxes

Below are the possibles reward for Herb Box, Combat Path Starter Kit and PvP Mystery Box found in the minigame store.

Herb Box


Combat Path Starter Kit


PvP Mystery Box