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This boss is located in the wilderness. Please be cautious when entering with expensive items.
Difficulty: Medium
Max Hits
Up to 99
Always Drops
Blackdhide.png Lava_scale.png Lava_dragon_bones.png
Lava dragon bones, Black d'hide, & Lava scales

General Information

Galvek is the final boss of the Dragon Slayer II quest. He was a dragon incubated by the Dragonkin Zorgoth, who planned to use Galvek to destroy humanity after being imprisoned for ages because he was presumed to be a violent Dragonkin. Zorgoth gave it the name "Galvek" because it was the Dragonkin word for "Fate". Galvek is a special breed of dragon, as it is more serpent-like and has the ability to control other dragons.

Ancient Wizard - Wilderness - Galvek


Main Attacks

  • Phase I ( Fire ): Melee, Range, Magic, The ability to turn your prayer off, Fire ball spell that hits up to 99.
  • Phase I Special attack : Summons a fire trap that deal great amount of damage.
  • Phase II ( Air ): Melee, Range, Magic, The ability to turn your prayer off, Fire ball spell that hits up to 99.
  • Phase II Special attack : Gust of air ( drains players prayer up to 5 points ).
  • Phase III ( Water ): Melee, Range, Magic, The ability to turn your prayer off, Fire ball spell that hits up to 99.
  • Phase III special attack : Tsunami ( hits up to 99 ).
  • Phase IV ( Earth ): Melee, Range, Magic, The ability to turn your prayer off, Fire ball spell that hits up to 99.
  • Phase IV Special attack : Boulder ( stuns players for few seconds ).
  • Phase IV perk : Galvek recieves extremely high defence levels.
Phase I:
Galvek automatically attacks players in his area with Melee, Range and Magic. He can occasionally launch fire bombs, which if touched (bombs cover a 3x3 radius), will deal an incredible amount of damage, and will very likely instantly kill the player. Galvek's defense in this phase can be lowered, however on transition to phase II his defence will be restored to its base value.
Phase II:
Galvek takes on the powers of air. He can occasionally launch gusts of wind that drains player's prayer slightly. Galvek also begins to use Ranged attacks here and uses his Ranged and Magic attacks at random. Galvek still uses the one-hit fireball in this stage.
Phase III:
Galvek takes on the powers of water. He can occasionally send out tsunamis (acting much like the fire waves along with the standard one-hit fireball. If hit by these waves, the player will take over 100 damage. Phase III has the potential to be Galvek's deadliest phase, as the player is incredibly limited to movement if Galvek launches his tsunami and his fireball subsequently, leaving almost no room for error. Galvek also uses Ranged attacks much more commonly in this phase.
Phase IV:
Galvek takes on the powers of earth. He can occasionally launch earth projectiles, which if the player is caught in, will be bound for several seconds. This deals no actual damage to the player, but leaves them extremely vulnerable to the highly damaging dragonfire, which he almost always uses if he is successful in binding the player. His earth attack can be avoided by simply moving one square.

Inventory & Prayer

Gear Setup

Drop Table

Drop Table

Item Image Amount Drop Rate
Lava dragon bones.png Lava Dragon Bones 1 Always
Blackdhide.png Black Dragonhide 1 Always
Lava scale.png Lava Scale 1 Always
Dragon dart(p++).png Dragon Darts 12 1/5
Dragonjavelin(p++).png Dragon Javelin 20 1/5
Firerune.png Fire Rune 250 1/5
Lava rune.png Lava Rune 50 1/5
Coins.png Coins 450k 1/5
Runeknife.png Rune Knife 30 1/15
Dragonbolts.png Dragon Bolts 30 1/15
Death rune.png Death Rune 40 1/15
Blood rune.png Blood Rune 40 1/15
Law rune.png Law Rune 40 1/15
Onyxbolttips.png Onyx Bolt Tips 12 1/15
Dragonjavelinheads.png Dragon Javelin Heads 15 1/15
Adamant 2h sword.png Adamant 2h Sword 1 1/15
Rune longsword.png Rune Longsword 1 1/15
Lava battlestaff.png Lava Battlestaff 1 1/15
Runeaxe.png Rune Axe 1 1/15
Adamantplatebody.png Adamant platebody 1 1/15
Runekiteshield.png Rune Kiteshield 1 1/15
Runemedhelm.png Rune Med Helm 1 1/15
Rune full helm.png Rune Full Helm 1 1/15
Grimy Guam Leaf.png Grimy Guam Leaf 1 1/15
Grimy Marrentill.png Grimy Marrentill 1 1/15
Grimy Tarromin.png Grimy Tarromin 1 1/15
Grimy Harralander.png Grimy Harralander 1 1/15
GrimyRanarrWeed.png Grimy Ranarr Weed 1 1/15
GrimyIritLeaf.png Grimy Irit Leaf 1 1/15
GrimyAvantoe.png Grimy Avantoe 1 1/15
GrimyKwuarm.png Grimy Kwuarm 1 1/15
Fire Talisman.png Fire Talisman 1 1/15
Fire orb.png Fire Orb 15 1/15
Chocolate cake.png Chocolate Cake 3 1/15
Adamantitebar.png Adamantite Bar 2 1/15
SlayerEnchantment.png Slayer Enchantment 1 1/15
GrimyCadantine.png Grimy Cadantine 1 1/30
GrimyLantadyme.png Grimy Lantadyme 1 1/30
GrimyDwarfWeed.png Grimy Dwarf Weed 1 1/30
Chewedbones.png Chewed Bones 1 1/30
Ancientpage.png Ancient Page 1 1/46
ClueScrollElite.png Clue Scroll (Elite) 1 1/92
Corruptedhelm.png Corrupted Helm 1 1/48
Corruptedplatebody.png Corrupted Platebody 1 1/48
Corruptedplatelegs.png Corrupted Platelegs 1 1/48
Corruptedplateskirt.png Corrupted Plateskirt 1 1/48
Corruptedkiteshield.png Corrupted Kiteshield 1 1/48
Draconicvisage.png Draconic Visage 1 1/26
ClueScrollElite.png Clue Scroll (Elite) 1 1/20
Justiciar faceguard.png Justiciar Faceguard 1 1/48
Justiciar chestguard.png Justiciar Chestguard 1 1/48
Justiciar legguards.png Justiciar Legguards 1 1/48