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This boss page is under construction. Some of this information is inaccurate. Please reach out to a Staff Member if you have any questions.
Difficulty: Hard

NEX Header.png

Max Hits
Always Drops
Big Bones.png
Big Bones

General information

Nex is a level 1,001 Godwars Boss. He is weak mostly to the Twisted bow, as his minions are weak to the Zaryte Crossbow. This is a group oriented boss and costs nothing to access. If you die, your items will stay on the ground inside the dungeon until you claim them. You have 9 minutes to do so.

Nex uses primarily magic attacks, so it's recommended to use Protect from Magic, however, Once you are able to kill the second minion, you need to Protect from Range. After that minion is killed, you can go back to Protect from Magic. See the Gear Setups section for recommended gear setups.


As with all bosses, locate the Purple Wizard and click on the "Bosses" section, then scroll all the way to the bottom and Nex will be the last option.

  • Pictures coming soon.

Once you teleport to the dungeon, you will click the Ancient Symbol, which will bring up the dialogue: "Only the bravest of warriors should enter this dungeon." You will click Continue, and it will bring up 2 options: "I dare." or "Erm.. Let's do some skilling instead..." Click "I dare." to go into the dungeon which then will spawn Nex.

Inventory & Prayer

With the amount of attacks Nex has, the inventory can be tricky. The following is recommended:

  • Food (Preferrably combo food as Nex or his Minions can very quickly hit very high)
  • Prayer restoration as well as a stat boosting potion such as Overloads and anti-venom.
If you are new, an emergency teleport is also recommended in case things go south.


Walkthrough Video
Gear setups
Drop table

Drop Table

[[File:Image Item Amount Drop Rate
Big Bones.png Big Bones 1 Always
Blood rune.png Blood Rune 325 1/5
Death rune.png Death Rune 170 1/5
Soulrune.png Soul Rune 227 1/5
Dragonstonebolts.png Dragonstone Bolts 90 1/5
Granite cannonball.png Granite Cannonballs 298 1/5
Shark.png Shark 3 1/5
Prayerpotion(4).png Prayer Potion 1 1/5
Saradominbrew3.png Saradomin Brew 2 1/5
Superrestore3.png Super Restore 1 1/5
Ecumenical key shard.png Ecumenical Key Shard 39 1/5
Nihil shard.png Nihil Shard 20 1/5
ClueScrollElite.png Clue Scroll (Elite) 1 1/12
Blood essence.png Blood Essence 2 1/15
Coins.png Coins 26,478 1/15
Zaryte vambraces.png Zaryte Vambraces 1 1/36
Nihil horn.png Nihil Horn 1 1/48
Torva full helm.png Torva Full Helm (damaged) 1 1/114
Torva platebody.png Torva Platebody (damaged) 1 1/114
Torva platelegs.png Torva Platelegs (damaged) 1 1/114
Virtus mask.png Virtus Mask (damaged) 1 1/114
Virtus robe top.png Virtus Robe Top (damaged) 1 1/114
Virtus robe legs.png Virtus Robe Bottoms (damaged) 1 1/114
Pernix cowl.png Pernix Cowl (damaged) 1 1/114
Pernix body.png Pernix Body (damaged) 1 1/114
Pernix chaps.png Pernix Chaps (damaged) 1 1/114
Ancient hilt.png Ancient Hilt 1 1/114
Nexling.png Nexling 1 1/191