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Combined items


Item Attachment Result
CWGxQeB.png Staff of the dead WiFpG5T.png Magic fang 7KXkXjF.png Toxic staff of the dead
ECwkXm5.png Trident of the seas WiFpG5T.png Magic fang MFPWTt3.png Trident of the swamp
Yg7LVtf.png Abyssal whip 2ZtTqzu.png Kraken tentacle UDHzFbb.png Abyssal tentacle
Yg7LVtf.png Abyssal whip LfVUyqt.png Dragon's tail iWWyX6U.png Dragon whip
Yg7LVtf.png Abyssal whip ABLBb4z.png Frozen whip mix Z6ndo6T.png Frozen abyssal whip
Yg7LVtf.png Abyssal whip ZH4mzjb.png Volcanic whip mix cDz3NCQ.png Volcanic abyssal whip
UX4X9VQ.png Master wand N1cCaWx.png Kodai insignia WbkGBbc.png Kodai wand
FwF0EBs.png Zamorakian hasta P0ZmL6i.png Hydra's claw JNdfBLs.png Dragon hunter lance
puViJlf.png Tanzanite fang pL6ckGh.png Chisel fzrhysY.png Toxic blowpipe
CJRFaMt.png Godsword shard 1 7h0HQoy.png Godsword shard 2 gt56BiQ.png Godsword shard 1 & 2
gt56BiQ.png Godsword shard 1 & 2 EEqoFWk.png Godsword shard 3 UH6bNgz.png Godsword blade
QF1jUVH.png Bandos hilt UH6bNgz.png Godsword blade bZUOTN2.png Bandos godsword
WoErN4t.png Zamorak hilt UH6bNgz.png Godsword blade VxJi2rn.png Zamorak godsword
sSIlgVR.png Saradomin hilt UH6bNgz.png Godsword blade lem1DN4.png Saradomin godsword
YgDU4uW.png Armadyl hilt UH6bNgz.png Godsword blade 8Zo3iJc.png Armadyl godsword


Item Attachment Result
146Rqus.png Bandos boots dWRhGim.png Black tourmaline core yM0hNC3.png Guardian boots
QOBa19Z.png Dragon boots HYSZiT8.png Primordial crystal awNznpZ.png Primordial boots
CKN9Psc.png Wizard boots ENNqLHl.png Eternal crystal 9DY2kY0.png Eternal boots
qwGgA8c.png Ranger boots xJ7nQmm.png Pegasian crystal OFwU3iH.png Pegasian boots


Item Attachment Result
NxdwY8w.png Anti-dragon shield z3umFRj.png Draconic visage VmLaXBo.png Dragonfire shield
NxdwY8w.png Anti-dragon shield WYS2ckx.png Skeletal visage xVAt4p4.png Dragonfire ward
40PJ1l5.png Elemental shield F62adZM.png Wyvern visage xF8Y8V4.png Ancient wyvern shield
bnKK2ro.png Dragon defender DddGRY5.png Avernic defender hilt nVFRHcx.png Avernic defender
Yqb54Rm.png Spirit shield pgLjaEU.png Holy elixir JN5Yr7q.png Blessed spirit shield
JN5Yr7q.png Blessed spirit shield DS2sUiZ.png Arcane sigil Tt517kt.png Arcane spirit shield
JN5Yr7q.png Blessed spirit shield GadVa9e.png Spectral sigil VW5CR9Y.png Spectral spirit shield
JN5Yr7q.png Blessed spirit shield pwlAVET.png Elysian sigil a5hC9qz.png Elysian spirit shield


Item Attachment Result
4NhSl6W.png Serpentine helm L3NEtkH.png Magma mutagen GddRgZB.png Magma helm
4NhSl6W.png Serpentine helm h3a5M2r.png Tanzanite mutagen oNqsSuH.png Tanzanite helm
UzbsORR.png Serpentine visage GTIBZLe.png Chisel bJVoYpo.png Serpentine helm

Slayer Helmets

Item Attachment
Slayer helmet.png Regular Slayer Helmet Black Mask, Nose Peg, Facemask, Ear muffs, Slayer Ring
Black slayer helmet.png Black Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + King Black Dragon Head
Green slayer helmet (1).png Green Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + Kalphite Head
Red slayer helmet (1).png Red Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + Abyssal Demon Head
Purple slayer helmet.png Purple Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + Dark Claw
Turquoise slayer helmet.png Turquoise Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + Vorkath Head
Hydra slayer helmet.png Hydra Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + Alchemical Hydra Head
Twisted slayer helmet.png Twisted Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + Twisted Horns
Tztok slayer helmet.png Tztok Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + Fire Cape
Vampyric slayer helmet.png Vampyric Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + Scythe of Vitur
Tzkal slayer helmet.png Tzkal Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet + Infernal Cape


Item Attachment Result
yn6zl6T.png Hydra Eye PEZhmzk.png Hydra Heart bj7FQyU.png Hydra Fang 6TA5QWI.png Brimstone Ring
Ring_of_recoil.png Ring of recoil Ring_of_suffering.png Ring of suffering Ring_of_suffering.png Ring of suffering (r)


Item Attachment Result
mhGhtF6.png Loop half of key AgOGoTW.png Tooth half of key es2KLUL.png Crystal key

Useful items

Image Item name Item use Obtained Benefit
ksuc4Kb.png Aggressivity potion PvM Bloodmoney store Forces all npcs to be aggressive to the user for 5 minutes
gSG1JJd.png Imbued heart PvP/PvM Boss contracts Boosts magic level
hZv2HTe.png Holy book PvP/PvM Pure items store Increases defence and prayer
5PCk8ct.png Unholy book PvP/PvM Pure items store Increases attack and prayer
kOyymfN.png Book of war PvP/PvM Pure items store Increases strength and prayer
6R1jgFa.png Book of balance PvP/PvM Pure items store Increases attack, defence and prayer
u7gy6oo.png Dwarven rock cake PvP/PvM Pure items store Reduces hitpoints by 10
0SazOU2.png Extended antifire PvP/PvM Bloodmoney store 12 Minutes protection from fire breath
9RAqITo.png Ring of wealth(i) PvP/PvM Crafting/player purchased Boosted drop rate
mz1d83R.png Overload PvP/PvM Bloodmoney store Maximum boost to combat stats
dJqXHjR.png Sanfew serum PvP/PvM Consumables store Antipoison for 6 minutes
c6lLCqv.png Antidote++ PvP/PvM Consumables store Antipoison for 12 minutes
JWc7mLt.png Antifire potion PvM Consumables store Protects from fire breath for 6 minutes
ANvk716.png Tanzanite helm PvP/PvM Consumables store Makes you resistent to poisons
FRhJtzp.png Magma helm PvP/PvM Consumables store Makes you resistent to poisons
ct9buv2.png Dragonfire shield PvP/PvM Dropped by dragons Protects from dragon breath
zI3AgBp.png Mystic mud staff PvP/PvM Dropped by Kamil Acts as earth and water runes
MEjrQGA.png Mist battlestaff PvP/PvM Dropped by Kamil Acts as water and air runes
yvynYUs.png Mystic smoke staff PvP/PvM Dropped by Kamil Acts as air and fire runes
SivKkiH.png Super combat potion PvP/PvM Herblore/bloodmoney store Temporarily increases attack/strength/defence stats
vHO7pHQ.png Ring of recoil PVP or PVM Mini blood trader When wearing, 10% + 1 of the damage received by the player (rounded down) is dealt to the attacker.
pHfajnr.png Ring of life PVP or PVM Pure items store While worn, if the wearer is dealt damage and has 10% or less of their Hitpoints remaining, the ring automatically teleports the wearer to their respawn point
KJWyAd6.png Lava blade PVP or PVM Drop from corporeal beast or mutant tarn Can recoil damage from players
LtiPCgW.png Max cape PVM Maxing all stats to 99 Perm teleports for kamil/ mutant tarn/ black knight titan and dagannoth kings
VE1H74p.png Salve amulet PVM Slayer master's shop Increases wearer's strength and accuracy 15% when fighting with undead
7xwNlkX.png Salve amulet (e) PVM Slayer master's shop Increases wearer's strength and accuracy 20% when fighting with undead
LTL7KJB.png Bracelet of slaughter PVM Slayer master's shop Occasionally prevents slayer kill count being decremented
uMzcn0z.png Expeditious bracelet PVM Slayer master's shop Allows one slayer kill count as two
y4hFgt2.png Ring of wealth scroll PVM Slayer master's shop / minigames store Imbues ring of wealth

Usable keys

Image Item name Benefit Obtained
JbAno2A.png Ancestral key Access to boss Slash Bash See the Ancestral key guide
cEDRNqU.png Brimstone key Various item rewards See the Brimstone key guide
W1od0Fs.png Crystal key Various item rewards See the Crystal key guide
vaG1Z4X.png Ecumenical key Skips the required killcount for GWD See the Ecumenical key guide
VnEaqBJ.png Muddy key Various item rewards See the Muddy key guide
5WltsQ4.png Larran's key Various item rewards See the Larran's key guide