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Many items and equipment sets have passive effects or set effects, which trigger on their own when equipped. These effects confer a wide variety of benefit for combat. In the case of a set effect, all items of that set must be equipped for the effect to activate.


Head Slot

Item Name Effect
lQ8fwuw.png Black Mask Boost damage by 16.6% on Slayer Targets
RvXcoI1.png Slayer Helmet Same as Black Mask, also acts as ear muffs, nose peg, face mask and spiny helmet

Necklace Slot

Item Name Effect
hfdnlYq.png Berserker Necklace When combined with TzHaars melee weapons they will have a 20% damage boost.

Sets with Effects

Set Name Effect
3Sp9RxM.png ufc33Q9.png 80kWUsT.png krnNi32.png Void set (Melee) Increases melee damage and accuracy by 10%
YiSKtMi.png k0kjTdf.png WGwY4S0.png BY6bKW2.png Dharoks Set Maximum melee hit increases the lower your hitpoints. At 10% health maximum hit is doubled
LIRDUOi.png PCuaLqL.png h577Ccu.png HWG9sKO.png Veracs Set Has a chance of ignoring the target's armour and any active protection prayers
74GbDBY.png z1h7mnt.png Rzfqtq7.png 4acsNDJ.png Torags set Has a chance of lowering the victim's run energy by 20%
iEPnR26.png oAIAdYn.png 5OzDHD4.png Il0eUUn.png Guthans set Has a chance of healing yourself equal to the damage dealt


Ammunition Slot

Each type of enchanted bolt has a unique effect that triggers randomly while attacking.

Item Name Effect
t5VNr8E.png Opal bolts (e) Deals 25% Extra damage
r85lrIr.png Sapphire bolts (e) Lowers the target's prayer points and giving part of them to yourself
xliqn8j.png Jade bolts (e) Stuns your target
prMGc0u.png Pearl bolts (e) Uses a mighty bolt of water to damage the opponent
Irvmx8e.png Emerald bolts (e) Poisons your target
GxMCH4B.png Topaz bolts (e) Lowers targets magic stat (PvP only)
dl79ZL6.png Ruby bolts (e) Removes 20% of the opponent's current health and 10% of your health
ZI8eftl.png Diamond bolts (e) Ignores most of your targets ranged defence
XCjU0iC.png Dragon bolts (e) Inflicts extra damage using dragonfire
P42LoOz.png Onyx bolts (e) Does 20% extra damage and heals yourself 25% of the damage dealt

Cape Slot

Item Name Effect
XarGw0V.png Ava's Attractor Picks up fired arrows/bolts automatically, as long as the player is not wearing any metal body (25% less than Ava's Accumulator)
yTKSpio.png Ava's Accumulator Provides a chance of saving an ammo, as long as the player is not wearing any metal body

Sets with Effects

Set Name Effect
aMSnBds.png ufc33Q9.png 80kWUsT.png krnNi32.png Void set (Ranger) Increases ranged damage by 20% and accuracy by 10%
Z0eKnZ7.png MAtAeoq.png Ma2ANM9.png XFrzWvq.png Karils set Has a chance of lowering the target's Agility level


Weapon Slot

Item Name Effect
T4yEKh3.png Elemental Staves Act as unlimited rune supply for the element that the staff represents

Sets with Effects

Set Name Effect
8pgE078.png ufc33Q9.png 80kWUsT.png krnNi32.png Void set (Mage) Increases magic accuracy by 30%
QvK4Oe3.png r6NYNnG.png 1jVUiL5.png EfwnXOz.png Ahrims set Has a chance of lowering the enemy's Strength by five levels repeatedly

Multiple Classes

Necklace Slot

Item Name Effect
Gcy4nF1.png Phoenix Necklace Recover 30% of player's max live in case health falls below 20%

Shield Slot

Item Name Effect
uOWEprm.png Elysian Spirit Shield 70% of chance of absorbing 25% of the damage received
v9LT9jn.png Anti Dragon Shield Protects against dragonfire
S9hZy1R.png Dragonfire Shield Protects against dragonfire, and can be operated to deal damage
ZmIeZyJ.png Tome of Fire Increases damage to fire based spells

Ring Slot

Item Name Effect
yWPLfOc.png Ring of Recoil Deals damage back to attacker
Zc5T50D.png Ring of Life Teleports your character if you drop below 10% of your health (Still possible to die while wearing)

Slayer Protection

Item Name Effect
ltowgcN.png Earmuffs Protects against Banshees stat draining attack
WFUlKGb.png Facemask Protects against Dust Devils stat draining attack
fdt9zst.png Mirror Shield Protects against Cockatrices and Basilisks stat draining attack
a9b6j94.png Nose Peg Protects against Aberrant Spectre stat draining attack