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The Dark Bow requires 60 range to wield; it has a unique special attack as it changes depending on whether or not you have Dragon Arrows equipped. The Dark Bow may be powerful and accurate, especially with its special attack, but possesses a slow firing speed. Its speed on rapid mode is 4.2 seconds, the same as a 2-handed sword.

Obtaining the Bows

The Dark Beasts are the only NPC in the game that has the Dark Bow on its drop table. It only drops the normal Dark Bow


Stats and special attack of the Dark Bow

Special Attack

Using Dragon arrows will change the Dark bow's special attack, firing 2 shots with a 50% higher maximum hit than usual and a minimum damage of 8 per shot. while capping the max hit at 48 damage per arrow. This special attack animation shows black dragon heads being fired at the target.
The second special attack hits 30% extra damage, is used when using any arrows other than dragon arrows.