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Clan Chat Rules
If there are any subjects that you feel should be on this list, please private message one of our staff members on Discord.

Note: If you want staff to take action for any offense you see a player commit. You must collect evidence of the rule being broken for staff to take action. This can be with pictures (Gyazo, light shot) or with a video. Please do not spam staff if you don't have proof of an offense.

Note: All punishments listed for rules are only guidelines and punishments will vary depending on the severity of the situation.

Note: Player are allowed to make their own Clan Channel but most rules still apply. If a Clan Channel have 3 or more major reports then they are subject for deletion and the Clan Owner may be subject for In-game punishment.

Note: Please remember that all rules apply for the Help Clan Channel.

Account Related Offenses

Breaking any of these rules over yell will result in a worse punishment. Soliciting others into breaking a rule (may it be provoking or blackmailing) is illegal and will result in a temporary or permanent mute depending on the situation.

Note: Most In-game rules correspond with Clan Chat rules. Read the In-game rules to fully understand what we allow, what we don't allow, as well as the consequence(s) you could face. In-game rules can be found here.