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Middleman Leaders

Position Icon User Timezone
Co-owner Rf3BMvx.png Btartaros GMT+1
Administrator dUSxDPU.png Mr1Adrian GMT-7

Staff Members

Position Icon User Timezone
Administrator dUSxDPU.png Dkick GMT+1
Global Moderator 28iExfA.png Hellmage GMT-7
Moderator vADTmDn.png Agy GMT-5
Moderator vADTmDn.png Jordan GMT
Moderator vADTmDn.png Number 1 GMT+1
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png Hella Hits GMT-6
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png Lilvoid GMT-4
Server Support Sv4WEwK.png Wrath GMT-4

Middleman Members (Non-Staff)

Position Icon User Timezone
Middleman grVR0fc.png Cryptikscape GMT-7
Middleman grVR0fc.png Kolbi V2 GMT+1
Middleman grVR0fc.png Luca Striker GMT+1
Middleman grVR0fc.png Naughty J GMT-4
Middleman grVR0fc.png Sodarb GMT-6
Middleman grVR0fc.png Sales Man GMT+1


A Middleman, like everyone, is a member of the community. The only difference to most other Grinderscape players is that he or she has been deemed trustworthy by staff.

Example of an 07 Trade

You are buying RSGP. You would give the trusted MM your Grinderscape items, while your trade partner gives you the RSGP in Runescape. After both of you confirm the transaction to the MM, he will hand the seller your Grinderscape items. The trade went off without a hitch, and you were never in danger of getting scammed.