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What is crafting?

Crafting is a skill that allows players to create items such as jewellery, pottery, and armour for use or for trade.

Training Crafting

The best way to train Crafting is by cutting gems, currently you can cut gems and make leather gear/d'hide gear with the fastest way being gem cutting.

Where to Craft

You can start crafting by trading the crafting store at ::shops or Neitiznot.



Crafting options

Gem Cutting

Item Name Level required Experience gained
Opal.png Opal 1 232
Image Jade 13 319
Redtopaz.png Red Topaz 16 406
Sapphire.png Sapphire 20 812
Emerald.png Emerald 27 1,131
Ruby.png Ruby 34 1,421
Diamond.png Diamond 43 1,798
Dragonstone.png Dragonstone 55 2,291
Image Onyx 67 2,813
Image Zenyte 89 3,364

Although cutting Onyx's best experience, they are simply too rare, that obtaining enough of them to train with would be almost impossible.

Making Jewellery

With these gems you can make 3 types of Jewellery. These are:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Amulets

To make each type of Jewellery you need to bring the type of mould for the Jewellery you are making, a gold bar, and a cut gem of your choice (The gem is not required for the ordinary gold items) to a furnace, then use the gold bar on the furnace and make the item you are after.

Item Name XP gained
Sapphirering.png Sapphire Ring 812
Sapphirenecklace.png Sapphire Necklace 1,102
Sapphireamuletu.png Sapphire Amulet (u) 1,305
Emeraldring.png Emerald Ring 1,102
Emeraldnecklace.png Emerald Necklace 1,218
Emeraldamuletu.png Emerald Amulet (u) 1,218
Rubyring.png Ruby Ring 1,421
Rubynecklace.png Ruby Necklace 1,508
Rubyamuletu.png Ruby Amulet (u) 1,711
Diamondring.png Diamond ring 1,711
Diamondnecklace.png Diamond Necklace 1,827
Diamondamuletu.png Diamond Amulet (u) 2,030
Dragonstonering.png Dragonstone Ring 2,030
Dragonstonenecklace.png Dragonstone Necklace 2,117
Dragonstoneamuletu.png Dragonstone Amulet (u) 2,523
Image Onyx Ring 1,711
Image Onyx Necklace 2,436
Image Onyx Amulet (u) 3,045
Image Zenyte Ring 3,045
Image Zenyte Necklace 3,335
Image Zenyte Amulet (u) TBA

==Leather Armour==ms:

  • Hide of your choice
  • Needle
  • Thread

And then you will want to talk to the tanner, who is located inside the shops area near the crafting shop or at Neitznot.

Cow Hide

Item Name Level required Hides required Experience gained
Leather gloves.png Leather Gloves 1 1 116
Leatherboots.png Leather Boots 7 1 116
Leathercowl.png Leather Cowl 9 1 145
Leathervambraces.png Leather Vambraces 11 1 203
Leatherbody.png Leather Armour 14 1 203
Leatherchaps.png Leather Chaps 18 1 232
Studdedcoif.png Leather Coif 38 1 319

Green Dragon Hide

Item Name Level required Hides required Experience gained
Greendhidevambraces.png Green D'hide Vambraces 57 1 1,015
Greendhidechaps.png Green D'hide Chaps 60 2 2,088
Greendhidebody.png Green D'hide Body 63 3 3,132

Blue Dragon Hide

Item Name Level required Hides required Experience gained
Bluedhidevambraces.png Blue D'hide Vambraces 66 1 1,160
Bluedhidechaps.png Blue D'hide Chaps 68 2 2,349
Bluedhidebody.png Blue D'hide Body 71 3 3,538

Red Dragon Hide

Item Name Level required Hides required Experience gained
Reddhidevambraces.png Red D'hide Vambraces 73 1 1,305
Reddhhidechaps.png Red D'hide Chaps 75 2 2,639
Redd'hidebody.png Red D'hide Body 77 3 3,944

Black Dragon Hide

Item Name Level required Hides required Experience gained
Blackdhidevambraces.png Black D'hide Vambraces 79 1 1,421
Blackdhidechaps.png Black D'hide Chaps 82 2 2,900
Blackdhidebody.png Black D'hide Body 84 3 4,350

Crafting master

The crafting master can be found at the crafting guild (you need level 60 crafting and to wear a brown apron to get access to the guild). He's able to give you skilling tasks to obtain crafting points or money (you will also get participation points when you finish your task). In addition, he can give you the skilling cape when you reached level 99 crafting. Finally you can view his shop where you can spend your crafting points.





Useful items and boosts

Hourly bonus skill

The hourly bonus skill gives you 50% more crafting xp for 1 hour. Quest tab > the "i" icon to see what the current hourly bonus skill is. Refresh the page to be sure you have the right one.


Watch the order of the hourly bonus skills to see when crafting is the hourly bonus skill.

Item/Boost Image Effect How to obtain?
Voting Voteticket.png Gives you 25% more crafting xp for 1 hour When you redeem your vote, you will get a boost xp for 1 hour. See here how to vote
Crafting cape Craftingcape.png Gives you 20% more crafting xp Get it from the skillcape store or the crafting master
Crafting hood Craftinghood.png Gives you 5% more crafting xp Get it from the skillcape store or the crafting master