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This is the Regular Mode Attack Guide

Attack is a very important skill to those who are a keen to fight. The higher a players Attack level is, the more accurate their attacks will be in melee combat. Another advantage to this skill is that it allows you to wield weapons of stronger materials which often have higher stats and deal greater damage to your enemies. Attack is a fast skill to train here on Grinderscape as it has high experience rates.

Attack Training Styles

Melee weapons vary in their attack styles. Some weapons have four options, with a controlled option, while others have only three options. Players intending to remain a pure with no Defence need to take care when changing attack styles as you may gain unwanted Defence levels.


The Accurate combat style is usually the top left option of the combat interface. Using the accurate style provides an invisible boost to your Attack level.

wqCaukv.png 26zuEVl.png


The Controlled combat style is usually the bottom left option of the combat style interface if there are 4 options, or the top right option if there are 3. Using the controlled style provides an invisible +1 boost to your Attack, Strength and Defence levels. This attack style is only available in some melee weapons.

wgYdTvA.png 2ydHfHD.png

Attack Experience

When you reach level 92 in Attack the experience rate is halved per point of damage.

Getting Basic Weapons

You can start at Edgeville. Inside ::shops you will the melee store which sells some basic weapons.


Where to Train

Use the command ::train to get quick access to training teleports.

Rock Crab

The best place to start training any combat skill at a low level is at Rock Crabs.

Rock crabs tp.png

Here you will find the Rock crabs that can be killed in order to start levelling up your combat stats. Start killing these until you feel you have a high enough Attack level to move on to killing other monsters such as Hill Giants, in Edgeville Dungeon or Yaks on Neitiznot (South).


For players with higher levels, the best place train would be at the Bandits Camp, located in the desert.

Bandits tp.png

Here you will find a large amount of Bandits that will automatically attack anyone who is wearing Saradomin or Zamorak equipment, allowing for easy AFK experience.
An easy god item to obtain are the god capes from the mage bank. To get these simply teleport to the mage bank, in the 'Player Killing' category, when you arive, enter the pool and then follow the path north. Pray at one of the three statues, if you got the Guthix cape, choose another statue.
Once you have a Zamorak/Saradomin item, simply wear it and the bandits will attack you.


If you are planning on training all your skills, it might help to do slayer at the same time as training combat. You can find a Slayer guide here.

Attack required levels

Item Image Level
Bronze Bronzedagger.png 1
Iron Irondagger.png 1
Steel Steeldagger.png 5
Black Blackdagger.png 10
White Whitedagger.png 10
Mithril Mithrildagger.png 20
Adamant Adamantdagger.png 30
Battlestaff Battlestaff.png 30 (with 30 magic)
Rune Runedagger.png 40
Brine sabre Brinesabre.png 40
Mystic staff Mysticstaff.png 40 (with 40 magic)
Void knight equipment Voidknightmace.png 42 (with 42 combat stats and 22 prayer)
Granite maul Granitemaul.gif 50 (with 50 strength)
Granite longsword Granitelongsword.png 50 (with 50 strength)
Dragon Dragondagger.png 60
Barrelchest anchor Barrelchestanchor.png 60 (with 40 strength)
Obsidian weapons Toktz-xil-ek.png 60
3rd age weapons 3rd age longsword.png 65
Crystal weapons Crystalsword.png 70 (with 50 agility)
Saradomin sword Saradominsword.gif 70
Zamorak spear Zamorakspear.png 70
Abyssal whip & dagger Abyssalwhip.png Abyssaldagger.png 70
Abyssal bludgeon Abyssalbludgeon.png 70 (with 70 strength)
Ahrim's staff Ahrimsstaff.png 70 (with 70 magic)
Dharok's greataxe Dharoksgreataxe.png 70 (with 70 strength)
Torag's hammers Toragshammers.png 70 (with 70 strength)
Verac's flail Veracsflail.png 70
Guthan's warspear Guthanswarspear.png 70
Arclight Arclight.png 75
Godswords Bandosgodsword.gif Zamorakgodsword.gif Saradomingodsword.gif Armadylgodsword.gif 75
Staff of the dead Staffofdead.png 75 (with 75 magic)
Abyssal tentacle Abyssaltentacle.png 75
Blessed saradomin sword Blessedsaradominsword.png 75
Elder maul Eldermaul.png 75 (with 75 strength)
Dinh's bulwark Dinksbulwark.png 75 (with 75 defence)
Ghrazi rapier Ghrazirapier.png 75
Dragon godsword Dragongodsword.png 95

Attack required armour

Item Image Level
Void Voidtop.png Voidrobe.png 42
Elite Void Elitevoidtop.png Elitevoidrobe.png 42
Ferocious Gloves Ferocious gloves.png 80

Attack Boosts

Items that you may use to increase the Attack skill:

Picture Item Boost
Attackpotion.gif Attack potion Boosts Attack by 10% + 3 levels
Superattack.gif Super Attack Boosts Attack by 15% + 5 levels
Zamorakbrew3.png Zamorak Brew Boosts Attack and Strength by 12% + 2, restores Prayer by 8% + 2, but lowers Defense by 10% + 2 and does 8 damage
Supercombatpotion.png Super Combat Potion Combines the effects of Super attack, Super strength and Super defence potions into one and stays boosted for 5 minutes.
Double xp ring.png Double xp Ring Gives double xp and has 250 charges.

The Skill Cape

When you reach level 99, you can buy the attack cape from NPC Ghommal at the entrance of the warriors guild. When wearing the cape, you no longer need to use warrior guild tokens, and can walk in for free, as long as it's worn at all times.