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Defence is one of the primary combat skills that grants players protection in all forms of combat. Many pures avoid training Defence as they want to get a lower Combat level than usual, while focusing all attention on increasing their max hit.

The higher your Defence level, the fewer successful blows an opponent will land against the player, this applies to all combat styles used against the player. Defence is thus a vital skill for enduring attacks for long periods of time, and can be extremely helpful against opponents with high Attack, Ranged, or Magic. Defence does not affect the amount of damage taken when a successful attack is landed on the player.

A higher Defence level also allows a player to equip stronger equipment, as most pieces of armour have a Defence level requirement.

Defence Training Styles

Melee weapons vary in their attack styles. Some have four options, with a controlled option, while others have only three options.


The Defencive combat style is usually the bottom right option of the combat interface if there are 4 options, or the bottom left option if there are 3 options. When using the defencive style for every point of damage a player deals, you gain 625 experience in Defence and 312.5 experience in Hitpoints. Using the Defencive style provides an invisible +3 boost to your Defence level.

wLg7ooq.png bR0W7PW.png


The Controlled combat style is usually the bottom left option of the combat style interface if there are 4 options, or the top right option if there are 3. When using the controlled style for every point of damage you deal, you gain 208 experience in Attack, Strength, and Defence and 312.5 experience in Hitpoints. Using the controlled style provides an invisible +1 boost to your Attack, Strength and Defence levels. This attack style is only available in some melee weapons.

wgYdTvA.png 2ydHfHD.png

Getting Basic Armour

You can start at Edgeville. Inside ::shops you will find the melee store which sells some basic armour. To get better armour, you can buy it from players, use the blood money shop, get it by Donating or get it from drops.


Where to Train

Use the command ::train to get quick access to training teleports.

Rock Crabs

The best place to start training any combat skill at a low level is at Rock Crabs.

Rock crabs tp.png

Here you will find the Rock crabs that can be killed in order to start levelling up your combat stats. Start killing these until you feel you have a high enough Attack level to move on to killing other monsters such as Hill Giants, in Edgeville Dungeon or Yaks on Neitiznot (South).


For players with higher levels, the best place train would be at the Bandits Camp, in the desert.

Bandits tp.png

Here you will find a large amount of Bandits that will automatically attack anyone who is wearing Saradomin or Zamorak equipment, allowing for easy AFK experience.
An easy god item to obtain are the god capes from the mage bank. To get these simply teleport to the mage bank, in the 'Player Killing' category, when you arive, enter the pool and then follow the path north. Pray at one of the three statues, if you got the Guthix cape, choose another statue.
Once you have a Zamorak/Saradomin item, simply wear it and the bandits will attack you.


If you are planning on training all your skills, it might help to do slayer at the same time as training combat. You can find a Slayer guide here.

Defence armour

Item Image Defence required level
Bronze Bronzemedhelm.png 1
Iron Ironmedhelm.png 1
Steel Steelmedhelm.png 5
Black Blackmedhelm.png 10
White Whitemedhelm.png 10
Mithril Mithrilmedhelm.png 20
Shayzien Shayzien.png 20
Adamant Adamantmedhelm.png 30
Rune Runemedhelm.png 40
Void knight Voidmeleehelm.png 42 (and 42 all combat stats + 22 prayer)
Granite Granitehelm.png 50
Helm of neitiznot HelmofNeitiznot.png 55
Dragon Dragonmedhelm.png 60
Bandos Bandoschestplate.png 65
3rd age 3rdagehelm.png 65
Ancestral Ancestralhat.png 65 (with 75 magic)
Avernic defender Avernicdefender.png 70 (with 70 attack)
Barrows armour Dharokshelm.png 70
Armadyl 5tscsfx.png 70 (with 70 ranged)
Neitiznot faceguard Neitiznotfaceguard.png 70
Justiciar Justicarhelm.png 75
Serpentine helm Serpentinehelm.png 75
Guardian boots Guardianboots.png 75
Primordial boots Primordialboots.png 75 (with 75 strength)
Eternal boots Eternalboots.png 75 (with 75 magic)
Pegasian boots Pegasianboots.png 75 (with 75 ranged)
Dragonfire shield Dragonfireshield.png 75
Dragonfire ward Dragonfireward.png 75 (with 70 ranged)
Ancient wyvern shield Ancientwyvernshield.png 75
Elysian spirit shield Elysianspiritshield.png 75 (with 75 prayer)
Ferocious gloves Ferociousgloves.png 80 (with 80 attack)

Defence Boosts

Items that you may use to increase the Defence skill:

Picture Item Benefits
Defencepotion.gif Defence potion Boosts Defense by 10% + 3 levels
Superdefence.gif Super Defence Boosts Defense by 15% + 5 levels
Saradominbrew.gif Saradomin brew Restores lifepoints by 15% and boosts defense by 18% + 2, but lowers attack, strength, ranged, and magic by 10% + 1.
Supercombatpotion.png Super Combat Potion Combines the effects of Super attack, Super strength and Super defence potions into one and stays boosted for 5 minutes.

The Skill Cape

When you reach level 99, you can buy the defence cape from NPC Ghommal at the entrance of the warriors guild.