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What is farming?

Farming is a skill in which players can plant seeds to grow and harvest herbs. The herbs can be used to train Herblore.

Farming supplies

The farming supplies you need, can you get at Tool Leprechaun. He can be found at the patches at Catherby, Karamja and donator zone.



This are the supplies you need to train farming:

  • Rake
  • Seed dibber
  • Seed
  • Spade (to dig up a dead plant)

How to train farming?

Method 1

First you have to rake the patch with your rake. After that you have to plant the seed, and you can immediately dig it with your spade, and do it over and over. This is the fastest method.

Method 2

First you have to rake the patch with your rake. After that you have to plant the seed.


Then you can inspect the seed and you have to wait until the plant is fully grown. A plant is fully grown in about 20 minutes. Just click on the patch to see the status of the plant.


When the plant is fully grown, you will get a note in your public chat.


When the plant is fully grown, you can pick it up.


Note: if you have a diseased herb, you can use a plant cure from the farming shop to make it healthy.


When you wait too long, your plant will be dead.


Farming areas



Catherby patch 1


Catherby patch 2

Teleport to Catherby patch 1 and run to the north west.



Ruby Members Zone

Tele to ::dz and run to the south east.




Run to the east and then to the north west. Or use an Ardougne cape.




Climb up ladder after the teleport.


Run to the east after your teleport.


Experience table

Name Image Level required Planting XP with regular mode Picking XP with regular mode Planting XP with classic mode Picking XP with classic mode
Guam seed Seed(s).png 1 638 696 174 174
Marrentill seed Seed(s).png 14 754 870 232 232
Tarromin seed Seed(s).png 19 928 1044 290 290
Harralander seed Seed(s).png 26 1218 1392 348 406
Ranarr seed Seed(s).png 32 1508 1740 464 522
Toadflax seed Seed(s).png 38 1972 2204 638 696
Irit seed Seed(s).png 44 2494 2784 812 870
Avantoe seed Seed(s).png 50 3132 3538 986 1160
Kwuarm seed Seed(s).png 56 4002 4524 1276 1450
Snapdragon seed Seed(s).png 62 5046 5684 1624 1856
Cadantine seed Seed(s).png 67 6148 6960 1972 2262
Lantadyme seed Seed(s).png 73 7772 8758 2552 2842
Dwarf weed seed Seed(s).png 79 9860 11136 3248 3654
Torstol seed Seed(s).png 85 11542 14152 3770 4640

1-99 walktrough

This is the suggested method for 1-99 farming:

Name Image Levels
Guam seed Seed(s).png 1-14
Marrentill seed Seed(s).png 14-19
Tarromin seed Seed(s).png 19-26
Harralander seed Seed(s).png 26-32
Ranarr seed Seed(s).png 32-38
Toadflax seed Seed(s).png 38-44
Irit seed Seed(s).png 44-50
Avantoe seed Seed(s).png 50-56
Kwuarm seed Seed(s).png 56-62
Snapdragon seed Seed(s).png 62-67
Cadantine seed Seed(s).png 67-73
Lantadyme seed Seed(s).png 73-79
Dwarf weed seed Seed(s).png 79-85
Torstol seed Seed(s).png 85-99

Useful items and boosts

Hourly bonus skill

The hourly bonus skill gives you 50% more farming xp for 1 hour. Quest tab > the "i" icon to see what the current hourly bonus skill is. Refresh the page to be sure you have the right one.


Watch the order of the hourly bonus skills to see when farming is the hourly bonus skill.

Item/Boost Effect How to obtain?
Voting Gives you 25% more farming xp for 1 hour When you redeem your vote, you will get a boost xp for 1 hour. See here how to vote
Farming cape Farmingcape.png 10% more XP Reach Level 99 in the Farming skill
Farming hood Farminghood.png 5% more XP Reach Level 99 in Farming skill
Farmer's Strawhat FarmersStrawhat.png 10% more XP Obtain from Farming Master by completing Farming tasks
Farmer's Jacket Farmersjacket.png 10% more XP Obtain from Farming Master by completing Farming tasks
Farmer's boro trousers Farmerstrousers.png 10% more XP Obtain from Farming Master by completing Farming tasks
Farmer's boots Farmersboots.png 10% more XP Obtain from Farming Master by completing Farming tasks

The skilling cape

If you reach level 99, you will get the skillcape and hood automatically. When you lost it, you can get it from the skillcape store for 27m or the (t) for 45m. Run to north west of Edgeville bank or use ::shops and run west to get there. The skillcape doesn't give more farming xp. The farming skill doesn't have a skilling master and also not skilling tasks.