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Hitpoints are used to tell you how healthy your character is. A character who reaches 0 hitpoints has died, but will reappear in their designated spawn location (normally edgeville).

If you see any red "hit splats" during combat, the number shown corresponds to the number of hitpoints lost as a result of that strike.

Types of hitmarkers

Image Hitmarker Description
0w5NUsx.png Red Hitmarker Red hitmarker means you have taken damage.
8MnzxU0.png Green Hitmarker Green hitmarker mean you have been poisoned.
HYRdRvA.png Blue Hitmarker Blue hitmarker means no damage has been dealt.

Gear that requires Hitpoints

There are only a couple are gear pieces that require Hitpoint levels to equipt them. Void and Elite void armour both require a Hitpoint levle of 42 to equipt. The Zenyte ring also require a Hitpoint levle of 75 to equipt.

Item Name Hitpoint level
Voidknighttop.png Voidknightrobe.png Void Knight 42
Elitevoidtop.png Elitevoidrobe.png Elite Void 42
Item Name Hitpoint level
Zenytering.png Zenyte Ring 75

Different types of food

Item Image Amount
Purple sweets Purplesweets.png 1-3
Anchovies Anchovies.png 1
Shrimp Shrimps.png 3
Cooked chicken Chicken.png 3
Sardines Sardine.png 3
Cooked meat Meat.png 3
Tuna Tuna.png 4
Bread Bread.png 5
Herring Herring.png 5
Mackerel Mackerel.png 6
Trout Trout.png 7
Cod Cod.png 7
Pike Pike.png 8
Salmon Salmon.png 9
Redberry pie Redberrypie.png 9
Jug of wine Jugofwine.png 10
Meat pie Meatpie.png 11
Cake Cake.png 12
Lobster Lobster.png 12
Bass Bass.png 13
Swordfish Swordfish.png 14
Plain pizza Plainpizza.png 14
Apple pie Meatpie.png 14
Potato with butter Potatowithbutter.png 14
Monkfish Monkfish.png 16
Admiral pie Admiralpie.png 16
Meat pizza Meatpizza.png 16
Cooked Karambwan Karambwan.png 18
Anchovy pizza Anchovypizza.png 18
Shark Shark.png 20
Sea turtle Seaturtle.png 21
Manta ray Mantaray.png 22
Dark crab Darkcrab.png 22
Anglerfish Anglerfish.png 22
Big shark Bigshark.png 23
Paddlefish Paddlefish.png 24
Saradomin brew Saradominbrew.gif 15% of total hitpoints

You can buy a lot of food at the consumable shop at north west of Edgeville bank. Otherwise you can make your own food with the Cooking skill.


Consumable shop.png

The Skill Cape

When you reach level 99, you can buy the hitpoints cape from NPC Ghommal at the entrance of the warriors guild.