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Magic is one of the most important skills in GrinderScape and is one of the three combat classes. It has a variety of uses for both combat and non-combat. The Magic skill allows a player to enchant items, and can even convert items into coins using the High Level Alchemy spell. While it is possible to play the game without being skilled in Magic, it is a considerable advantage to be able to use many spells.

Items with Magic requirements

Item Name Magic Level required
Wizardboots.png Wizard Boots 20
Xerician.gif Xerician armour 20 (With 10 Defence)
Battlestaves.gif Battlestaves 30 (With 30 Attack)
Mysticstaves.gif Mystic staves 40 (With 40 Attack)
Mysticrobes.gif Mysticrobeslight.gif Mysticrobesdusk.gif Mysticrobesdark.gif Mystic robes 40 (With 20 Defence)
Enchantedrobes.gif Enchanted robes 40 (With 20 Defence)
Robesofdarkness.gif Robes of darkness 40 (With 20 Defence)
Splitbarkarmour.gif Splitbark armour 40 (With 40 Defence)
Skeletalarmour.gif Skeletal armour 40 (With 40 Defence)
Voidknightrobes.gif Elitevoidrobes.gif Void Knight equipment 42 (With 42 Combat stats & 22 Prayer)
Beginnerwand.png Beginner wand 45
Infinityrobes.gif Lightinfinityrobes.gif Darkinfinityrobes.gif Infinity robes 50 (With 25 Defence)
Apprenticewand.png Apprentice wand 50
Ancientstaff.png Ancient staff 50 (With 50 Attack)
Slayerstaff.png Slayer staff 50 (With 55 Slayer)
Tomeoffireempty.png Tome of fire 50
Teacherwand.png Teacher wand 55
Godcapes.gif Imbuedgodcapes.gif God capes 60
Masterwand.png Master wand 60
Thammaronssceptreu.png Thammaron's Sceptre 60
Godstaves.gif God staves 60
Toktzmejtal.png Toktz-Mej-Tal 65 (With 60 Attack)
Ancientwyvernshield.png Make Ancient Wyvern shield 66
Ancientwyvernshield.png Wield Ancient Wyvern shield 70
Lunarrobes.gif Lunar armour 70 (With 40 Defence)
3rdagerobes.gif 3rd age robes 70 (With 30 Defence)
3rdagewand.png 3rd age wand 70
Occultnecklace.png Occult necklace 75
Ahrimsrobes.gif Ahrim's robes 75 (With 70 Defence)
Ahrimsstaff.png Ahrim's staff 75 (With 70 Attack)
Eternalboots.png Eternal boots 75 (With 75 Defence)
Ancestralrobes.gif Ancestral robes 75 (With 65 Defence)
Staffofdead.png Staff of the Dead 75 (With 75 Attack)
Staffoflight.png Staff of light 75 (With 75 Attack)
Unchargedtrident.png Trident of the seas 75
Kodaiwand.png Kodai wand 75
Slayersstaffe.png Slayer's staff (e) 75 (With 55 Slayer)
Sanguinestistaffuncharged.png Sanguinesti staff 75

Enchanting bolts

Enchanting bolts is a fast way to get magic experience. All you need, are runes and bolts. See the Fletching skill how to get bolts.




Alching items

To alch items, you need nature runes and fire runes. Beside that you need the items you want to alch.




There are three different Spellbooks that can be used. However, only one can be used at a time.

Luckily, it is very easy to switch between Spellbooks. All you need to do is teleport to Edgeville, along the southern wall of the building north of you, is an altar. Simply right-click it and select the Spellbook you want.


Spellbook Picture
Standard Spellbook Standardspells.png
Ancient Spellbook Ancientspells.png
Lunar Spellbook Lunarspells.png

Obtaining Runes

To get runes, you can buy them from the magic store or make them yourself with the Runecrafting skill.


Magic store.png

Where to Train

Use the command ::train to get quick access to training teleports.

Rock Crab

The best place to start training any combat skill at a low level is Rock crabs.

To get here click on "Training Teleports" in the spell book,

Then select "Combat Training" for the category, and then "Rock Crabs Area"

Rock crabs tp.png

Here you will find the Rock crabs that can be killed in order to start levelling up your combat stats. Start killing these until you feel you have a high enough Attack level to move on to killing other monsters such as Hill Giants, in Edgeville Dungeon or Yaks on Neitiznot (South).


For players with higher levels, the best place train would be at the Bandits Camp, in the desert. It is highly suggested to use Blood Barrage when training here as this is a multi-combat zone, meaning you can kill more than one bandit at a time. Doing this results in very fast experience.

To get here click on "Training Teleports" in the spell book,

Then select "Combat Training" for the category, and then "Bandits Camp"

Bandits tp.png

Here you will find a large amount of Bandits that will automatically attack anyone who is wearing Saradomin or Zamorak equipment, allowing for easy AFK experience.
An easy god item to obtain are the god capes from the mage bank. To get these simply teleport to the mage bank, in the 'Player Killing' category, when you arive, enter the pool and then follow the path north. Pray at one of the three statues, if you got the Guthix cape, choose another statue.
Once you have a Zamorak/Saradomin item, simply wear it and the bandits will attack you.


If you are planning on training all your skills, it might help to do slayer at the same time as training combat. You can find a slayer guide here.

Magic Boosts

Items that you may use to increase the Magic skill:

Picture Item Boost
Magicpotion3.png Magic Potion Boosts Magic with 4 levels
Voteticket.png Voting Ticket Gives you 25% more magic xp for 1 hour, See here how to vote
Stats icon.png Weekend bonus During the weekend you get 25% bonus combat experience.
Amulet of magic.png Amulet of Magic It is the cheapest magic amulet in the game and gives +10 magic attack bonus
Double xp ring.png Double xp Ring Gives double xp and has 250 charges.
Battlemage potion(4).png Battlemage Potion Magic will be boosted by 4, Defence will be boosted by 5 + 15% of the player's level
Imbued heart.png Imbued Heart Magic will be boosted by 11, the imbued heart can be invigorated again after 7 minutes.

The Skill Cape

If you reach level 99, you will get the skillcape and hood automatically. The skillcape doesn't have boosts.