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About Prayer

Prayer is trained by either burying bones, or using them on altars, or training with the bonecrusher. Different bones give different amounts of experience. Prayers are unlocked as the level in the skill goes up, these prayers are used to aid the player in combat. The prayers can help boost attack, defence, strength, ranged, and magic. When prayers are activated, your prayer points will start to drain until the prayer is turned off or all prayer points are used. To restore these, either drink a potion that restores prayer, or pray at an altar.

Note: These xp rates are based on a maxed player.

All of the prayers are listed here.


The only prayers that you can't unlock with leveling up, are Rigour, Preserve and Augury. You can buy the scrolls at the blood money shop (Leagues Tutor) at Edgeville (home).



Getting bones

There are three ways to get bones:

  • Get them from NPC's;
  • Buy them at the high priest store;
  • Buy them from players.
Bone drop NPC(s)
Bones A lot of NPC's, like skeletons, bandits and dust devils
Small Ninja Monkey Bones Monkey Guards
Big Bones Dark beast, hill giants, ice giants
Dragon Bones All kind of dragons, like green dragons and rune dragons
Ourg Bones Slash bash
Fayrg Bones Black knight titan
Zogre Bones Mutant tarn
Superior Dragon Bones Greater skeleton hellounds, Vorkath

Even though prayer can be very useful, and very rewarding, it is also one of the most expensive skills to train, especially when you buy the bones from the shop or players. The fastest method is to buy them from the high priest store, but it's also the most expensive way. Prayer is relatively simple to train. However, it is very expensive unless you are getting the bones yourself.

You can find the high priest store at north west of bank at Edgeville or use ::shops and walk to the west.



How to train prayer?

Once you have the bones, training is pretty simple. There are three ways to train this skill:

  • Take the bones you have and bury them in the ground;
  • Use them on an altar;
  • Bury them with the bonecrusher.


Burying bones is the fastest way, but it give less xp than when you offer the bones on an altar.


Home altar


You can find an altar north of Edgeville bank (just beside the Home teleport location) to use all types of bones on for around 3.5x more experience than when you bury them.

Platinum Members Zone altar

You can find the altar north of bank at home, right outside the bank of the Platinum Members Zone to use all types of bones on for more than 4x experience than when you bury them.


Using your bones on Ectofuntus gives the best prayer xp. To get there, either buy an ectophial from the slayer shop for 50 slayer points, or use the teleport via the Ancient wizard.


To get there via the Ancient wizard, teleport to the Experiments, climb the ladder and run east beyond the farming patch until you reach the Ectofuntus.




If you kill a NPC that drops bones, the bonecrusher will drop that bones automatically. It gives around 3 times more xp than when you bury bones, but less than when you offer the bones on an altar.

You can buy the bonecrusher at Borat for 250 participation points. He stays in the bank at Edgeville (home).



You have to charge the bonecrusher with ecto-tokens. You can buy them at the general store. The bonecrusher is untradeable.


Prayer master

The prayer master (Brother Jered) can be found at the shops of Edgeville (use the command ::shops). He can give you your skilling cape for free when you reach level 99. In addition, he can give you skilling tasks to obtain prayer points or money (you will also get participation points when you finish your task). Finally, you can see his master's shop where you can spend your prayer points.




Experience table for regular mode

Bone type Image XP for burying XP with altar (Home) XP with gilded altar (Ruby Members Zone) Ectofuntus Chaos Altar (Wilderness)
Bones Bones.png 29 145 174 174 145
Small Ninja Monkey Bones Bones.png 87 280 577 610 412
Big Bones Bigbones.gif 145 522 638 638 609
Zogre Bones Zogrebones.png 203 783 957 957 870
Shaikahan Bones Shaikahanbones.png 232 899 1073 1073 1015
Babydragon Bones Babydragonbones.png 290 1073 1305 1305 1218
Dragon Bones Dragonbones.png 696 2610 3132 3132 2900
Wyvern Bones Wyvernbones.png 696 2610 3132 3132 2900
Fayrg Bones Fayrgbones.png 812 3045 3654 3654 3393
Lava Dragon Bones Lavadragonbones.png 812 3074 3683 3683 3422
Raurg Bones Raurgbones.png 928 3480 4176 4176 3886
Hydra Bones Hydrabones.png 1044 3973 4785 4785 4466
Ourg Bones Ourgbones.png 1334 5075 6090 6090 5684
Dagannoth Bones Dagannothbones.png 1189 4524 5423 5423 5075
Superior Dragon Bones Superiordragonbones.png 1450 5423 6525 6525 6090
Gilded Bones Gildedbones.png 2552 9599 11513 11513 10759

Useful items and boosts

Item/Boost Image Effect How to obtain?
Voting Voteticket.png Gives you 25% more prayer xp for 1 hour When you redeem your vote, you will get a boost xp for 1 hour. See here how to vote
Prayer cape Prayercape.png Gives you 10% more prayer xp Get it from the skillcape store or the prayer master
Prayer hood Prayerhood.png Gives you 5% more prayer xp Get it from the skillcape store or the prayer master