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Strength Skill Guide



Strength is a skill that determines a player's power when engaged in melee combat. Raising your Strength level will result in the possibility of dealing additional damage against opponents. A higher Strength level will raise your max hit. For this reason, a high Strength level is desired by PKers and PvMers alike.

Training Strength

The best method of training Strength is to use an aggressive attack style. Using an aggressive attack style players will allow you to receive more Strength XP than you would if using a controlled attack styles. Furthermore, it will also receive a marginal Strength bonus which will increase your chances of hitting higher.

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Training Locations

As with other combat skills, Strength can be trained at the 'Combat Training' locations accessible through the teleportation menu. The difficulty of each monster is outlined by colour; starting with green as the easiest and red as the most challenging.


Strength Weapons & Armour

Items that will come in useful when training Strength can be obtained from the Melee and Pure Items store at ::shops. To get better weapons, you can buy it from players, use the blood money shop, get it by Donating or get it from drops.

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The following items can be used with the relevant Strength levels:

Item Name Strength required levels
wNJiweT.png Black Halberd 5 (With 10 Attack)
69KcOxO.png White Halberd 5 (With 10 Attack)
yiUXMVv.png Mithril Halberd 10 (With 20 Attack)
S9Und8j.png Adamant Halberd 15 (With 30 Attack)
BCEwMim.png Rune Halberd 20 (With 40 Attack)
V9EFCq9.png Dragon Halberd 30 (With 60 Attack)
jF9l1oS.png Barrelchest Anchor 40 (With 60 Attack)
HJcs3Vc.png Void Knight Equipment 42 (With 42 CB & 22 Prayer)
xFc9p27.png Granite Maul 50 (With 50 Attack)
NYqKpED.png Granite Longsword 50 (With 50 Attack)
in2pn5U.png Granite Armour 50 (With 50 Defence)
IAwB7z2.png Tzhaar-Ket-Om 60
UUmDlJG.png Dharok's Greataxe 70 (With 70 Attack)
d8T0CYt.png Torag's Hammers 70 (With 70 Attack)
LzZIyuw.png Abyssal Bludgeon 70 (With 70 Attack)
oIcsVMJ.png Elder Maul 75 (With 75 Attack)
uEqrdb1.png Primordial Boots 75 (With 75 Defence)
Item Picture How to obtain Boost Effects
Strength Potion Strengthpotion3.png By creating them or buying from players or from ::shops 3 + 10% of the player's current Strength level
Super Strength Potion Superstrength3.png By creating them or buying from players 5 + 15% of the player's current Strength level
Super Combat Potion Supercombatpotion4.png By creating them or buying from players or ::shops and Premium shop. increasing the player's Attack, Strength, and Defence level respectively by 5 + 15%
Double Combat XP Ring Double xp ring.png Buying from players or from the Skilling Points Store at ::shops. 100% on top of what you earn
Weekend Bonus N/A Log in on the weekends to get the experience bonus. Double experience as well

Strength Skill Cape

Attaining 99 Strength will allow you to purchase the Strength Cape and Hood from the Ghommal at Warriors Guild.

To get to warriors guild you have to teleport there through the purple wizard!


Once you get there, trade the npc "Ghommal"


He will be the one to have all of the skill capes! Remember you have to have 500 guild tokens to be able to purchase the capes! 1000 guild tokens to purchase the "trimmed" versions of the capes!

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