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What is thieving?

Thieving is a skill which allows players to obtain coins and items by stealing from market stalls or by pickpocketing NPC's. It is a great skill for starting off an account, as you will earn a lot of money very quickly.

Thieving locations


A good place to train thieving is at west of bank at Edgeville (home).



Another good place is Ardougne.




Wilderness thieving gives more xp, but it's risky because you can be killed by players. You need a level of 85 to train thieving at wilderness.



Experience table


Stall Image Location Level needed Reward XP gained with regular mode Xp gained with classic mode
Baker's Stall SvArN7A.png Edgeville/Ardougne 1 22,133 GP, cakes 1160 348
Silk Stall h0WwR3P.png Edgeville/Ardougne 20 22,113 GP, silk 1798 580
Fur Stall T3f4VIq.png Edgeville/Ardougne 35 22,133 GP, fur 2668 870
Silver Stall L6EcMFT.png Edgeville/Ardougne 50 22,133 GP, unstrong symbol 4060 1334
Spice Stall hlCrZy0.png Ardougne 65 14,083 GP, Spice 5278 1740
Gem Stall r4NDIIP.png Edgeville/Ardougne 75 22,133 GP, uncut gems 6902 2262


Level needed Reward XP gained with regular mode Xp gained with classic mode
Valueable chest Uncut gems, ores 12064 3944

Tip: it may be a good idea to bring a chisel with you and craft the cut gems for maximum efficiency.


Pickpocketing is the act of stealing from anothers pocket. This results in little gold, but very high experience. The downside to Pickpocketing, is that you have a chance to get caught, which will cause the player to take damage and be stunned for a while.

NPC NPC Picture Location Level Needed Reward regular and classic mode XP gained with regular mode XP gained with classic mode
Man x0Atiex.png Lumbridge 1 5944 GP / 3964 GP 696 174
Al Kharid Warrior 3usyVnz.png Al Kharid 25 13438 GP / 9760 GP 2262 696
Rogue BEMzbpU.png Wilderness 32 Random items 3132 986
Guard 0XuxkRh.png Falador 40 24133 GP / 19094 GP 4060 1334
Knight of Ardougne uAFfUwM.png Ardougne 55 46455 GP / 39243 GP 7308 2378
Hero 4RZgYe7.png Ardougne 80 Random GP 20880 6844

Thieving master

The thieving master can be found at Edgeville and some other places. He can give you your skilling cape for free when you reach level 99. In addition, he can give you skilling tasks to obtain thieving points or money (you will also get participation points when you finish your task). Finally, you can see his master's shop where you can spend your thieving points.




1-99 walktrough

This is the suggested method for 1-99 thieving:

Name Levels
Baker's stall 1-20
Silk stall 20-35
Fur stall 35-50
Silver stall 50-65
Spice stall 65-75
Gem 75-99

Useful items and boosts

Hourly bonus skill

The hourly bonus skill gives you 50% more thieving xp for 1 hour. Quest tab > the "i" icon to see what the current hourly bonus skill is. Refresh the page to be sure you have the right one.


Watch the order of the hourly bonus skills to see when thieving is the hourly bonus skill.

Item/Boost Image Effect How to obtain?
Voting DBhO67p.png Gives you 25% more thieving xp for 1 hour When you redeem your vote, you will get a boost xp for 1 hour. See here how to vote
Rogue set MtEsVPJ.gif Gives you 30% more thieving xp Buy it from the thieving master for 4200 thieving points
Dodgy necklace yyVkOck.png Gives you 10% more thieving xp and 50% faster thieving from miscellaneous stalls Buy it from the thieving master for 3000 thieving points
Bandit's brew Q5Sp5qD.png Gives you 2M thieving xp Buy it from the thieving master for 1500 thieving points
Gloves of silence TQDKHN3.png Gives you 5% more thieving xp and allows a chance to get a double steal Buy the gloves from the OSRS items store for 350 skilling points
Thieving cape rXQioA2.png Gives you 20% more thieving xp Buy it from the thieving master
Thieving hood 11f2svS.png Gives you 5% more thieving xp Buy it from the thieving master

Skilling pet

You are able to obtain Rocky while stealing stuff.