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The Event Team is a group of people that host events for the community of Grinderscape. The events hosted by the Event Team are done both In-Game and on the Forums.

Who is in the Event Team?

Lou Grinder

Who can be in the Event Team?

Any member of Grinderscape, Staff or not, is allowed to participate in the Event Team if he or she meets certain requirements. You can find those requirements Here.

Who decides on my application?

Once you put in an application, it is reviewed by the current members of the Event Team. The decision-making process may take a while, so do not get frustrated if your application isn't answered very quickly.

What events do the Event Team host?

The Event Team hosts a wide variety of events, both on the Forums and In-Game. These events can include things such as Hide 'N Seek, Trivia, and tournaments.

How are the events hosted?

The events, depending on what kind they are, will either be hosted over yell/game chat, or in the Event Team's clan chat: Events. To give you an idea, events such as Hide N Seek will be hosted via yell/game chat, and PvMing events will be hosted in the clan chat. Also note that while there is no event happening that requires the CC, it will not be accessible.

When do the events take place?

The Events will take place at different times, so a general statement cannot be made. Whenever one is planned, though, a post will be made on the Forums with all needed information about said event.