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Main page/Tools/Equipment stats calculator

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Armour Stats Tool

When you click on the link above it will bring you to an Armour Stats Tool. In this tool you have the slots form as it is in runescape\grinderscape, when pressing one of the slots it will change the select(drop down) under the form. In this select(drop down) you will find item names of of that certain slot.


  • Choosing an item will update the table on the right with the bonuses this items gives.
  • As you add items in different slots, it'll add up the bonuses accordingly.
  • Selecting the "None" option will remove the item and it's bonuses.
  • You can also remove items by pressing with the mouse wheel on the item slot
  • Pressing on the reset button will reset all slots(remove all items you chose so far)
  • When the focus is on the select(drop down), meaning you pressed on it, you can type the name of the item and it'll take you down or up the list to that item as long as you type it fast enough, if you mess up, just wait a second and start typing again(you don't see what you type).


  • Quite a few items are now missing, they'll be added ASAP.

Armour Stats Tool